Make Your Towels More Luxurious


Make Your Towels More Luxurious

The standard bathroom towel can be an afterthought to most. But, doing a bit of research and spending a little more time shopping can help you choose the right ones to end your bath routines on a luxurious note.


Whether it’s for drying your hands or for capping off a relaxing bath, follow these recommendations to elevate your bath towels.



Are you on the move and need your towel to dry quickly? Or can you let them hang until your next shower? Consider the density of the towel before you buy and avoid any confusion.

Towel density is measured in grams per square meter and measures between 300 and 900. The lower the density, the lighter the towel and faster the drying time – perfect for the gym. For plusher towels, opt for a density between 600 to 900; denser cotton towels also tend to be more absorbent.


Cotton type

Egyptian cotton isn’t just for bed sheets – you can choose towels made of the same premium fiber as well. The cotton is handpicked for quality, and towels made of Egyptian cotton have longer, denser loops of thread for better absorbency. Its heavier weight makes hopping out of the shower a more indulgent experience.

Other options to consider include Pima or Supima cotton, the American equivalent of Egyptian cotton, and organic cotton. For the environmentally friendly, look for towels made from bamboo fibers, which feel looser and are just as soft as cotton.



If you want to enrobe yourself completely, try a bath sheet instead of a standard-size towel.

Bath sheets are 35-by-60 inches, while the standard size is 27-by-52 inches.


Style and color

For timeless luxury, many interior designers choose white towels. Whether it’s in the master or a guest bath, white towels exude a timelessness that can also work with any décor style. Play with textures to avoid monotony or personalize them with monograms, one designer suggests.

Cleaning white towels is low-maintenance as well. Just wash them with a bleach detergent to keep them a bright white.

If you don’t prefer white, designers say to think of towels as accessories. Use them as an accent to enhance colors or themes in the bath.

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