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Going mobile does not just mean our smart phones. Mobile means ANY device that one can carry and can use with a Wi-Fi satellite connection, gaming systems, calendars, email, music and so much more. This could be a phone, tablet, iPad, Kindle, Windows phone, etc. Any device you can carry with you and search for information will be there.  All of this is cool and amazing technology but does it give the consumer the most accurate information? Could we do better in the apps we create? What is the future of mobile technology?

We did a survey to see how many of our agents and consumers used mobile apps to search for real estate. Most either used their iPhone or Androids to do searches but the tablets were the next in line for agent/consumer usage. 70% of the users were Mac products while 20% were Android users. The survey showed that not only does all new mobile technology help agents and consumers find homes but it also helps in boosting the agent’s success in their business as well. The innovation of mapping, virtual tours, listing presentations, DocuSign, social media apps and real estate company mobile apps helps the agents stay one step ahead.

Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com have done a great job with their satellite mapping systems, making mobile real estate searching a fantastic tool for not only real estate agents and their brokerages but the consumer as well. For many years Realtors had to find their information through books, plat maps, city and county assessor records. Now through the touch of a button or fingertip impression we have the capabilities to see any view of any property from satellite to traffic view.

According to www.smartphonemobilenews.com this is just the beginning of what mobile technology will do. The future is still to be told but is changing dramatically daily, sometimes by the hour.

George Lucas did a phenomenal job in his films of Star Wars. I was fascinated as a child in the imagery and futuristic technology themes he used as well.   My favorite was the “mobile hologram” device used in communication between the characters.
How cool would it be for the future of mobile technology to move in that direction as well?

Can you picture this? You use your mobile real estate app to find the perfect home for your family or yourself. You hit the tab to view the photos and a 3D hologram of the home pops up allowing you to scroll through each photo. Now hit the virtual tour tab, this turns the photos into a 3D virtual tour that rotates and lets you walk through the home room by room with your specified agents voice as your tour guide. Here is the best part: you are able to talk to your agent at the same time asking questions regarding the property. All plat maps will be a hologram as well and will allow you to see exactly how the house sits on the property, who owns next to you, restrictions and utilities as well.  How cool would that be?!

I believe that the agents and brokerages that keep up with the mobile trends of today and tomorrow will see an increase in top producing agents, revenue and consumer growth now and throughout the years to come. My personal opinion is that whether you are an experienced agent or a new agent, using your real estate knowledge and new technology go hand in hand for a successful business.

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