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The Gullotto Barnes Group has matured and evolved, just as the areas known as Oak Lawn and State Thomas became "Uptown." These quiet neighborhoods, surrounding downtown, began changing to a more urban area as Joseph Gullotto began selling new-construction townhomes. Jarrad Barnes joined him in these developments, and together they were part of a seminal time when these quiet neighborhoods became the dynamic, urban areas they are today.With Joseph's natural selling abilities and Jarrad's marketing acumen, these are two leaders in the real estate industry.

  • McKinnon Street - Image
    McKinnon Street Dallas, TX 75201
  • Buena Vista Street - Image
    Buena Vista Street Dallas, TX 75205
  • Travis Street - Image
    Travis Street Dallas, TX 75204
  • Northwest Highway - Image
    Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75238
  • Victory Park Lane - Image
    Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219
  • Victory Avenue - Image
    Victory Avenue Dallas, TX 75219

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Photo of Jarrad Barnes

Jarrad Barnes



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Joseph Gullotto




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Frances Jacobs



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Stephene Tolocko




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