How to Make Your Bouquet Last Longer


How To Make Your Bouquet Last Longer

There doesn’t need to be a special occasion to grace your home with the beauty of fresh flowers. An elegant bouquet is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to bring new life into your home décor.


Whether you’re buying from a farmers market or a florist, here are a few recommendations to help your flower arrangements last longer.


Clean vases are a must.

Flowers must be placed in clean containers, otherwise bacteria grows in the stems and kills the foliage. Experts suggest scrubbing the vase with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water before rinsing.


If a whole leaf is submerged underwater, tear it off.

When leaves remain underwater, they decompose and bacteria grows. Bare stems allow flowers to last longer.


The colder the water, the better.

When you want to cook vegetables, you steam them with warm water until they wilt and soften. Similarly, room-temperature or warm water will cause flowers to soften.


Cut stems at a 45-degree angle.

Cut stems at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife – Swiss Army for soft stems or a pair of bypass cutters for woody stems. Cutting flower stems with scissors constricts the straw-like tube that allows nutrients to reach the top of the flower.


Measure flower food precisely.

Too much flower food poisons flowers and too little does nothing at all.

Use the directions on the packet of flower food to follow the correct food-to-water ratio.


Fresh water is a must.

Every two days, or when the water gets cloudy, replace the water in the vase. With each water change, it’s recommended to clean the vase. Use the same recipe as above.


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