Sales Prices Rose Last Month in Rosemont’s Attendance Zone

1107 S. Canterbury Court is one of our newest listings in the Rosemont attendance zone.

There has been much news coverage of DISD’s Rosemont schools ever since principal Anna Brining was informed she would be losing her job at semester’s end. In today’s Dallas Morning News, there are two stories about the beloved North Oak Cliff campus. The main story is about research showing that students in dual-language programs, such as Rosemont’s, struggle academically at first but eventually outpace their peers. The secondary story focuses on some of the first students to go through the entire dual-language program, from kindergarten through eighth grade, and they give Rosemont rave reviews.

Homeowners who live in the Rosemont attendance zone will give similar reviews to these statistics from the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems. They show that the average and media sales prices were up last month when compared to March 2015 and to April 2014.

[table]Month,Sales,Average sales price[attr style=”width:90px”],Median sales price[attr style=”width:90px”],Price per square foot,Sold to list price,Active listings,New listings,Months of inventory
4/14,18,”$407,872″[attr style=”width:90px”],”$387,000″[attr style=”width:90px”],$197,99.7%,47,16,3
3/15,15,”$448,515″[attr style=”width:90px”],”$450,000″[attr style=”width:90px”],$205,98.0%,46,18,3
4/15,12,”$480,500″[attr style=”width:90px”],”$455,000″[attr style=”width:90px”],$194,99.3%,44,20,4[/table]

If you’d like to buy a home in North Oak Cliff, we have several available.

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