Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool


Consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures can only mean one thing — summer pool season has officially arrived in Dallas.


This summer, consider cooling off in a saltwater swimming pool, a luxurious alternative to traditionally chlorinated pools. While avoiding chlorine in swimming pools is virtually impossible, a saltwater cleaning system is a gentler approach to pool maintenance.


Rather than directly depositing pure chlorine into your pool system, saltwater systems use salt cells and a chlorine generator to form a chemical reaction that produces chlorine. In doing so, the saltwater system reduces the creation of chloramines, an ammonia derivative present in traditional pool systems.


Without chloramines, you’ll notice less irritation on your skin and eyes. For asthma sufferers — and those with a general disregard for the smell of chlorine — there won’t be a smell at all, because chlorine created by the salt is less concentrated than regular chlorine used in pools.


And don’t worry if you think that every dip will feel like you’ve taken a trip into the Pacific. Saltwater pools use just enough salt to clean, but not enough that it’s detectable to the human tongue.


If you need more enticing, we’ve selected five saltwater pools that will make summer swims all the more glamorous.


Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

5431 Ursula Lane | Preston Hollow | $5,495,000


Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

10115 Waller Drive | Old Preston Hollow | $3,750,000


Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

6941 Gaston Avenue | Lakewood | $2,895,000


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4348 Taos Road | Bluffview | $2,140,000


Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

7238 Lakewood Boulevard | Lakewood | $1,995,000


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