Heather Guild and Skylar Champion United by Their Love For Lakewood

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Heather Guild and Skylar Champion have joined forces as the Heather Guild Group.

Heather Guild and Skylar Champion first met through a mutual friend and discovered a joint love for supporting local schools — Skylar previously taught at Bradfield Elementary, and both women were actively involved in this year’s Lakewood Home Festival and Auction Party, which generates funds for Lakewood Elementary School.

“One of my passions is public education,” Heather said. “As a mom and a real estate agent, I know how important it is for our community to give our children access to a quality education, and I want to do all that I can to help.”

But when Skylar and her husband asked Heather to help sell their M Streets home, the two quickly discovered a new shared interest — real estate.

Heather has an eye for quality and impeccable taste. Fortunately, Skylar does too.

“Their home sold within hours after listing it,” Heather said. “Skylar’s home was show-ready and immaculately decorated. She made my job easy.”

Skylar and her husband asked Heather to represent them again when they bought a new home near Lakewood Elementary. With her business setting a record in 2014, Heather faced a conundrum looking forward to 2015: How could she keep growing her business while continuing to provide the personal level of service and attention to detail that her clients have come to expect? Her dealings with Skylar provided the answer.

“I knew she would be amazing at it, just from working with her,” Heather said. “She has such a good eye. And when we were working together, she was so in touch with the market — even in terms of what had sold six months ago — that I knew she would be a fabulous asset to my team.”

Skylar’s mother was a Realtor, so she’d always had an interest in real estate. But was she interested enough to devote herself to it full-time?

“I thought about it briefly, and I couldn’t find a single reason to say no,” Skylar said. “I just knew this was going to be a perfect fit.”

So the two friends have joined forces as the Heather Guild Group, adopting the slogan Heather has long used as a solo Realtor: “Living, Loving, Listing Lakewood.”

“Heather and I are both fortunate to live in Lakewood,” Skylar said. “We know how truly special this community is, and we look forward to sharing that with our clients.”

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