7 Ideas for a Cleaner Home


7 Ideas for a Cleaner Home


Magazine-worthy homes are light, bright and pristine. But, immaculate homes aren’t accomplished without a little bit of elbow grease.


Create a cleaner home with cleaning experts’ best advice. These recommendations will keep your home clean and clutter-free.


Shine copper with ketchup

Copper kitchen accessories are popular in trendy kitchens, but they can be susceptible to tarnishing and appear dirty if not taken care of. Keep your copper shining like new with a dollop of ketchup spread thinly over the surface. After 10 to 20 minutes, wipe away the ketchup and rinse the residue away.


Ketchup comprises vinegar and salt, which work together to break down the chemicals that tarnish copper.


Use Rain-X glass cleaner

Think outside of the box by using a glass cleaner for cars. Rain-X glass cleaner can be used for glass showers or windows to repel water from building up on the surface of the glass. You won’t have to clean the surfaces as often, and when you do, the chore will be easier and quicker.


7 Ideas for a Cleaner Home


Throw your pillows in the wash

Instead of tossing your pillows in the trash, refresh them twice a year with a spin in the washer. When drying, place wool balls or tennis balls in the dryer. The balls will bounce around in the dryer, fluffing the pillows in the process. Use tennis balls in the dryer to fluff duvets, as well.


Remember your garbage disposal

Hidden out of sight, the garbage disposal is often neglected during kitchen cleanup until odors start to develop. Prevent odors from forming — and sharpen the disposal blades simultaneously — with a frozen vinegar solution.


Combine eight parts water with one part vinegar and pour the solution into an ice tray. Place a lemon rind in each compartment and freeze to set. Use the ice cubes after any meal that the disposal was used intensively. The cubes will dislodge any buildup and sharpen the blades, while the vinegar cleans the surface. The lemon will keep the disposal smelling fresh.


Make castile soap your all-purpose cleaner

Made from olive oil and sodium hydroxide, castile soap is a gentle all-purpose cleaner that can tackle a plethora of tasks. Castile soap, such as the popular Dr. Bronner’s brand, is effective enough to clean caked-on grease on cookie sheets but mild enough to be used as a face and body wash.
7 Ideas for a Cleaner Home

Dust with microfiber cloths

Instead of spending money and creating more trash with disposable dusting cloths, buy a pack of microfiber cloths. Dust adheres better to microfibers than regular cotton fabric. Use microfiber towels by themselves or use them in place of disposable pads on your Swiffer stick. Throw them in the laundry once they’re dirty.


Line your fridge

Spills and messes are bound to happen in the fridge. Instead of straining your back twisting and turning at odd angles to clean your fridge, line the interior with plastic fridge liners or mats. When messes occur, take out the liner and wipe it down — no back-breaking work necessary. Some liners are even built to be antibacterial and prevent mildew from forming.

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