Create a Homemade Floral Arrangement for Mother’s Day


Create a Homemade Floral Arrangement for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner.


Recall the days when you would make your own bouquets for your mother with a handmade floral arrangement. Instead of those dandelions picked by the handful from your yard, choose flowers from the farmers market or local grocers for a gift that is not only inexpensive, but from the heart.


Follow our recommendations if you’re starting from scratch.


Choose your flowers thoughtfully.

With so many options to choose from, the floral department can be overwhelming for some beginners. Shop with an idea in mind of how you’d like your arrangement to look.


Remember to choose complementary colors and blooms to create a uniform visual. For some options and guidance, read this flower chart. For the easiest arrangement, opt for one type of flower.


Prepare your vase

Many florists recommend using an opaque vessel to hold the flowers, so the receptacle doesn’t compete with the arrangement. If you prefer the look of glass, first line the empty vase with broad leaves, which will hide the stems and create an interesting and chic pattern.


Florists often prefer creating asymmetrical arrangements for more a natural, relaxed look. For more symmetrical arrangements, place a flower frog at the bottom of the vase to keep the stems stable. You can also use tape to create a grid at the opening of the vase to section off your arrangement.


Water wisely

Use cold water to keep your blooms perky. Mix in a floral preservative if it came with your bouquet.


Alternatively, a few drops of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar can clean the bacteria in the water and provide the nutrients your arrangement needs to last longer.


Work in a circle

Trim stems about an inch from the bottom and at a 45-degree angle. Don’t be afraid to trim a large portion of the stem for shorter vases. Trim thorns off and remove any leaves that would be submerged in water. Once the flowers are prepped, make sure to put them in the water immediately.


Place the largest blooms first, and add smaller flowers in bunches, rotating the vase as you work to create a balanced arrangement. Layer in greenery and wispy flora for more textured arrangements.


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