Easy, quick and green ways to keep your home warm


Easy, quick and green ways to keep your home warm


It may be freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your thermostat to the maximum temperature.


Getting overzealous with your heating this winter will waste energy and money. Here are some quick things you can do around your home to keep you warm while being cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Dress in layers

Wear inner layers that insulate as well as wick away sweat. Doing so will make sweaters even cozier and provide thinner tops and bottoms the warmth they lack, so you can extend more of your wardrobe into the winter season.


Snuggle up

Swap out regular cotton sheets for thicker flannel sheets and stock up on heavy-duty blankets to keep you warm during the coldest part of the night.


Let the light in

Take advantage of the sun’s warming rays and open your curtains during the day. The sun will naturally heat your home while you’re away at work. At night, close the curtains to prevent heat from escaping. Invest in insulated curtains to combat the chill during particularly freezing evenings.


Shut the door

Simply closing doors to unused rooms will allow the heat to reallocate into rooms within your home that you do frequently spend time in. Use a draft guard or roll up spare bath towels and place at the bottom of doors and windows to keep drafts out.


Check your chimney too

If your fireplace is just for show, plug and seal the chimney flue. If you do use your fireplace, make sure the damper is shut when the fire is out. Ensure the damper has a tight seal, preventing hot air from escaping and cold air from creeping back in.


Avoid extremes

Letting temperatures fall or turning up the thermostat too high will overwork your heating system and will raise your heating bill.


Program your thermostat

If you don’t want to think about the temperature, go digital and invest in a programmable thermostat such as Nest. These thermostats will allow optimal control of your home’s temperature, even when you’re out and about. Program your Nest to start heating your home just before you return, so you’re not wasting energy — and money — heating an empty house.

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