The Latest Home Decor Trends For 2019

Whether you are looking to overhaul your space or simply change a few accents to update your favorite room, we have researched some of the hottest trends to help you modernize your favorite room. Take a look at some of our favorite home décor trends and get inspired to update your abode.



These pieces are trending in the design space in a big way. Incorporate an antique into your living or dining room area for an interesting conversation piece.

pop of color


Update a space with a rich pop of color for fall. Pinks and greens are go-to colors for many but for a bold statement, incorporate rich reds in pillows, curtains or furnishings.



Fall’s staple color orange has been an accent color for years and now, it is coming into its own. For a daring change, try orange walls or flooring in your space.




Embrace the outdoors with a biophilic design in your home. Incorporate plants or highlight your garden area to bring the outdoors in.


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Lavish Accessories And Furnishings For Your Dream Home

It truly is the details that make a house a home. From furniture and lighting to bedding and storage, each piece makes a statement about the space, and therefore, the people in it. It is important to take the time to make the right selections in order to bring forth your own personality and a true sense of luxury when decorating your home.


For the Dining Room: Boca Do Lobo Soho Sideboard

This stunning piece of furniture offers a pop of bold color that will make it a certain conversation piece. Made from wood and tempered glass, the lines on this sideboard are sharp and contrasting, giving it the power to pull together an otherwise neutral dining room. The variety of shapes and colors offers an eclectic dash of personality without sacrificing the feel of luxury and style. This piece is sure to be a unique standout that can act as a guide for the rest of your decorating choices.


For the Living Room: Restoration Hardware Ventana Rug

Nothing says luxury quite like a unique, carefully crafted rug. This stunning Ventana rug is sophisticated and suave. Its artisan construction ensures that no two rugs are exactly alike, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece to build your living room furnishings. This hand-woven rug is as versatile as it is beautiful and would be an incredible addition to your luxury home.


For the Bedroom: Sferra Giza 45 Trina Collection

You will spend approximately one-third of your life in bed, so shouldn’t your bedding offer the most luxurious comfort available? The Sferra Giza 45 Trina collection does exactly that. Made in Italy using 100 percent Egyptian cotton, there is no finer combination of style and coziness. This collection will envelop you in softness and provide a stunning backdrop for your entire bedroom decor ensemble.


For the Entryway: Lindsey Adelman Burst Chandelier

This breathtaking Burst chandelier from coveted designer Lindsey Adelman “bursts” with personality and would turn any entryway into a showstopper. Wow your guests from the moment they step into your home with this expressive collection of handblown glass globes and gold foil edges. Choose from clear or opaque design options to best fit your overall scheme for the home.


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Father’s Day Gift Finds Dad Will Love

With Father’s Day right around the corner, don’t miss out on providing something a little extra this year. To really light up dad’s eyes, we’ve chosen five gifts he will enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.52.02 AM

Dunhill Hampstead Leather Travel Bag | $1,795

Whether on a business trip or a quick weekend getaway, this perfect duffel ensures the perfect experience. Let dad travel in style this year with an elegant leather bag from Alfred Dunhill.




BLOG_CHESS BOARDJonathan Adler Acrylic Chess Set | $795

Conquer a true classic with a bright and bold acrylic chess set. This set makes for a perfect permanent display in any man-cave, or ready to play on a cocktail table.



Uncommon Goods Personalized Whiskey Barrel | $85-$200

For many, the perfect remedy after a long day at the office is a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. With this miniature, personalized oak barrel that ages spirits to peak flavor, offer dad a personal spin to his favorite whiskey brand.



Black-Handled BBQ Set with Storage Case | $129.95

It might be time to retire old, worn-out grilling accessories. This tool set includes a two-prong fork, spatula, tongs, a basting brush and, not to mention, a durable steel case. After all, the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Let dad grill in style.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.20.29 AM

Art of Shaving Full Size Kit with Pure Shaving Brush | $120

Shaving can be tedious. Spice up the experience with a full-size kit of handcrafted accessories and quality ingredients that makes the entire shaving process an enjoyable and seamless one.

A guide to painting brick walls

Empty brick wall with edison lights

Brick walls are an excellent way to give your interiors an industrial look, but the decor isn’t for everyone.

If the brick interior in your home makes the space feel small or dark, consider a coat — or several — of paint. Choosing a light, neutral paint color will mask the brick’s inherently urban look and make your space feel fresher. Opt for a water-based acrylic paint in a semi-gloss or gloss finish to highlight the brick’s texture and retain a bit of edge with the new appearance.

Make sure the brick and mortar are structurally sound before going ahead with your project. If there is too much moisture inside the brick, speak to a professional for guidance. Because brick is porous, moisture levels are a prime concern: too much could cause the paint to chip or cause bigger issues.

Follow these steps to update your brick walls successfully.

Vintage living room 3d render,The Rooms have white wooden floors and white brick walls.furnished with rattan chair,Decorated with modern form leaves.


Prep and clean

Move away or cover furniture with a tarpaulin or old sheets to protect your belongings during the painting process.

Then, using a stiff nylon brush, clean the brick and mortar of any loose dirt and dust, then vacuum residue. Once the larger particles are removed, scrub the bricks with a wire brush and a simple soap and water mixture.

For something stronger, clean with a trisodium phosphate mixture (a half-cup mixed with a gallon of water). For mildew, mix one part of bleach to three parts of water. Experts discourage acid cleaning solutions, which could cause paint to chip.

Let your wall or fireplace dry for at least 24 hours. If the brick feels cold, it needs more drying time.   


Fill in the gaps

Use spackle to fill small gaps and cracks and caulk for larger gaps. This allows for a smoother finish when priming and painting.


Paint with patience

Once your surface is clean and dry, apply a latex primer with a nylon polyester brush about 2- to 3-inches wide to the perimeter of the wall. Use a nap roller about half an inch to 1.25 inches in diameter to apply the rest of the primer. The rougher the surface, the larger the roller must be to push the primer into the pores and grooves of the brick and mortar.

Work in small sections starting from the top of the wall. Use your paintbrush to smooth out drips as quickly as possible.

Allow your primer to fully dry per the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply another coat of primer if needed.

Then, paint the wall with your paint roller first and follow-up with a paintbrush around the edges of the wall and between mortar joints.

Let dry for at least 24 hours.


Admire your work

Once you’ve completed your project, your room will feel entirely different. Exposed brick has an edge to it. When painted, it can change the tone of your room — from sophisticated to dramatic — depending on your chosen paint color.

Nordic style office studio dining room interior with large table and chairs. freelance designer background template. Blank wall in the background. daylight scene, lot of details and decoration. Vibrant neon and pastel colored chairs. render

Make a Statement: Tech for Luxury Homes


Smart phones have brought information and convenience to our fingertips and recent innovations in technology will soon bring this same ease to appliances in the home. Take a look at these high-tech home gadgets and bring your space into the 21st century.


The GeniCan

BLOG_GENICANThe GeniCan is the kitchen gadget that you never knew you needed. The device has a small, Wi-Fi-connected scanner that fits easily into most garbage bins and keeps track of products and goods by scanning their barcodes as they are discarded. The handy gadget then adds the items to a digital grocery list that users can access in the GeniCan app. For items without barcodes (fruit, vegetables or hand-boxed candies), the gadget takes a quick photo using the built-in camera and adds the product to the grocery list in the app.


The Grovemade Brass Wireless Charging PadBLOG_GROVEMADE

Wireless technology has taken the world by storm, however many users are still buried under a sea of wires when they need to charge their devices. The Grovemade Brass Wireless Charging Pad is a sleek smartphone charger that cuts down on wires and caters to users that value both aesthetics and functionality. The device allows users to charge their smart phone on a unique pad with a chic, minimalistic cork and brass design. This elegantly crafted charging station is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8 and 8 Plus, and all Qi-enabled devices.


Vivint Home Security


Looking to upgrade your home security? Vivint is ideal for homeowners looking to incorporate smart home technology, but prefer to forgo the DIY option. Their comprehensive service enlists a trained professional to install smart locks, indoor and outdoor cameras and monitors, which are controlled using an easy to use touchscreen monitor. The service also has an award-winning human monitoring system, allowing access to Vivint staff. To monitor activity away from the home, users have access to the entire network via the app, which is available on most smartphone devices.


Looking for more gadgets to upgrade your home? Check out the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.


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Making a Statement with Wallpaper

Paper beats paint! According to Pinterest, searches for bold print wallpaper on the social media inspo-board are up 401% within the last year.

Wallpaper had its heyday between the ’70s and ’90s, but is it making a comeback? We’ve gathered a few trendy wallpaper designs that will make you think twice.


Keeping it Simple

wallpaper 1

We won’t get wild with wallpaper patterns just yet. This striped platinum wallpaper is elegant and luxurious without the effort. If you look at it close enough, the wallpaper is lined by crystal beads for an extra touch.



Honoring History

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 11.02.37 AM

A true local! Gracie Studio has been in the wallpaper business since 1898. Today, their collections are housed in three locations, including Dallas.

wallpaper 2 copy

We’re loving the ‘Silver Silhouette’ design by Becky Shea & Elsa Soyars and ‘Marble Shimmer’ by Talla Skogmo.

wallpaper 3

Gracie Studio currently has four collections, ranging from beautiful Japanese designs to landscapes. Pictured above is the ‘French Pastoral Scene’ from the Panoramic Landscapes collection.



Peel + Stick

wallpaper 4

Need an easy fix for bare walls? Peel and stick wallpaper can be a temporary solution. This sketched floral print design is sure to brighten up any room. 

wallpaper 7

Or if you’re already in the summer mood, give tropical prints a try.



Bold and Bright

wallpaper 7

If you like a lot of color, Kate Zaremba Company has the wallpaper you need! Her designs are bold, fun and eco-friendly. The ‘City Plan’ design is the perfect scene-setter for a kids room.

wallpaper 8

Or if you want to get funky, ‘Getting Handsy’ is so creative. The design was made by actual hand cutouts and is worth getting a hold of.


Visit the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Pinterest for more wallpaper inspiration.

The Spring 2019 Fine Home Collection Is Now Available

The spring 2019 edition of Fine Home Collection magazine recently mailed to approximately 55,000 households across North Texas. Fine Home Collection is the luxury home publication of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, part of the Ebby Halliday family of companies, which is an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway.

In addition to featuring some of North Texas’ premier luxury properties, the ninth edition of Fine Home Collection includes editorial content that spotlights local business owners, artists and neighborhoods:

  • “The Art of Choosing Art” gets experienced designer Barbara Gilbert’s thoughts on finding pieces to fill your empty spaces with joy.
  • “Sweet Success” will give you a taste of the artistic – and delectable – endeavors of local chocolatier, Kate Weiser.
  • The Typo Neighborhood” shines a light on the next hot spot in North Oak Cliff.
  • “An Organized Life” recounts a visit with Valerie Wood, owner of Neat Method – Dallas, a California-based company at the forefront of the home organization phenomenon.

Visit to see the online version of the spring 2019 Fine Home Collection. Print copies may also be picked up at Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village and at their location downtown at 1800 Main St.

dpmcS19_phone tablet laptop mock up_marble background_BIGGER


Seven Reasons to Live in North Dallas

HomeServices of America Named Country’s Largest Residential Real Estate Company

Catherine Sims Named VP of Core Services


Where to Find Luxury Bedding


Spring and spring cleaning are upon us, and what better way to freshen up your home than with new bedding?


Studies say about one-third of our lives are spent sleeping — that’s approximately 33 years. Use your time wisely and invest in luxurious bedding that will help you get your maximum beauty rest.



Where to Find Luxury Bedding


New York-based Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer luxury brand that specializes in 100-percent cotton bedding in an array of stylish colors and patterns. Brooklinen uses single-ply yarn in a 300-thread count to create soft sheets that are chemical and wrinkle free. Its down comforters and pillows are sustainably sourced from Canadian duck down to maintain high quality at a low cost to its customers.



Where to Find Luxury Bedding


Goop-approved Coyuchi is more than just linen and cotton bedspreads. The company prides itself in the work it does to ensure sustainable environmental and humane practices in its production process. The brand is not only fair-trade certified but is made with nontoxic fibers, contributes directly to environmental organization through the 1% For The Planet program and uses biodegradable packaging.


Leontine Linens  

Where to Find Luxury Bedding


Cult-favorite Leontine Linens was founded in New Orleans in 1996 with tradition in mind. The linens — which can be embroidered and customized — are meant to last a lifetime and get softer with each wash. Emblazon the products with initials for the perfect gift.



Where to Find Luxury Bedding


Los Angeles-based Morrow has the cool factor down for its 100-percent flax linen bedding. The textiles, which use less water and don’t require pesticides, are sourced from France and made in an ethical factory in China. Linen bedding is temperature regulating, meaning it will wick away moisture and keep you cool during Dallas’ hot summer nights.



Where to Find Luxury Bedding


Founded in 2014, Parachute is the ultimate conglomeration of sustainability and luxury. The brand uses 100-percent Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton for its sheets and towels and European flax for its linen. Returned purchases are donated to Habitat for Humanity, while every Venice bedding set sold gives one bed net to families to protect against malaria.


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How to Make Your Bed

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How to Make Your Bed


How to Make Your Bed


Advocates of making the bed in the morning constantly sing praises of the task’s life-changing abilities.


Many experts say that a well-made bed in the morning is the springboard for a productive and accomplished day. Others say that making the bed is a time-tested method of improving moods and lowering stress. And, of course, a made bed immediately makes a bedroom look put together.


So what exactly are the components of an ideally made bed?


Iron it out


Ironing or steaming the sheets to be wrinkle free creates a beautiful foundation for a crisp, clean bed.


To start, fold sheets down to a manageable size, either in half or in thirds. Fold crosswise to prevent creases from showing. Work in sections and flatten wrinkles with your hands. For stubborn spots, spray with water or set your iron to the cotton and steam setting.


Mitered corners


Otherwise known as “hospital corners,” mitered corners are an essential element for many a well-made bed. Mitered corners not only ensure a clean look and a bed you can bounce a coin on, they also help keep sheets and bedspreads in place while you sleep.


After placing your fitted sheet, drape the flat sheet on top, making sure that the overhang of the sheet is even on both sides.


Tuck the excess fabric at the foot of the bed underneath the mattress tautly. Then, starting with one corner at the foot of the bed, lift up at a 45-degree angle and place on top of the mattress. Tuck the remainder of the flat sheet underneath the mattress, drop the corner of the sheet you were holding and tuck underneath the mattress, creating a neat and angular crease. Repeat on the other side.


Topping off


Continue tucking the flat sheet underneath the mattress on either side, leaving about 1 foot or 18 inches untucked at the top of the bed.


Place your duvet on your bed with either side of the duvet hanging evenly. Leave enough room at the top for pillows. Fold the rest of the flat sheet over the duvet and tuck into the sides of the mattress.


Silky soft


At least two pairs of shams should match your duvet cover to pull the entire look of the bed together.


We also recommend using silk pillowcases for a more restful night. Not only are silk pillowcases the epitome of luxury, it helps reduce friction on hair and skin to help prevent wrinkles and split ends.


Throw on a throw pillow


Place decorative throw pillows in front of shams for a whimsical touch. Largest throw pillows go in the back, while dainty ones are in the front.


Remember, don’t go overboard, or you’ll be spending more time than you’d like dismantling your creation every night before you go to sleep.


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Anthony Jackson Named Vice President of Finance

Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms


Laundry may not be glamorous, but everyone has it. Make the task less of a chore with a fabulous laundry room.


When designing a home, a laundry room can be a much-needed luxury, especially for larger families. Counter and hanging space is recommended for folding and drying clothes, and an ample storage area works best for those bulky detergent boxes.


To make even more use of the space, why not add a workspace in the room for a secluded office? Or place your laundry room within the closet?


Whatever the use of your laundry room, make sure it’s just as stylish as it is functional. Here are our seven favorite examples from our listings.


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

5635 Yolanda Circle | Preston Hollow | $3,699,500


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

8514 Chadbourne Road | Devonshire | $1,999,990


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

7314 Marquette Street | North Dallas | $1,949,000


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

6823 Northwood Road | Preston Hollow | $1,750,000


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

7702 Bryn Mawr Drive | North Dallas$1,490,000


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

4432 Bryn Mawr Drive | University Park | $1,439,000


Seven Pristine Laundry Rooms

6938 Briar Cove Drive | Northwood Hills | $995,000


See more exquisite homes at


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