Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

February 20, 2019


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf


Gone are the days when bookshelves were home to only books — although having a love of words is always encouraged.


Even if you’re not a big reader, there’s no reason you can’t have a beautiful bookshelf in your home. Whether you have your own library of favorite works or a few books you’d like to display, bookshelves are the perfect place to showcase your prized possessions.


Here are some products and guidelines that will create a picture (and word) perfect bookshelf.


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

Penguin Hardcover Classics | Amazon | $418.11


Forego the Dewey Decimal System and try ROY G. BIV instead. Arranging book spines in color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) creates a major statement in otherwise neutral rooms. And who wouldn’t love seeing a rainbow in such an unexpected space as a bookshelf?


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

Sliced Bookends | Anthropologie | $108


If you end up arranging your books in rainbow order, keep accessories, such as bookends, more subtle. These marble and agate bookends add a subtle touch of luxury to give your books the glamor they deserve.


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

Cast Glass Floating Frame | Restoration Hardware | $99 to $119


Whether you add art or photos of your loved ones, framed pieces add visual interest and break up the verticality of the book spines. Cluster your favorite memories together to add even more depth to the small space.


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

Melanie Abrantes Hardwood Vase | West Elm | $60


Add some greenery to the shelves and bring some life into an otherwise static area. Whether you opt for real plants or beautiful silk faux flowers, giving some green to the bookshelf creates an interesting contrast.


Five Must-Have Accessories for Your Bookshelf

Whitewashed Rattan Storage Bins | The Container Store | $19.99 to $29.99


Baskets are a savior in any space for those knick-knacks or loose papers that have no other place to belong. These rattan storage bins add a bit of natural texture in a neutral color. Store magazines or catalogs here or stack them upon each other like the photo for extra height and a casual touch.


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