Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

January 30, 2019


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

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Meal planning may seem like a gargantuan task, but it’s easily manageable with the right tools to help you along.


Here are some must-have kitchen essentials for meal prepping.


Be an At-Home Chef


First, you’ll need to find the right recipes to get you through the week. Recipes that can be easily cooked in bulk are recommended. Also, consider foods that you don’t mind freezing and are still tasty upon microwaving. For example, salmon, grains and cruciferous veggies keep well for a few days and still taste excellent after freezing.


Use pressure cookers, slow cookers and baking sheets to aid in your bulk cooking. These tools will allow for multi-meal cooking with the same amount of prep time for you — and they’re great for multitasking, too.


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Breville Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker | Bed Bath & Beyond | $249.99


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Staub Round Oven | Williams Sonoma | $159.99 to $239.99


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Silpat Baking Mat | Sur La Table | $26.95


Save and Store


Once your meals are all cooked, you’ll want to have adequate — and easy grab-and-go — storage. Small glass containers are perfect for portioning lunches for you or the kids. Glass lets you know exactly what you’ll be eating, and your food won’t be leaching any harmful chemicals from the containers.


Jars are perfect for smaller salads, soups or premade smoothies. Save your snacks in silicone bags. You’ll save the environment from single-use plastic bags while looking stylish. Silicone bags are a bonus for those who like to cook sous vide.


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Snapware Glass Storage Set | Amazon | $55.99 for 24


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Weck Mold Jars | Williams Sonoma | $34.95 for six


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag | The Container Store | $11.99 to $19.99



The Takeaway


Lunch bags have come a long way from primary colors and cartoon characters. You’ll love taking your lunch to work (or packing for a weekend picnic) with these insulated bags in neutral colors and with fun slogans.


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Lunch Poche Bag | Anthropologie | $44


Kitchen Essentials for Meal Prep

Kate Spade Lunch Tote | Neiman Marcus | $30


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