Agents Represent Firm as Dallas Arboretum Hosts Corporate Sponsor Dinner in the Gardens

It’s no longer a secret: Dallas has become one of the hottest places in the country to live. And raise a family, do business, get cultured, enjoy good food… The list goes on. It also has primo latitude/longitude and average temperature going for it. This makes it an ideal locale for a year-round outdoor gathering place for folks from all walks of life. One like, say… the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

We are fortunate, as a city, to have this horticultural heaven along the southeastern shoreline of White Rock Lake, overlooking downtown Dallas. And we are honored, as a company, to financially support the Dallas Arboretum as they provide us with incredible beauty throughout the seasons.

Last night, the Arboretum feted its corporate sponsors at a special evening on the grounds, amidst the breathtaking display that is Dallas Blooms. And we dispatched 10 agents there to receive the appreciation on our behalf.

Dave Perry-Miller agents attending the dinner included (clockwise from top left): Weston Pugh, Meridith Hayes, Karen Fry, Curt and Paige Elliott, Lynn Beaurline, Christopher Miller, Katherene Hough, Amanda Davidson, and, not pictured, Betsy Weber Hurst.


As corporate sponsors, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to help produce and promote the following special events throughout the year:

DALLAS BLOOMS BRONZE EXHIBIT: Bringing the intricate, lifelike bronze-works of Gary Lee Price to the gardens, is one of our favorite sponsored events this spring. A fellow of the National Sculpture Society, Price has been recognized worldwide for his work uplifting the human spirit. This year during Dallas Blooms — the largest floral festival in the Southwest — his exhibit called “The Great Contributors” complements the overall annual theme, ”The Artistry in Nature.” Nine bronze statues, including such notable thinkers as Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet and The Wright Brothers, are on display throughout the garden. All around them the grounds explode with 100 kinds of spring bulbs, totaling 500,000 blooms. The exhibit is on display now through November 27, 2016.


MEMBER EASTER EGG HUNTS: Families appreciate the four opportunities on two consecutive weekends in March (March 18-19 & 25-26) to fill baskets and make memories. It makes us very proud to provide the consummate spring backdrop for photos of the little ones in their Easter best!

AUTUMN AT THE ARBORETUM: September 17 heralds that long-awaited time of year when we transition from longer, hotter summer days to shorter, cooler fall ones, complete with a pumpkin patch and the inimitable Pumpkin Village.

For more information on these Arboretum events and others, please visit the Arboretum’s website.


Firm Celebrates Top Producers, Record-Breaking Year at Annual Awards Evening

Award show season is not just a celebration of Hollywood’s elite. Every February, right here in Dallas, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate celebrates the biggest and brightest stars of our industry as well.

Last Thursday evening, February 18, as agents gathered at the Dallas Country Club, firm founder Dave Perry-Miller addressed the room, acknowledging the tremendous achievements of everyone there, including the top producers. The excitement was palpable as results were a closely guarded secret heading into the event.

Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner
Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner

“The annual awards banquet motivates me to be at the office some mornings at 5:00am and to take client calls until 10:30pm, or later,” says InTown Top Producer Brian Bleeker. “We all work hard to be the best at what we do.”

Perry-Miller also welcomed the Ebby Halliday corporate representatives in attendance, including President/CEO Mary Frances Burleson, CFO Ron Burgert, and Vice President and Director of Sales Betty Misko.

“We celebrate our success this past year as a company with $2.26 billion in sales,” Perry-Miller began. “This evening is our time to gather as a family and celebrate the accomplishments of everyone in this room. You deserve to be recognized for the exceptional level of sales that you created this past year.”

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Leadership Team
Ron Burgert (Ebby Halliday CFO), Dave Perry-Miller (Firm Founder), Gaynelle Henger (Preston Center Office Manager), Becky Connatser (InTown Office Manager), Lee Thomas (Park Cities and Lakewood Office Manager), Robb Puckett (Highland Park Office Manager)

The firm’s five office managers then came forward and began handing out the hard-won awards to their respective teams.


  • The Bradley/Levine Team with Lindsey Bradley and Lesli Marcus Levine
  • Stephen Collins
  • Paige and Curt Elliott
  • Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
  • Stewart Lee
  • Christine McKenny
  • Julie Provenzano
  • Sharon Quist
  • Debbie Sherrington
  • Brian Smith



  • Top Individual Units: Tie – Claudine King, Julie Provenzano
  • Top Individual GCI: Stephen Collins
  • Top Team Units: Lindsey Bradley, Lesli Marcus Levine
  • Top Team GCI: Christine McKenny, Megan Stern
  • Top Group Units: Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
  • Top Group GCI: Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Park Cities Office
Park Cities Top Producers (L-R), front row: Claudine King, Sissy Pardue, Phyllis Glover, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott. Back row: Stewart Lee, Sharon Quist, Curt Elliott, Christine McKenny. Not pictured: Lindsey Bradley, Lesli Marcus Levine, Julie Provenzano, Debbie Sherrington, Brian Smith, Megan Stern.


  • Marissa Fontanez
  • Heather Guild Group with Skylar Champion
  • Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
  • Nancy Johnson with Alex Simpson
  • Mary Rinne
  • Meg Skinner



  • Top Individual Units: Nancy Johnson
  • Top Individual GCI: Nancy Johnson
  • Top Team Units: Martin Mayer Team with Erica Martin and Brandi Mayer
  • Top Team GCI: Martin Mayer Team with Erica Martin and Brandi Mayer
  • Top Group Units: Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
  • Top Group GCI: Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Lakewood Office
Lakewood Top Producers (L-R), front row: Nancy Johnson, Marissa Fontanez, Meg Skinner, Scott Jackson, Brandi Mayer, Erica Martin, Mary Rinne. Back row: Skylar Champion, Heather Guild, Lauren Moore. Not pictured: Ashley Rasmussen, Alex Simpson.


  • Hewitt & Habgood Group – Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Brian Bleeker, Melissa O’Brien
  • Emily Ray-Porter Group – Emily Ray-Porter, Henry Barber, Jessica Hill, Macy Riley
  • Gullotto-Barnes Group – Joseph Gullotto, Jarrad Barnes, Stephene Tolocko, Frances Jacobs
  • Meyer Group – Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Michone Reese
  • Brandon Fleeman with Koda Reed
  • J.L. Forke
  • The Wayne Garcia Group – Wayne Garcia, Jerry Gutierrez, Michael Hubach, Amie Myers
  • Christopher Miller
  • Layne-Rothwell Group – Trina Rothwell, Paul Layne
  • The Martin Group – Eloise Martin, James Martin
  • Karen Estes



  • Top Individual Units: Brandon Fleeman
  • Top Individual GCI: Brandon Fleeman
  • Top Group Units: Hewitt & Habgood Group
  • Top Group GCI: Hewitt & Habgood Group
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 InTown Office
InTown Top Producers (L-R), front row: Christopher Miller, Macy Riley, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullotto, Jarrad Barnes, Stephene Tolocko, Eloise Martin, Melissa O’Brien. Back row: Paul Layne, Trina Rothwell, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Brandon Fleeman, Koda Reed, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, J.L. Forke, Wayne Garcia, James Martin, Steve Habgood, Brian Bleeker. Not pictured: Karen Estes, Jerry Gutierrez, Kathy Hewitt, Jessica Hill, Michael Hubach, Amie Myers, Michone Reese.


  • The Haven Group – Erin Ballard, Ashley Beane, Thomas Bellinger, Shirley Cohn, John Eller, Forrest Gregg, Sara Johnson, Chari Oglesby, Sharon Palmer, Alexis Pearl, Chris Pyle, Sylvia Scott, Susie Thompson, Kate Looney Walters, Catherine Wilson
  • The Rhodes Group – Tom Rhodes, Jr., Burton Rhodes, Dan Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes, Neil Broussard, Janet Malone, Nina Sachse
  • Ralph Randall
  • Gianna Cerullo
  • Brady Moore
  • Marlene Jaffe
  • Michelle Hopson
  • Stephen Pryor
  • Scott Kaserman



  • Top Individual Units: Brady Moore
  • Top Individual CGI: Ralph Randall
  • Top Group Units: The Haven Group
  • Top Group CGI: The Haven Group
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Highland Park Office
Highland Park Top Producers (L-R), front row: Shirley Cohn, Ashley Beane, Susie Thompson, Kate Looney Walters, Catherine Wilson, Sharon Palmer, Nina Sachse. Back row: Mysti Newberry Stewart, Sara Johnson, Thomas Bellinger, Chris Pyle, Forrest Gregg, Stephen Pryor, Ralph Randall, Dan Rhodes, Burton Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes, Brady Moore. Not pictured: Erin Ballard, Neil Broussard, Gianna Cerullo, John Eller, Michelle Hopson, Marlene Jaffe, Scott Kaserman, Janet Malone, Chari Oglesby, Alexis Pearl, Tom Rhodes, Jr., Sylvia Scott.



  • Updike│Pugh – Jeff Updike, Weston Pugh, Jan Folmar, David Lee
  • Thayer-Braymer Group – Jonathan Thayer, Gayl Braymer
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Mark Cain
  • Martha and McKamy Tiner
  • Chad Shulin
  • Ginger Levine & Jill Rasansky
  • Molly Malone
  • Kim and Taylor Gromatzky
  • Karen Fry



  • Top Producer GCI: Jennifer Miller
  • Top Producer Units: Jennifer Miller
  • Top Team GCI: Thayer-Braymer
  • Top Team GCI: Thayer-Braymer
  • Top Group GCI: Updike│Pugh
  • Top Group Units: Updike│Pugh
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Preston Center Office
Top producers (L-R), front row: Jill Rasansky, Molly Malone, Mark Cain, Karey Fry, Jennifer Miller, Gayl Braymer. Back row: Ginger Levine, Chad Schulin, Weston Pugh, David Lee, Jeff Updike, Kim Gromatzky, Taylor Gromatzky. Not pictured: Jan Folmar, Jonathan Thayer, Martha Tiner, McKamy Tiner.

As the evening wrapped up, Perry-Miller reiterated the firm’s secret for success.

“So many firms have mission statements. But how many times do you read a mission statement and then become disappointed, angry even, because it says one thing, but the experience you get is so completely different. What makes all of you in this room exceptional is that you live our core principle — treat other people as you would like to be treated — every day, every month, every year. And look at the results!”

Firm Expands Global Reach with the Addition of Hanne Sagalowsky to Team

The real estate world continues to grow ever smaller thanks to advances in technology and transportation that connect buyers and sellers thousands of miles apart. Therefore, strategic agents with a global mindset — like Hanne Sagalowsky –grow ever more essential to the future success of residential real estate firms. For this reason, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is thrilled to announce the addition of the native Dane to the luxury brand’s roster.

hanne sagalowsky pic for blog

In 1989, when Hanne was transitioning from a teaching career to residential real estate, she told her fellow rookie agents during training she was going to focus on having an international reach. She was laughed at.

However, her background as a foreign student (attending Indiana University for her B.A and M.A, and completing an International Baccalaureate program in Denmark), along with her genuinely adventurous personality, her interest in foreign languages (she is fluent in three), and her desire to learn, all told her to press on — this was the way to go! Fast forward to today, 25+ years into an incredibly successful global career, and it’s obvious her instincts were spot on.

“In getting to know Hanne,” firm founder Dave Perry-Miller says, “I was really intrigued to learn of her perseverance on this particular career path. She could see the bigger picture and was quite ahead of her time in doing the legwork to position her so well for today’s competitive market.”

Besides being a long-term top producer, Hanne continues to hone her expertise in this area. She is one of 2,300 real estate professionals worldwide with a CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) designation. This means she completed rigorous course work that enables her to understand and guide the global buyer.  She recently attended the Luxury Portfolio International® Symposium in Berlin with an exclusive list of 150 professionals from 19 countries. Hanne also currently serves on the National Association of Realtors® Leadership Team as the liaison to all global committees — and is the only “Texan” on the team.

About her transition to the firm, Hanne says, “Servicing a luxury clientele discreetly and professionally is what Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate does best. Because of my knowledge of immigration laws, tax laws and currency fluctuations, and my regular exposure to international buyers and sellers, I can help bridge the gap with the high-end client looking to move to or from this fabulous cosmopolitan area.”

Hanne and her husband Arthur Sagalowsky, M.D., Professor of Urology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, are themselves residents of Preston Hollow, and have two adult children and two grandchildren, with two more on the way. They enjoy bi-coastal travel to visit their family, and love that their home in Dallas is right in the middle.

Hanne has garnered the following awards and credentials:

  • NAR® Leadership Team 2016
  • NAR President’s Liaison to Denmark & Sweden 2016
  • Chair, Strategic Planning Committee for Texas Association of Realtors 2016
  • RPAC Hall of Fame
  • Omega Tau Rho Medal for exceptional service to the Real Estate Profession
  • Past Recipient of the Lois Hair Bernays “Realtor of the Year” award
  • Past President Metro-Tex Association of Realtors
  • Board Member NAR
  • Past President & Director NTREIS (Regional MLS)
  • Graduate Realtor Institute
  • Certified Residential Specialist
  • Accredited Buyers’ Representative
  • Dallas Historic House Specialist

Building Healthy Agent Camaraderie One Festive Gathering at a Time

When you work in an industry of smart, confident, self-motivated independent contractors, it would be easy – understandable even — for genuine camaraderie to be… well, lacking. At Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, however, that’s just not the case. And we have photographic evidence to support this claim.


Take, for example, the recent week-night chili party that was attended by just about every agent in the Preston Center office. The evening was hosted by the office’s Advisory Board – Gayl Braymer, Karen Fry, Dawn Rejebian, Chad Schulin, and Gene Taylor — and held at Karen’s Preston Hollow home.

From L-R, Bill Ajello (The Lending Partners), Dawn Rejebian, Chad Schulin, Gaynelle Henger, Karen Fry, Gayl Braymer, Gene Taylor

The Advisory Board comprises five Associates elected by their fellow office-mates (2-year term) to attend monthly meetings with Dave and company management, and help shape the path and success of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate brand. These ambassadors for the company offer support to fellow Associates, and serve as a voice of opinion in all aspects of the company’s operations. All five of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate offices have their own Advisory Boards, and each one by design helps foster a culture of collaboration and encouragement among associates.


“It’s a pleasure to work with this leadership group,” says Gaynelle Henger, Office Manager of the Preston Center location. “They bring fun, professional perspectives and vision to our office community.”

From L-R, Martha Tiner, Hanne Sagalowsky
From L-R, Michael Benson, Loryn LaMonte, Betty Godwin
From L-R, Judy Christopher, Betsy Weber Hurst, Charles Carneal, Weston Pugh


From L-R, Kenneth Walters, Taylor Cousins
From L-R, Molly Malone, Gaynelle Henger, Kathy Finn


20 (1)
From L-R, Jan Furr, Jeff Updike










Firm’s Annual Client Appreciation Night at Dallas Stars’ Game Ends with a Win for All


Did you happen to see the stars last Thursday night, January 21, at the American Airlines Center? Yes, there were a few down on the ice, wearing skates and pads, flying around, shooting, scoring and demonstrating their tremendous athletic prowess by drilling the Edmonton Oilers.  But then there were the 1,600 less-obvious stars — those in the arena seats, enjoying Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Annual Client Appreciation Night.

We want to take a minute to talk about them.

IMG_5049 (1)

For the third year in a row, we have been privileged to treat the individuals and families who have helped make our business shine, to a special evening watching hockey. 2015 was the firm’s best year ever, with $2.2 billion in total sales volume, so there was just cause for celebration.

Says firm founder, Dave Perry-Miller, “Every bit of that is attributable to the people who place their trust and confidence in our hands when the time comes to buy or sell their home.”

“I don’t know of another brokerage that does something on this scale for their clients,” he continues. “We think it’s the least we can do, especially given that many of our clients consider us their agents for life.”

Broker Associate Julie Provenzano (who is designated as the Official Real Estate Agent of the Stars) helped organize the sold-out corporate event, and also treated her group’s guests to a gathering in the Tequila Patron VIP Lounge beforehand.

“It was a tremendous opportunity to thank our loyal clients for their business and referrals,” Provenzano says. “The Stars are doing really well this year so it just added to the excitement of the night, especially since they got the win.”

Appreciation Night Event 2016


Agents Show Support for Stewpot Alliance’s Annual “Soup’s On!” Luncheon and Art Sale

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents have a passion for helping people feel taken care of and secure with a roof over their heads. All people. This happens to be the passion of the Stewpot Alliance as well, so it makes perfect sense our agents would be present at their Soup’s On! Luncheon and Art Sale on Tuesday, January 19. The annual event, held at downtown Dallas’ historic Union Station, featured speaker Collins Tuohy, whose life was chronicled in the movie The Blind Side.

cropped Jane Shirley Tom
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents Tom Rhodes (top left), Shirley Cohn (top center), and Jane Gordon (bottom right) gave of their time and talents to help make the Stewpot’s annual fundraising luncheon a success. Speaker Collins Tuohy shown bottom row, second from right.


Says Broker Associate Jane Gordon, “Bravo to the luncheon chairs Christi Nicolas and Charlotte Legg for giving so much of their time to create a wonderful event and for raising a record-breaking amount for the Stewpot.  I was honored to be a part of the event and to serve on the host committee with fellow agent Shirley Cohn.”

Broker Associate Tom Rhodes and wife Suzy are also longtime supporters of the Stewpot.

Rhodes visited with Tuohy after her talk and says, “Collins Tuohy was a delight and had a wonderful message that is totally aligned with the mission of the Stewpot. We really enjoyed listening to her. This event just reinforced why we continue to back this worthy organization.”

Micki and Mayor Mike Rawlings were Honorary Chairs of the 2016 luncheon, co-chaired by Stewpot Alliance members Charlotte Legg and Christi Nicolas.

The Stewpot Alliance Soup’s On! Luncheon and Art Show featured a dozen of Dallas’ finest chefs serving up a signature soup as the first course of the meal.

Chefs included:

  • Chef Chairman Brian C. Luscher of The Grape and Luscher’s Red Hots
  • Chef Brent Anderson, Wolfgang Puck Catering
  • Chefs Melody Bishop & Dennis Kelley, LARK on the Park
  • Chef Omar Flores, Casa Rubia
  • Chef Danyele McPherson, Remedy
  • Chef Misti Norris, Small Brewpub
  • Chef Suki Otsuki, Mudhen
  • Chef Janice Provost, Parigi
  • Chef Abraham Salum, Salum and Komali
  • Chef Sarah Snow, The Grape
  • Chef Brian Zenner, On-Premise


The monies raised from the event will go toward several programs – including meal services, on-site medical/dental and much more —  for some of Dallas’s most vulnerable people.




Wagstaff Brings Lake Highlands Expertise to Heather Guild Group

Haley Wagstaff is coming home. Effective January 1, 2016, Wagstaff joins Heather Guild and Skylar Champion in the Heather Guild Group at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Lakewood office. It’s a reunion of sorts for Guild and Wagstaff who first met at the firm’s InTown office early in their careers.

heather guild group first set-4

“We couldn’t be more pleased about how well Haley complements our East Dallas focus with her strong background in both Lake Highlands and Lakewood real estate,” Guild says. “She fits right in with what we’re doing.”

During their time at InTown, the women bonded over the challenges of running a real estate business and a family at the same time. Now they look forward to creating a powerful synergy that will guide buyers and sellers to a positive, memorable real estate experience. Guild recently cast new vision for the group, explaining the role Wagstaff will play.

“We’ve found that many of our first time buyers like to explore all of East Dallas,” Guild says. “That means they inevitably want to see homes in the M-Streets, Lakewood, Lake Highlands and elsewhere. Because Haley is a resident of Lake Highlands and familiar with the schools, subdivisions, new developments, etc., and because she has worked extensively in this part of town, she will be a terrific resource for our clients, giving them a strategic advantage when it comes time to buy/sell.”

Adds Wagstaff, “I was already “living, loving, listing” Lake Highlands – this move just makes it official!”

In 2014, Wagstaff was named one of the Top 25 Realtors in Lake Highlands by the Lake Highlands Advocate. She also already ascribes to the Group’s philosophy that clients have a choice when it comes to selecting a real estate agent.

“Extensive market knowledge, impeccable customer service and skilled negotiating is why Heather Guild Group clients choose us,” Wagstaff says. “And why they come back again and again. I’m excited to give them one more reason to.”

Kenneth Walters and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Join Forces in 2016

It’s a merger that just makes sense. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate specializes in the marketing of homes of quality and character, and maintains a client-first approach throughout the buying/selling process. Kenneth Walters lives by the same credo. January 1, 2016, the two parties made the news official.

kenneth and dave _ use 2_cropped

“Kenneth exemplifies the Dave Perry-Miller brand,” firm founder Dave Perry-Miller says.  “He is knowledgeable, discreet and excels in customer service.”

With total sales in excess of $25 million dollars over the last 2.5 years, Kenneth has quickly established himself as a top producer. Named “Rookie of the Year” in 2013 at Ebby Halliday’s iconic “Little White House,” the Dallas-area native continues building his career in real estate, ranking #3 top producer in 2015 and company-wide top producer in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2015.

“Kenneth’s success is based on a very personal approach to each transaction, expert and assertive negotiation skills and detailed, current knowledge of market conditions,” Perry-Miller continues.

One of the hallmarks of Kenneth’s approach to a real estate transaction is drawing up a comprehensive marketing plan specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the client.  This can include direct mail, staging events for brokers and neighbors or print campaigns.

“My specialty is really digital marketing,” Walters says. “I understand it and I know how to leverage it to get the right listing in front of the right audience at the right time.”

Finding the perfect home that matches a clients’ lifestyle is greatly satisfying for this highly focused and energetic real estate professional. He is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Kenneth brings to his clients a top notch team of vendors: graphic and interior designers, talented photographers and mortgage professionals who are all focused on bringing his clients maximum exposure with minimum stress.

As a member of the Dave Perry-Miller team, Kenneth will continue to offer the finest in customer service and market expertise in the Dallas, US and International markets.

Firm Ending 2015 on a High Note Thanks to Record Sale of Highland Park Home

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents had more to celebrate than just the season when they gathered Thursday night at Arlington Hall at Lee Park for the firm’s annual holiday party.

St Johns 2

To the delight of everyone present, firm founder Dave Perry-Miller made an announcement about the closing of a $15-million dollar property in Highland Park just a few hours earlier.

“This was the most expensive sale to take place in Highland Park this year,” Perry-Miller said. “Not only did our firm list the exceptional property, but just as importantly, we brought the buyer. Jarrad Barnes of Gullotto + Barnes Group represented the seller and Lance Hancock represented the buyer.”

Bringing extra holiday cheer to the annual party, Ron Burgert, Dave Perry-Miller, Joseph Gullotto and Jarrad Barnes

Also in recent Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate news, he reminded the group that another $10-million-plus property in Highland Park, home to a professional golfer, was sold by Kelly Hosch and Shelly Bailey to a buyer represented by Gianna Cerullo. In an increasingly competitive residential market, these transactions are a testament to the results-oriented approach the firm’s agents put into practice every day.

“Both of the buyers are local buyers, long-term Park Cities families with deep ties to the city,” Perry-Miller said. “What these sales demonstrate is, that while national and international exposure is important, it is having the right firm and agents represent you that creates a sale. Our firm has dominated the upper-end Park Cities market with 100% of the $10-million+ transactions so far this year, according to MLS statistics.”

As Q4 2015 winds down, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate stands poised to dominate market share in all the areas where they do business – Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lakewood/Lake Highlands, Uptown/Oak Lawn/Oak Cliff and North Dallas.

“I could not be more thrilled about the way we’re closing out 2015, nor more pleased to work with the caliber of people who make this kind of ongoing success possible,” Perry-Miller said. “I don’t see it as a grand finale for the year, but rather a launch pad for 2016.”

St Johns 6

St Jons 3

Agent Kristin Smith Receives Prestigious North Texas Realtor Award

Celebrating a year of accomplishments, the MetroTex Association of REALTORS recently announced the winners for each of its four prestigious annual industry awards at the MetroTex Annual Awards & Charity Event.

Kristin Smith, of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, was presented with the Lois Hair Bernays Award as the MetroTex Salesperson of Year. Kristin is incoming Vice-Chair for the MetroTex YPN Committee, and serves on the Budget & Finance Committee, and Co-Chair and Co-Founder of TAR YPN. She will be serving on the TAR Strategic Plan Committee in 2016. Kristin has served on the Social Media Advisory Committee, the Diversity Committee, and was a board member of NAR YPN. She is also Vice President of GALORE and was voted in the Top 50 for REALTOR Magazine’s 30 Under 30 issue. In the community, Kristin is the company coordinator for Ebby Halliday’s Special Olympics corporate challenge, and is a business partner of Promote Love.

We’re so very proud of Kristin! Congratulations!

The entire Smith family was on hand to celebrate Kristin. From left, fellow realtors: brother Austin Smith, mother Leslie Rouda Smith, Kristin and father Brian Smith.