Median Sales Price for Homes Within Highland Park ISD Rose by 11 Percent

4432 Purdue

4432 Purdue Avenue is one of our newest listings in the Highland Park Independent School District.

It’s that time of year again, when Highland Park ISD families are asked to prove they reside within the district. The quality of the public schools in Highland Park and University Park are the main reason that home values are so high within the district’s boundaries.

As these statistics from the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems show, the average sales price and median sales price for homes sold in the district last month were 7 percent and 11 percent higher, respectively, when compared to a year earlier.

[table]Month,Sales,Average sales price[attr style=”width:90px”],Median sales price[attr style=”width:90px”],Price per square foot,Sold to list price,Active listings,New listings,Months of inventory
6/14,53,”$1,303,719″[attr style=”width:90px”],”$1,132,000″[attr style=”width:90px”],$392,97.9%,253,92,5
6/15,70,”$1,390,144″[attr style=”width:90px”],”$1,257,000″[attr style=”width:90px”],$428,97.0%,259,84,4[/table]

If you’d like to buy a home in Highland Park ISD, we have dozens available.

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