Must-Have Designer Collaborations


In the world of design and art, creativity breeds creativity, all the more evident in numerous collaborations for interior design released each year.


Artistic collaborations are ingenious ways to introduce artist and designer partnerships in unlikely productions.


We’ve chosen five of our favorite home design collaborations released this year that will make worthy additions into your home.


Arlo & Jacob x Kitty McCall


Arlo & Jacob x Kitty McCall


United Kingdom-based design house Arlo & Jacob partnered with graphic print designer Kitty McCall to produce limited edition statement chairs upholstered with McCall’s playful Canary print. The 1960s silhouette fits right into Mid-Century modern homes, while jewel tones and adventurous graphics make for a perfect focal piece in any living space.


The custom-made chairs start at $857 and are available to ship internationally. Shop the pieces here.


Andy Warhol x Calvin Klein


Must-Have Designer Collaborations


For part of its four-year collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Calvin Klein will be releasing a four-piece dining set featuring Warhol’s prints of late Vanity Fair Editor Sandra Brandt and renowned actor Dennis Hopper. The range also extends to pillows and throws, available in bold hues that showcase Warhol’s trademark graphics.


The dining set starts at $200, and home accessories are $350 to $450. Preorder the collection here.


Le Creuset Disney Collection


Must-Have Designer Collaborations


Disney favorites are transformed into sophisticated and beautiful works of cookware art in Le Creuset’s ongoing series of Disney-themed kitchen staples. The premium French brand has released several designs to coincide with landmark occasions for the storied production studio, including several for Beauty and the Beast. The collaboration’s latest release last fall includes a commemorative apple-shaped cocotte to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ debut.


The collection includes a $20 silicone trivet and ranges to the $350 red Mickey Mouse dutch oven. Shop the collection here.




Must-Have Designer Collaborations


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s keen eye and refined taste for home goods, as well as health care and beauty products, jewelry, clothing and more has formed her lifestyle brand, Goop, into a collaboration darling. Goop consistently partners with artisans — small and large brands alike — to form curated, luxury collections with Paltrow’s seal of approval.


Browse the website to see an entire pantry set offered in her work with Blisshaus, cookware with Staub, drinkware with Snowe and cozy blankets with Spanish brand Espanyolet. Products start at $5. 


CB2 x Fred Segal


Must-Have Designer Collaborations


Hollywood’s favorite clothing store joins forces with modern furniture store CB2 for a fun yet sophisticated collection. Their latest release of the Pool Party Collection combines a solid mix of indoor and outdoor furniture, along with fun accessories to feature poolside and beyond.


Pieces range from patriotic red, white and blue washi tape at $2 to streamlined sofas at $2,700. Shop the collection here.


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