Thank You

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All of us at the Ebby Halliday Companies would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who are working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic – in North Texas and across the world. We are forever indebted to everyone who is working tirelessly during this unprecedented situation.


Thank you to health care workers, police officers, firefighters, grocery store workers, delivery drivers and countless other individuals who continue to work so bravely during this time. Your daily sacrifices allow us to have a well-functioning society and bring us hope for a brighter future.


Thank you to those in leadership positions, including the many individuals who are working day and night to do everything you can to help us through this time of crisis. As we are aware, the worst may be yet to come, so we are appreciative of your leadership in the days ahead.


Thank you to teachers, who almost overnight became online educators. And thank you to parents, many of whom are now are not only coordinating children’s education but also working from home for the first time.


Thank you to our neighbors, friends and family members – and our many valued clients who entrust us with your real estate needs. The worst of times has the potential to bring out the best in us – and across North Texas and around the world, we have witnessed neighbors helping neighbors, and those who have extra reaching out to those who do not have enough.


The Ebby Halliday Companies are rooted in North Texas and it has been our honor to serve this great region for 75 years. We have seen the good times and the bad times. We believe strongly that we will reach the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic a stronger and more compassionate region. Be safe, put your own and your family’s health as your first priority, and continue to help our neighbors and communities. We are in this together.

Home Office Essentials

Working from home provides plenty of advantages, such as being able to freely decorate your entire workspace. Enhancing your desk area makes it look aesthetically pleasing and can help boost your productivity.

The following desk accessories will allow you to work with confidence and style in the comfort of your accommodation.



Moroccan Inlay Desk | $1,598


Mid-Century Swivel Office Chair | $399

Orchids in Gold Mercury Containers | $214


Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser | $119

pencil holder 1

Codify Pencil Holder | $48


2020 Planner & Pen Set | $34


Ranarp Work Lamp | $33


Tosca Desk Organizer | $30

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Gilded File Holder | $25


Desktop Organizer Storage Rack | $25

The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties!


6467 Orchid Lane | Preston Hollow | $2,250,000



11836 Preston Brook Place | North Dallas | $1,495,000



3204 Oakhurst Street | Lakewood | $970,000



1157 King Mark Drive | Lewisville | $895,000



3820 Bowser Avenue | Oak Lawn | $759,000



12708 Sunlight Drive | North Dallas | $675,000



11726 Dixfield Drive | White Rock | $399,000


To view more exceptional properties, visit

Covid-19 And North Texas Residential Real Estate

Caring mom and dad teaching little daughter to draw

North Texas is home. Through wars, recessions, natural disasters and other challenges, our great region has not only survived, it has thrived.


North Texas is being tested again, this time by a virus that many of us, only weeks ago, had never even heard of. At the Ebby Halliday Companies we are concerned first and foremost with the health and well-being of our clients, sales associates, and employees. Naturally, we are also concerned with the virus’ impact on our local economy; and specifically, the North Texas residential real estate market.


What will happen to the local real estate market in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? No one knows the exact answer to this question, but optimism runs through the veins of North Texans that is infectious in its own way.


This is why so many choose to call our region home – in fact, almost 400 new residents join us each day. After the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, even more people will seek our highly desirable lifestyle of an ideal location in the Central U.S., a moderate climate, world-class amenities, and affordable housing, thus sustaining and driving our local economy.


With the arrival of COVID-19 in the North Texas region and with Shelter-In-Place Orders now active in most surrounding counties, real estate services have been deemed an essential service and we take that responsibility seriously.


There is no question that this latest challenge to our region will leave its own indelible mark. Selling a home will take a bit more patience as we all navigate uncharted waters, but keeping your property on the market is vital as buyers turn more often than ever to online shopping. Virtual tours, photography, and videos will offer a competitive edge for sellers.


If you would like to discuss selling your home or purchasing a North Texas home, please contact a Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent today.


As with each Ebby Halliday Companies real estate brand, our Core Services brands, which include Prosperity MortgageHome Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title, utilize the latest technologies. They are able to fully serve your mortgage, insurance and title needs online, over the phone and through mobile service.


As the Ebby Halliday Companies mark 75 years of conducting business in North Texas in 2020, we are reminded of the challenges this great company has seen and survived. In many of those moments, the future was unclear, but our company steadied its course, did what was necessary and came out stronger on the other side. It would be our honor to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Turn Your Home Into An Office

Where small business dreams are pursued

Having an office in your home is becoming a need as more companies are sending their employees to work from their homestead. Setting up your workspace can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin.

Here are some tips for transforming your home space into a workspace.

Make A List

The first step is to identify what essential supplies and tech you’ll need. Depending on your work environment, this can range from needing a desk and laptop to a printer or more advanced equipment. Making a list will help to assure that you have everything you need to work from home.

Internet Connection

Your job will most likely require you to use the internet. Test out your internet connection, and if needed, give your service provider a call for more assistance.

Setup Your Workspace

Now that you have your essentials, it’s time to build your office! Setup your workspace where you have a good internet connection and proper lighting. It’s important to organize your tech and supplies where it works for you.

Organize Your Time

Managing your time properly is key to working effectively from your home. Remember, it’s alright to take breaks, grab a snack, and do some stretches if you can. Create a routine and use a planner to organize what you need to do.

Connect With Others

Being at home and away from your office doesn’t necessarily mean removing all human interaction. It’s especially important to still work with others – even if it’s virtually. Find software and apps that can help boost your communication with coworkers.


Shelter-In-Place Notice To Our Valued Clients

Self Isolation Quarantine Coronavirus

The safety and well-being of our clients, employees, and agents are always our top priority. Per the Shelter-In-Place Amended Order issued by Judge Jenkins that covers the period of March 23 through April 3 for Dallas County, our agents and employees will be required to work remotely. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients while doing our part to take proactive measures to help keep all of you safe.


We plan to be fully operational through a remote work plan designed to ensure that our sales team and clients are supported. We will also continue to monitor and adhere to the guidelines set forth by our health agencies, real estate associations, and local authorities, including all applicable “Shelter-In-Place” orders.


Can the Ebby Halliday Companies perform their services remotely?


* Yes, we have been preparing for this for the past several weeks and our company has executed its remote-work plan. All accounting, human resources, marketing, and other critical functions will continue. We ask for your patience as some processes may take a bit more time due to the logistics of working remotely.


* In addition, our Core Services partners Prosperity MortgageTexas Premier TitleHSTX Title, and Home Team Insurance remain fully operational. These companies are classified as Essential Businesses within the Financial Sector and therefore may continue to operate as normal through the period the Order is in effect.


What does this mean for my current listing?

* Your listings will continue to display 24/7 across all our websites ( Prospective buyers can still view all information about your property and connect with your listing agent directly through the website and over the phone to request additional information.


* Together, with our Core Services departments, we have streamlined the process for you, allowing:

– All contracts to be executed electronically;

– Complete online and over the phone loan application and approval process;

– Online Insurance review and coverage; and

– The enhanced closing process between our mortgage and title partners, allow more documents to be signed online, and the rest can be signed in our title offices or via a mobile notary closer from your home or place of convenience.


* During the term of the Shelter-In-Place Order, it is unlikely that your listing can be physically shown or have an open house. Your agent will continue to promote your home through our websites, social media channels and via video. Recent information released by Google indicated home searching inquiries were at an all-time high, therefore it may be favorable to continue the online exposure of your listing until such time as physical showings are again permitted. If you determine it is in your best interest to temporarily withdraw your listing, your listing agent can work the details with you.


What does this mean for my current home search?

* All listings across North Texas will continue to appear on the websites of the Ebby Halliday Companies, and through our websites, you can connect directly with an agent to learn more about a listing, a neighborhood or community. At a time when physically viewing properties may be limited, this is an excellent way to continue to monitor the market.


* Agents may also be able to cooperate with one another to obtain additional video information regarding a property if the property does not already have an existing video tour.


* In the event you choose to write an offer on a property, you can:

– Sign all contracts and forms electronically;

– Complete online and over the phone loan application and approval process;

– Complete your Insurance review and obtain coverage; and

– Shorten the closing process by partnering with our mortgage and title partners, allowing more documents to be signed online, and the rest can be signed in our title offices or via a mobile notary closer from your home or place of convenience.


What if I have a pending contract?

* Our Core Services partners remain open and operating. Your lending, title and insurance needs will be fully met and your agent can continue to guide you through the process.


*  Mobile Closings offer you the opportunity to sign necessary documents from your home or other convenient location. In addition, you will still be able to close in our title offices.


*  Our title companies are working with the County Recorder offices to ensure that the recording of your transaction can still take place during the period of the Shelter-In-Place order.


*  We are working to clarify with the County if moving companies and other ancillary services connected to closing a real estate transaction are exempted from the Amended Order. As soon as we have additional information we will immediately notify your agent.


*  In the event a party cannot close due to the circumstances presented by the COVID-19 crisis or the Amended Order, your agents have access to the appropriate forms to extend the closing if agreed to by all parties.


What about the delivery of my earnest money or option fees?

* Your agent has instructions on the available alternatives for handling both the earnest money and option fee in an electronic manner.


What else do I need to be aware of?

*  Do not click on any suspicious links or messages purporting to help you in this crisis from sources that you do not know. Hackers are already attempting to exploit this crisis to take advantage of the public.


Stay healthy and be well!

10 Must-See Open Houses

Enjoy your weekend with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and our amazing agents at these properties.

Please visit as dates and times may change



4320 Valley Ridge Road | Preston Hollow | $2,995,000

Virtual Tour: Sunday, March 22 from 2 to 3 p.m.



4163 Cochran Chapel Road | Bluffview | $2,950,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 at 2:30 p.m.



4611 Melissa Lane | Preston Hollow | $1,690,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 at 3 p.m.



4223 Williamsburg Road | Preston Hollow | $1,475,000

Virtual tour: Saturday, March 21 from 2 to 2:30 p.m.



6174 Vickery Boulevard | Lakewood | $928,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 from 3 to 3:30 p.m.






7243 Tokalon Drive | Lakewood | $1,349,000



9562 Ash Creek Drive | East Dallas | $899,000



830 Thomasson Drive | Kessler Park | $549,900



7943 Glade Hill Court | East Dallas | $519,900



4408 Ringgold Lane | Plano | $349,000


To view all our open houses and discover dates and times, visit




Covid-19: Food Banks And How You Can Help

As COVID-19 continues to make an impact across North Texas, many families are left wondering where their next meal might come from. In the midst of unsettling times, we’ve gathered a list of places where you can volunteer, spread the word, and support the community.


  • North Texas Food Bank
    • In the wake of job losses from the coronavirus pandemic, NTFB is partnering with Shiftsmart, providing job opportunities to employees in the hospitality industry.
    • NTFB plans to create 60,000 family meal boxes a week and collaborate with the City of Dallas and local school districts.


  • Minnie’s Food Pantry
    • Minnie’s Food Pantry is seeing a 20% increase in clientele due to the effects of the coronavirus. On average, the nonprofit feeds 5,000 individuals a month.
    • To donate to Minnie’s Food Pantry, click here.


  • Dallas Independent School District
    • Dallas ISD announced it will be passing out three days worth of meals for students on Mondays and Thursdays at 50 campuses beginning Monday, March 23.
    • Other school districts may have limited pickup locations. Please see those district websites for specific details. 


  • Cedar Hill Food Pantry
    • Food distribution will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. t0 noon.
    • To volunteer or donate, click here.



The information above is accurate as of noon, March 20. Please check direct links for updates, as details and needs may change.

8 Indoor Activities For Rainy Days

Loft kitchen design

When the weather is gloomy, it presents the perfect day to stay inside. Here are eight ways to combat boredom and make the most of your rainy day at home.

1. Must-See Movies
Cross movies off your “must-see” list on a rainy day. Bonus points if you make some popcorn!

2. Make a Fort
Move some furniture and get creative draping sheets and blankets in a room to create a cozy fort in the comfort of your own home. Add some pillows and snuggly blankets on the inside and you have the perfect place to hide away from a rainy day.

3. Cook or Bake
Try out a new recipe like cookies or cupcakes, or make a yummy soup or stew. Your home will be filled with aromas of whatever you create!

4. Cool Crafts
If you know the upcoming weather forecast is less than ideal, prepare in advance by getting materials together for the craft you’ve been dying to try.

5. Play Some Games
Pull out some of your favorite board or card games to keep the whole family entertained. Or, play hide-and-seek or create a scavenger hunt for some old-fashioned fun.

6. Spa Day
Give yourself an ultimate spa day and feel refreshed even if it’s gloomy outside. Light some candles and take a bath, put on a facemask, and paint your nails. Massage some lotion onto your feet and slip on fuzzy socks until all the moisture is absorbed.

7. Organize Your Life
Get ahead on a slow day by tackling some of those to-dos piling up. From organizing your closet or family recipes to finally putting those old photos in an album, there are plenty of tasks that are perfect when it’s raining outside.

8. Read a Book
With life’s daily commitments, it can be difficult to make progress on your latest book. Take advantage of a less-than-sunny day and finish that book you’ve had on your nightstand for ages!

North Texas Experiences Double-Digit Home Sales Increases

Sunny day illuminating a house with many windows

What’s the latest news in the North Texas housing market? Real Estate Editor Steve Brown of The Dallas Morning News provides a very encouraging picture of the early spring market in his March 9 article titled “February was another big month for North Texas home sales.”

Brown reports North Texas home sales jumped 10% in February — the second month in a row of double-digit percentage sales increases from a year ago.

Area real estate agents sold 7,574 single-family homes last month, the largest total ever for the month of February.

So far in 2020, home sales in North Texas are up 14% from the first two months of 2019, according to data from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

Near record low mortgage rates have given homebuyers a boost, causing property purchases to surge in the past few months.

Prices are up, too. The median home sales price in North Texas was $266,620, up 7% year over year.

The sharp increase in sales caused a drop in home inventory. At the end of February, 20,723 single-family homes were listed for sale with real estate agents in the more two dozen counties included in the survey. That’s a decline of 5% in the number of homes on the market in the area.

With mortgage rates so low, the outlook for home sales in the coming months is strong.

The number of pending home sales in the area — properties under contract but not yet purchased — was up 15% in February from a year ago.

“The stunning decline in mortgage rates has stimulated both the new and existing housing market thus far in 2020,” said Ted Wilson, principal with Dallas-based housing analyst Residential Strategies. “Inexpensive financing costs will remain a stimulus for housing — and it is likely that rates will remain very low for some time.”

For Brown’s full article, click here.