On the Leading Edge


On the Leading Edge


Sustainability may be the buzzword now but for real estate developer Diane Cheatham, sustainability has become a way of life.


Cheatham has even planned an entire neighborhood putting green living at the forefront of its priorities.


Based in Lake Highlands, Urban Reserve is a small neighborhood showcasing modern architecture — and sustainable practices — at its finest. Homes elegantly border a winding street that gently slopes down to capture water to clean and filter it through a natural biofiltration system.  


The end result is a harmonious relationship between the land and architecture.


“Sustainability now is a big deal for a lot of people. We may be a little bit more passionate about it,” Cheatham says. “It’s not just a development, it’s a new frontier.”


Read more about Cheatham’s efforts in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fine Home Collection, available at DPMmagazine.com.


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