8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts


The beginning of the year is a fresh start to amplify your fitness routine.


Forgo the gym membership (or supplement it) this time around with an at-home workout tailored to your needs and preferences.


We’ve chosen workout gear that will help you obtain a healthier lifestyle and are so beautiful, you’ll want to exercise more.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Shinola Bixby Bicycle | $1,950


For good weather days — and in Dallas, there’ll be plenty — you’ll want to take your workout routine outdoors. Not only would some Vitamin D be good to battle seasonal affective disorder, it’s been proven to help fight against depression, bone disorders and heart attacks, according to experts at Harvard Medical School.


Cycling is an added bonus. It’s easier on your joints, builds muscle and trains your balance, according to doctors at M.D. Anderson. With a bicycle as stunning as the Shinola Bixby, how can you say no to this workout?


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Bang & Olufsen E8 In-Ear Headphones | $299


Whether at home or at the gym, you’ll be able to get motivated and drown out extraneous noise with these Bang & Olufsen in-ear headphones. As wireless earphones, you won’t have to worry about snagging your headphone wires, while the design keeps them in place as you’re running, practicing yoga or just lifting weights.


A genuine leather charging case allows for on-the-go recharging with up to 12 hours of playtime.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Page Thirty Three Marble Dumbbells | $100


Dumbbells no longer have to be an awkward and unsightly item in your at-home gym. These dumbbells are made from red marble, travertine and Carrera, making them uniquely sculptural as well as functional.


The Page Thirty dumbbells are carved from natural stone, giving each a distinct appearance.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Allbirds Wool Runners | $95


Fashion-forward with a cult-like status, Allbirds Wool Runners are perfect for a serious workout on the track just as well as for a casual stroll. Each shoe is created with your comfort and the environment top of mind. Wool uppers are durable but easy to clean, recycled laces help reduce the impact of plastic, and padded insoles are made with castor bean oil, reducing the carbon output from traditional, petroleum-based foam.


An added bonus: these running shoes are machine washable. So, you’ll never be afraid to get them dirty on a run outside.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Tangram Factory Smart Rope | $79.95


Feel like a kid again with this smart jump rope. The smart rope syncs to a mobile app that will help you unlock fitness awards and share results with your community. Its tracking abilities will help you know how many calories you’ve burned, while LED lights embedded in the rope display your jump count mid-air.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Sugar Mat Whimsy Tropic Leaf | $63


Get centered and in shape with this yoga mat, which comes in a variety of patterns that are as beautiful as you’ll feel after you’ve completed your yoga practice. The mat is made with natural rubber and synthetic suede, which provides the perfect anti-slip grip for those downward dogs.


The designs are printed with water-based inks, which are guaranteed to last you through years of yoga. The mat is also pliable enough to be thrown in the washing machine.  


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Lululemon Double Roller | $58


Your post-workout routine is just as important to your health as the actual exercise you do. Ensure that your muscles aren’t tense with these foam rollers that will massage your arms, legs and back.


The rollers nest within each other for streamlined-storage. A trendy black-and-white marble pattern makes these rollers easily displayable.


8 Items to Elevate Your At-Home Workouts

Corkcicle Stainless Steel Canteen | $32.95


What’s a workout without water? Hydrate all day with the Corkcicle. It’s triple-insulated, so you’ll be able to keep a cold drink for up to 25 hours. With its fashionable design and slip-proof grip, you’ll want to carry this everywhere, pre- and post-workout.


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