Mary Ann Collins, Named Republican Elector to Electoral College


Mary Ann Collins of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates was elected during the Republican State Convention to represent the 32nd Congressional District of Texas to the Presidential Electoral College. Delegates from each state met on December 17, 2012 to ratify the results of the Presidential Election held on November 6, 2012. The Texas Delegation met in Austin at the State Capital. Texas is elegibible to cast 38 votes: One for each US Congressman and US Senator.

Delegate were selected at the Republican State Convention held last summer in Fort Worth. Convention Delegates from each Congressional Caucus voted for one Electoral College Delegate to represent them in Austin. The Delegates from the 32nd Congressional District recognized a lifetime of service to the Republican Party in their selection of Ms. Collins. For many years, she has been responsible for recruiting and training Election Judges as well as serving as a Precinct Chairman in Dallas County. As per Texas rules, since the Republican Candidate won a majority of the Texas votes cast for President, all 38 Electors are also Republican.

Mary Ann Collins pictured with Texas Secretary of State, John Steen.


Travis Kessler, President/CEO of Texas Association of Realtors, Mary Ann Collins and Mark Lehman, V.P. of Government Affairs.


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