Park Cities 4th of July Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands have long been associated with entrepreneurship and a child’s first business experience, but it wasn’t a kid that started this sweet tradition. In 1879, the first lemonade stand was born when a Manhattan shopkeeper began selling the refreshing beverage in front of his store. The cool concept proved so popular with crowds that authorities had to intervene to handle them. By the summer of 1880, scores of stands popped up all over the city where a glass of fresh lemonade sold for five cents.

Today the lemonade stand is alive and well all across America, manned vigilantly by industrious youngsters. But to run a successful stand, you don’t have to be under 10; you just have to be young at heart. It’s in this spirit that the Dave Perry-Miller & Associates lemonade stand will open up on this Fourth of July. With a “twist” of the norm, adults will serve the kids and without a thought of earning a nickel.

After the Park Cities July 4th parade, the Dave Perry-Miller & Associates lemonade stand will be serving the thirsty hometown crowds free ice cold lemonade, as long as it lasts!

“The history of the Park Cities’ lemonade stand goes back to 1981. I remember when the stand was just a small table with a few of us walking around juggling cups of lemonade on wood trays, like old fashion carhops,” recalled Gayl Braymer of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates. “It was manageable with only 400 being served, but now the crowds are 4,000 plus!”

Since then, the parade and celebration has become a major holiday event that includes dunking booths, The Rhodes Group watermelon eating contest, rides, and more.

“We all pitch in. It’s our way to thank our neighborhood and to celebrate our common patriotic spirit,” said Lee Thomas, manager of the Dave Perry-Miller & Associates Park Cities office.

“Our associates have always been involved in this Park Cities’ summer highlight! In fact, Tom Rhodes and his years of service to the Rotary Club of Park Cities landed him the spot of chairing this year’s July Fourth Festivities in the Park,” added Bud Bush, general manager of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates.

Drop by the Dave Perry-Miller & Associates Lemonade Stand after cheering on the red, white and blue stream of cars, floats and flying candy. It all starts Wednesday, July 4th, 9:00 am, at Highland Park Town Hall and concludes at Goar Park.

And if history is anything to go by, this year’s parade promises to serve up more fun than ever before.

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