Pick the Perfect Paint Color

Painter man at work with a roller, bucket and scale.

If you’ve ever had to pick a paint color you know this major truth – the options are endless. Choosing the right paint color can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll have a new sense of confidence next time you’re in the paint aisle.

Bring Inspiration: Take along an existing pillow, piece of fabric or photo of your space. This will help you make more informed decisions.

The Right Light: Make sure to view your paint or paint chips in natural light to assure you’re seeing the color correctly. Paint looks different under artificial light, so try holding the chip near a window or painting a sample on your wall first.

Take-Home Testers: All the major paint retailers sell paint in small, tester sizes. These are perfect to take home and try out before committing to a full gallon of paint. The small amount will provide you with enough paint to give you an idea of what it would really be like to live with the color.

Try Multiple Shades: If you’re having trouble choosing, buy multiple testers and paint side-by-side squares on your walls. Live with them for a few days so you get the chance to see how the colors look morning, noon, and night. Make sure to mark them with identifiers so you’ll remember which one you liked best.

Choose Your Drama: Look to the color wheel for inspiration. Colors close together will make a room calm while those farther apart add drama.

Do What You Love: Start with a color you love, even if it’s not popular at the moment. Doing this will assure you’ll love the color for years to come. Just remember, your favorite color comes in a range of hues.

Lighten Up: If you’re afraid a hue may be too dark, ask the mixer to do a 50 percent tint of the color to lighten it up. Custom colors can also give a room a designer look, but make sure to jot down the specifics of your color for future touch-ups.

Room to Room: If you have rooms that are open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors, which will make the spaces feel chopped up and small.

Go Bold: Small rooms that are visited more rarely, like a library or half-bath, can be done in stronger colors that make a statement.

Spraying vs. Rolling: Rolling may be the most popular choice, but it’s also the most time consuming and requires touch-ups more often. On the other hand, spraying results in a more high-end, professional look that also cuts painting time in half. With both options make sure you properly cover the areas you don’t want to be painted.


April showers bring May flowers. Whether you’re looking to give a garden a complete makeover or add a pop of color to your porch, we’ve gathered a list of beautiful flowers that will make a scene this spring.


Marigold flowers bloom in rich orange and yellow colors. They’re known for tolerating the Texas heat and repelling insects from garden plants.


When planted in the spring, Zinnias bloom big in the summer. The flower brings a burst of color to a garden and they also attract butterflies.


Another flower that sits well in the Texas heat, cosmos grow abundantly. They’re low-maintenance and come in a wide range of colors for a vibrant outdoor oasis.


Plumbago, also known as the sky flower, falls in the shrub category. The bright blue flower blooms in clusters and grows well with a lot of sun or light shade.


Celosias are also called cockscomb because the flowers resemble a rooster head. The shape adds a dramatic effect to any garden.

For more ideas on how to improve your spring garden, visit our Pinterest board.

5 Eco-Friendly Home Products

A handful of brands are moving toward a more sustainable path, while others have been crafting eco-friendly products from the beginning. Through a rise in social responsibility and ethically designed resources, these brands are paving the way for a “greener” Earth.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve selected five stylish eco-friendly products for the home.


Minna Lines Basket | $260

Created in Northern Coastal Peru and handcrafted using recycled yarn, this woven basket is designed to be flexible and durable for versatile storage.

Shower Curtain

Rippled Stripe Organic Shower Curtain | $148

This ivory striped pattern not only gives the curtain an earthy presence but is crafted using organic cotton – the friendlier alternative to regular cotton.

cup set

The Barista Set | $135

Are you an espresso lover? These handcrafted cups will enhance your morning routine. The Barista Set is hand-thrown and glazed in a fair trade studio by two local ceramicists in Dublin, Ireland.


Urban Renewal One-Of-A-Kind Kantha Throw Pillow | $79

Who says upcycled materials can’t look sharp? The repurposed vintage Kantha quilt gives this pillow a bright and warm look with a unique design.

shelf and ladder

Recycled Golden Teak Takara Column Shelves & Ladder | $55-$189

Made in Thailand, these products are sustainably sourced and designed to be resistant to moisture, decay, rot, warping, and cracking. Display your decor and books to give it the final touch.

Diy Home Decor For Spring

There’s no better time than now to revamp your home. Replace old decor with updated and more lively designs. Instead of shopping for a new item, you can make your own. Enhance your home decor with these easy DIYs.

Painted Pine Cone Flowers

Painted Pine Cone Flowers

You will need clean and dry pine cones, spray paint, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, scissors and a large bowl. Start by removing the pieces from the top of the pine cones using scissors until you’re halfway down. Spray paint the pine cones with your choice of color and use acrylic paint for extra details. Once the paint is dry, place the painted pine cones in a large bowl and make it your new centerpiece.

Rustic Wooden Flower Box

Rustic Wooden Flower Box

Materials needed are silk flowers, paint, paintbrush, box cutter, scissors, pliers, OASIS foam block and a wooden box. First, paint any word you like on the wooden box. Then place the foam block inside the box – you may need to cut the foam into pieces to fit perfectly inside the box. Grab your silk flowers and place them into the foam.

Painted Mason Jars Containers

Painted Mason Jar Containers

You’ll need mason jars, chalk paint, paintbrush, fine sandpaper and jute twine. Be sure the mason jars are clean before you start. Paint the mason jars with one coat of the chalk paint. Once the jars dry completely, use the sandpaper to lightly sand over the paint. Now you have a rustic-style mason jar. Complete the look by wrapping the jute twine around the mason jars and placing whatever you choose inside.

Wooden Wall Sign

Wooden Wall Sign

Grab a wood canvas panel, pencil and a paint pen to create the perfect wall sign. Before using a paint pen, start with a pencil to create an outline of the word you’re going to use. Then, work the paint pen over the outlined word. Once you are done, hang the sign on your wall.

Home Office Essentials

Working from home provides plenty of advantages, such as being able to freely decorate your entire workspace. Enhancing your desk area makes it look aesthetically pleasing and can help boost your productivity.

The following desk accessories will allow you to work with confidence and style in the comfort of your accommodation.



Moroccan Inlay Desk | $1,598


Mid-Century Swivel Office Chair | $399

Orchids in Gold Mercury Containers | $214


Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser | $119

pencil holder 1

Codify Pencil Holder | $48


2020 Planner & Pen Set | $34


Ranarp Work Lamp | $33


Tosca Desk Organizer | $30

flie holder rose gold

Gilded File Holder | $25


Desktop Organizer Storage Rack | $25

Gifts For New Homeowners

Spring is around the corner. That means warmer weather, flowers begin to bloom, and it’s the perfect time to go house hunting. With spring selling season underway, it’s time to find housewarming gifts for our loved ones.

If you want to make sure you give the perfect gift, don’t stress! These 9 must-haves are sure to please family and friends.



iRobot Roomba 960 Wifi Connected Robot Vacuum Bundle | $1,125


Anya Hand-Knotted Rug | $169 to $729

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 10.07.37 AM

Mangrove Boxed Floor Pillow | $325

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 10.13.05 AM

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame | $180

Ninja Air Fryer | $140

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 11.01.28 AM

Raawii Strom Collection | $60 to $125


Olivewood & White Marble Oval Board | $70

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 1.46.02 PM

Sugared Lemon Zest Candle | $25



SKÄRIG Wall Clock | $15


Choosing The Ideal In-Home Theater


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your movie-loving family member or maybe this is a gift for the entire family? We have the perfect gift that everyone can enjoy — a home theater.

Our partners at Zaarly break down the top things you need to consider before you jump in and start planning your family’s new in-home theater!

Location, Location, Location

Ideally, you want a space that is at least 20 feet long by 13 feet in width. If it’s possible, you’ll want to have your theater room in an area of the house that is isolated.

Options include:

  • Having an addition built off of the family room
  • Use a spare bedroom
  • Finish your garage into a theater room


A theater room needs to be properly insulated so that walls don’t shake with every explosion in Mission Impossible. If you are framing and insulating, it’s best to insulate the floor, ceiling and interior walls.


It’s always best to work with a service provider that installs and sets up sound systems. Pre-wiring your home theater is an essential step, but not one that most people can sleuth on their own. A typical home theater uses a 7.1 surround system. You’ll also want a subwoofer and seven-channel speakers (left, right, center, two surround sound, and two rear speakers).

photo-1572609239482-d3a83f976aa0 (1)

Video Projector

If you want a true movie-theater experience, the best way to go is a projector. Be sure that you talk to an audio-visual service provider about pre-wiring, which needs to be completed before you start on the rest of the room.


Movie theater lighting usually will have recessed lighting in the ceiling and then sconces along the two side walls. Extra touch — lighting strips on the floor to help guide people in and out of the room during a movie.


In most of your home, it’s recommended to stick with white ceilings — this is not the case for media/theater rooms. Pick a dark neutral color that matches the paint color that you pick for the rest of the room. We recommend choosing a dark natural shade. Using a dark paint color on the ceiling will help maintain accurate colors on your screen and prevent light from bouncing off the walls onto your screen.


You can’t have a theater room without having great seating. When making plans for the room, make sure platforms are built out for stadium seating. When choosing seating the go-to choice for most homeowners is comfy, large recliners with cup holders. Ideally, two rows of four seats will fit comfortably in a 20 by 13 theater.

Just for Fun

There are lots of extras you can add to a theater room!

  • Popcorn machine
  • Big movie posters of favorite movies
  • Vintage movie posters
  • Concession signs
  • A thick, deep red curtain to pull back on the sides of your screen

How would you gift a theater room to someone in your home or your entire family?

  • A popcorn bucket with all of their favorite theater snacks with a note about plans for a home theater in 2020
  • Vintage movie poster or poster of a favorite movie
  • Print out fake movie tickets with admission to a brand new theater room!

Hosting For The Holidays

The festive table on the christmas tree background


Whether a catered dinner or a cocktail party, hosting elegant holiday gatherings should be more fun than stressful. Here are a few tips for putting together a delightful party to celebrate winter holidays with family and friends.


Make a list

From guests to groceries, write down all the details and preparations for the party, including the type of event. This will help you stay organized and ease the stress of last-minute loose ends.


Menu prep

Create a holiday menu (think easy-prep recipes) and cook ahead of time. Less time in the kitchen means more time mingling with guests. For catering, ensure orders are placed and confirmed well in advance.


Sips for all

Set up a self-serve beverage station complete with sodas, garnishes, infused liquors, recipes and nonalcoholic options for guests to help themselves.


Deck the halls

Decide on decorations — less is more in the name of serving space — like small accents, festive florals, bowls of ribbons or seasonal ornaments and a string or two of twinkle lights for good measure.


Play some tunes, open your home and enjoy good company!

Kitchens For Every Holiday Gathering

Thanksgiving may be long gone for the year, but the season’s gatherings are only beginning. If you are one to have guests over for the holidays, you know the kitchen is a busy spot this time of year. With endless cooking, baking and plenty of toast proposals, the kitchen takes on a lot.

We’ve gathered a list of lovely kitchens ready to take on those holiday tasks.


6901 Hunters Glen Road | University Park | $6,999,000



7403 Midbury Drive | Janmar | $3,800,000


4241-woodfin_HOLIDAY KITCHEN

4241 Woodfin Drive | Old Preston Hollow | $2,250,000


2215 Kessler Woods Court

2215 Kessler Woods Court | Kessler Park | $1,895,000



7319 Clemson Drive | Lakewood | $875,000



8115 Santa Clara Drive | Forest Hills | $795,000



3747 Agnes Creek Drive | Frisco | $629,900



300 S Montclair Avenue | Winnetka Heights | $539,000



14949 Hillcrest Road | North Dallas | $474,900



607 N Rosemont Avenue | Kessler Park | $390,000

Spice Up Your Home With Fall Decor

In North Texas the trees are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, and many are bundled up in their favorite boots and sweaters as a sign that fall is here. As we continue warming up for the season, this is the perfect time to make your home just as cozy for you and your holiday guests.

We’ve gathered our favorite products for fall home inspiration.



Golden Branch Fireplace Screen | $475



Outdoor Heirloom Pumpkins | $219 – $349



Fall Abundance Wreath | $99.95


blog pic3

Stevie Sherpa Waffle Throw Blanket | $69


Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.49.36 PM

Thanksgiving Accent Pillow | $59.99