The Art of Movement with Dallas Arboretum


The Art of Movement with Dallas Arboretum


Meander through the Dallas Arboretum’s ever-lush gardens, and you’ll be amazed to find a pleasant surprise among the myriad of blooms.


Nestled amid the crepe myrtles and delphiniums are artist Lyman Whitaker’s kinetic sculptures moving elegantly with the gentle breezes. The exhibit Wind Sculptures in Motion, sponsored in part by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, is a showcase of 140 copper and stainless steel sculptures. The display will be showcased through July 31.


Whitaker is the country’s foremost expert of kinetic sculptures, mastering the craft for the past 30 years. Each piece is towering  — ranging from 5 to 27 feet tall.



“They’re really informed by nature. That’s why it feels like they were coming home when they got here,” Whitaker says.


The pieces are available to purchase and range from $400 to $26,000. A portion of the purchases will benefit the Arboretum. 


Read more about Whitaker’s exhibit in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fine Home Collection, available at or at 


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