Provenzano treats every client like a ‘Star’

November 8, 2017


Dallas Stars official Realtor Julie Provenzano with the Stars' Centre Tyler Seguin.

Dallas Stars official Realtor Julie Provenzano with Stars Center Tyler Seguin.


Selling homes is as much about the relationships built from that process as it is about the home itself. For Julie Provenzano, that’s the model that drives her as a real estate agent with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and as the official Realtor for the Dallas Stars.


Whether you’re leasing, buying your first home or have just signed a multi-million-dollar deal in the NHL, Provenzano will provide the same commitment to your transaction so you have a home to call your own.


The East Coast native elaborated on her customer-centric approach and her relationship with the Dallas Stars below.


You’ve been a real estate agent for 15 years. What drove you to go into real estate and what keeps you in the business?


I got my license in Washington, D.C. in 2002. Initially, I wanted to focus on commercial real estate, but post 9/11, there was a tremendous amount of growth in the area and residential was the place to be. I was lucky enough to ride that wave as a newcomer to the business and quickly established myself in Virginia.


Provenzano treats every client like a “Star”

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Dallas for his job, and we started from scratch professionally and socially. We’d never been to Texas and didn’t know anyone except each other, so it was a big leap. I got my Texas license right away and started learning the area.


In addition to learning new contracts, I had to learn new market norms and how business was done here. It took about a year before things really started to take off and during that time, I started networking and building a book of business.


As an East Coast transplant, I can tell you that I have great admiration for the Texas way of doing business. People here are well-networked and value relationships. Dallas is a town where integrity and doing the right thing is rewarded, and I’ve been able to build a business that works 90 percent on referrals because of that.


How has real estate changed in the decade and a half you’ve been an agent?


In some respects, the changes have been drastic, and in other ways the same core principles remain intact.


The internet has obviously democratized information, so people now have a lot of data at their fingertips. What I’ve found, however, is that your average consumer can drown in information yet still thirst for knowledge. The internet has created an environment where many people feel they have the information to make sound decisions independently, but the extent of misinformation can be astounding.


A seasoned real estate agent is invaluable in helping a client navigate the market and truly identify a smart buy or a smart number to sell their home for. A good Realtor is a partner in this process to help people make smart decisions — plain and simple.


The penalty points for overconfidence are pretty high, and that’s why most people still rely on referrals to respected agents when it comes time to buy and sell.


Provenzano treats every client like a “Star”

Julie Provenzano, center, attends a client appreciation event during a Cool Thursdays Concert at the Dallas Arboretum.


You launched the Provenzano Group “with a commitment to building long-term client relationships.” What does that mean for you, as well as the service you provide to your clients?


My business has been successful beyond my wildest dreams on account of my commitment to relationships. Regardless of whether my clients are buying or selling in a given year, I want to be a resource for them with all things home-related.


Whether they need recommendations to contractors for home repairs or want to bounce ideas off me for home improvements, I love being a partner in that process. I have tremendous gratitude for those relationships and, in turn, clients have been extremely loyal to me and have given me the ultimate compliment by referring their friends and family my way.


The price points are irrelevant. Whether someone is leasing an apartment or buying a multi-million-dollar residence, I always want them to feel like my number one priority. Working with good people and forging friendships in the process has been the most rewarding aspect of this business for me.


Julie Provenzano, center, at a client happy hour.

Julie Provenzano, center, at a client happy hour.


As the Dallas Stars’ official Realtor, what do your duties to them entail?


I handle the majority of real estate transactions for the Dallas Stars players and management as the official Realtor for the team. When a player signs with the Stars, I’m typically one of the first introductory calls and try to be a part of the welcome committee for him and his family. While players and coaches are used to packing up and moving, it’s still a big undertaking. When kids are involved, it’s all the more important to try and make the move a seamless one and get everyone settled quickly.


The first order of business is usually addressing the living accommodations for the season. Guys with shorter term contracts typically opt to rent and longer term deals will entail setting down roots and buying in the area. I help them navigate the options, and just like I do with all my other clients, I try to be a resource professionally and socially for the family.


How do you think the team will fare the rest of the season?


The American Airlines Center can be one of the loudest buildings in the NHL. With the Stars having a good team this year, I think home ice is going to be a big advantage during the rest of the season.


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