Change & Continuity: Rm 12:20 Bistro

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In the midst of a small business boom, local owners are adding their personal touches to a charming and thriving East Dallas community. 

Among many new shops for leisure, a fine French restaurant is making its mark in Lake Highlands. Owner and Executive Chef Erin Willis considers the area to be Dallas’ best-kept secret.

“It has been awesome to see how the community comes together for any reason, whether it’s in support of a restaurant, a store, or a family in need. It’s kind of like ‘Hometown, USA,’” Willis said.

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Willis’ goal? For locals to have a place to call their own and escape the city hustle-and-bustle that surrounds Lake Highlands.

Read the full story on the bistro’s start in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s edition of Enclave Magazine.

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