Does thread count really matter?

Does Thread Count Matter?


Comfortable sheets are crucial for a good night of sleep, so why not make the experience more luxurious? When considering new sheets, thread counts are just one factor that affects the quality. Don’t forget to include cotton types, weave, and finish of the cloth when shopping.


Still believe that those discounted 1,000-thread count sheets you purchased are the best out there? Read below and we’ll let you decide.


Thread Count: Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Additional threads can be woven in to increase the thread count. A higher thread count typically creates denser sheets. It’s recommended to get anything over 200, but anything higher than 400 makes minimal difference. The threads used to achieve these higher thread counts are often thinner so they can all fit.


Cost: Bargains don’t guarantee quality. More expensive sets of 200-thread-count sheets will generally be higher quality than a cheaper set of 400-thread count.


Fiber: Instead of focusing on thread count, evaluate the length of the sheet’s fiber: longer fibers are better than short and lend themselves to longer lifespans. Quality fibers, such as those found in Egyptian cotton, are acclaimed for a reason. Make sure the label says 100 percent or pure Egyptian cotton, though, because sheets can be labeled “Egyptian” even if they only contain a small percentage of actual Egyptian cotton. Alternative options are Pima and Supima, cotton-poplin, cotton-polyester, and even bamboo.


Finish: Sheets may contain bleaches, dyes, or finishes to keep them from wrinkling. If you have sensitivities or allergies, steer clear and opt for 100 percent organic sheets.


Weave: Weave is the last thing you should pay attention to and is the determining factor in texture and lifespan. Common weaves are percale or sateen — percale features a cool, crisp feel, while sateen is softer and warmer. When it comes to weave, pick what feels best to you.


We hope our guide helps the next time you’re in the market for new sheets. Sweet dreams!

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