The Past, Present and Future of Plaster


The Past, Present and Future of Plaster


Behind the palatial façades adorning Dallas’ most historic and luxurious homes, a common architectural element can be discovered — the artistry of plaster. The craftwork for many of those homes originates from Casci Ornamental Plaster, a business as storied and eminent as the homes it has helped to embellish.


Now owned by Highland Park High graduate Mark Marynick, Casci Plaster was first founded by Italian immigrant Giovanni Primo Casci in 1930. Marynick, who also attended Southern Methodist University and Harvard University, purchased the business in late 2017, bringing a youthful outlook to a timeless craft.



Marynick balances traditional techniques for making plaster molds with a forward-thinking outlook for his company.


“Plaster is evolving to have more widespread appeal than to just traditionalists,” Marynick says. “Casci designers recently completed a modern take on an Adam-style fire surround, and it was a huge success with the homeowner.”


Learn more about Marynick’s craftsmanship and the art of plaster in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fine Home Collection, available at


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