Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season


Christmas is only 49 days away, so why not get a headstart on planning? Forgo the paper and digital calendars and count down with something more festive — advent calendars.


Traditionally more popular in Europe, advent calendars are calendars with flaps or doors covering up each “window” leading up to Christmas day. For each day, the calendar window flaps are opened to reveal an image, chocolates or small gifts to mark the day.


Start December with these five advent calendars that provide a touch of luxury with each day leading to Christmas.


Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season

Dyptique | $425


The iconic house of fragrance, Dyptique, presents its notable advent calendar in a beautiful box of small drawers representing each day. Reveal beautiful scents in the form of candles, fragrance and body products within the calendar.


Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season

kikki.K | $129.95


Swedish design and stationery company kikki.K offer a sampling of its best products in this celestial blue and gold calendar. Lifestyle items are interspersed with fun notepads and cards to make the next year merrier.


Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season

Vinebox Twelve Nights of Wine | $129


Now is the time to pre-order this set of 12 wines from around the world — Vinebox sold out last year’s edition in just four weeks. The wines are a mix of red and white curated to suit the holiday season. If you’re lucky, you could receive a special golden bottle in your box. Winners will receive wine for the whole of 2019.


Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season

Williams Sonoma | $65


The classic chocolate advent calendar receives a luxurious twist with Williams Sonoma and sweets from Paris’ La Maison du Chocolate. Give this calendar as a gift or keep it for yourself and indulge in an array of milk and dark chocolate, handcrafted in Paris.


Advent Calendars for the Christmas Season

Palais des Thes | $30


Another French creation, the Palais des Thes advent calendar features 24 all-natural, non-GMO teas with no sugar added. Open your advent calendar each morning and savor these teas to start your day.


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Transition Your Home Decor for Fall

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


Happy Halloween! If you’re getting into the spirit of the season late, there is still plenty of time to create some last-minute festive decorations to satisfy the ghouls and goblins knocking on your door.


We’ve gathered five easy, do-it-yourself crafts to suit your needs.


A Banner Time


Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


Grab some black cloth, a thin, wooden dowel and string or ribbon. Cut the fabric down to the size you’d like and trace the word, “Boo,” in the center. Cut out the letters. Then, hem the sides of the banner, except the top, by folding down the raw edges underneath. Use a hot-glue gun to secure the edges.


Fold the top of the banner down about an inch and carefully glue the edge in place, leaving enough room for the dowel to slide in. Insert the dowel and tie your string, yarn or ribbon at each end.


Light the Way


Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


An old candelabra at the thrift store and black tapered candles make for a creepy table spread with little effort.


Floating Ghosts


Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


A pack of white, black and orange balloons convey the Halloween spirit with ease. With a permanent marker, draw carved pumpkin faces on the orange balloons and some ghostly shapes on the white.


Creepy and Crawly


Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


Gummy worms — sour or plain — make simple drink accessories when frozen with ice.


Good Gourd


Last-Minute Halloween Decorations


For the simplest Halloween decor, purchase gourds at the grocery store. They’ll last through the holiday and be the perfect accessories for the autumn season.


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5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures


Heading into fall and winter means more time spent indoors and less of the warm sunshine Dallas is known for.


Make the indoors more fun and stylish with these five trendy lighting fixtures.


5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures

David Drebin “I Am You and You Are Me” | $25,000

New York-based artist David Drevin creates a neon art installation in “I Am You and You Are Me.” The piece, currently being displayed in the Oliver Cole Gallery in Miami, is part of a limited-edition set.


5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Brass Captain Flint Floor Lamp | $1,495


This elegant floor lamp features two lighting options in its conical brass shade, which rotates from an uplight to a reading light in one swivel. A Carrara marble base steadily holds the sleek and slim structure.


5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Restoration Hardware Robeson Sconce | $699


Restoration Hardware’s Robeson sconce infuses two trends in one piece. The burnished brass case frames the bulb made of solid K9 glass, which displays the wiry threads of the lighting apparatus.

5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Lumio Wood Book Lamp | $200


Booklovers of all ages will delight in this design created by architect and designer Max Gunawan. The outer hardcover features a walnut or maple wood finish when closed. Upon opening, a soft glow emits from the pages of the book.


5 Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Shades of Light Industrial Vintage Warehouse Pendant | $149


Caged lighting brings rugged industrialism to juxtapose immaculate interior design. Place this pendant above kitchen counters or in a dining room for an eclectic touch.


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5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts


The holiday season is approaching. If you’re visiting loved ones, let them know you’re thankful by giving them a thoughtful gift.


We’ve selected five luxurious gifts that will make friends and family feel loved and will benefit future guests during their stay.


5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

West Elm Faux Fur Ombre Throw | $99


Hosts and guests alike can appreciate the cozy luxury of a faux fur throw. Snuggle by the fireplace once the weather becomes chilly or place on top of the comforter for those extra cool evenings.


5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Limited Edition Candle | $70


Cult favorite brand Jo Malone’s Basil & Neroli candle comes repackaged in a festive, limited edition black-and-pink parlor stripe. Floral neroli and aromatic basil create a quintessentially British scent — perfect for those rainy days at home.


5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Emporium Pies Drop Dead Gourdgeous | $40


What host or hostess wouldn’t love a delicious pumpkin pie from Emporium Pies? Enjoy during an evening dinner party or savor the cinnamon and pumpkin flavors over the course of a long weekend.


5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Mark and Graham Everyday Glass Bedside Carafe | $35


Stay hydrated with this elegant bedside carafe, perfectly sized for your nightstand. A glass stopper will keep dust away from the water. For an extra $9.50, engrave with your host’s initials for the most thoughtful of gifts.


5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Whiskey in a Teacup | $21.34


Southern belle Reese Witherspoon’s lastest book is an essential for any hostess. It’s the perfect purchase for friends and family — if they don’t own it already.


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Transition Your Home Decor for Fall


Transition Your Home Decor for Fall


With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for the new season.


Rich, warm hues and the coziest textiles are just some of the items you’ll be yearning for this fall.


Read our list below to ensure your home is autumn-ready.


Change your Palette


Step into the fall mindset by first changing your home’s color palette, whether it’s in small accessories or textiles. Even if the summer sun continues to go strong through mid-November, it can still feel like fall in your home if you’re surrounded by rich hues of burgundy and mustard.


For further depth, add in a festive plaid or exotic animal print in a pillowcase or blanket.


Layer Textiles


While faux fur throws may have to wait for now, there is still an opportunity to layer in the early North Texas autumn.


Exchange more summery pillows for darker velvet accents.


Add linen blankets in dark grays or forest greens while it’s still warm. When the weather gets more chilly, create more texture in your home by layering cashmere and faux fur throws.


Create a Spark


Fall is the ultimate time to light a candle. Not only do they create the perfect cozy ambience, candles can evoke the season quickly through scent.


Light candles with muskier scents, such as a classic pumpkin spice or woody scent, to get you in the mood for cooler weather.


Play with Food


For the easiest transition into fall decor, display seasonal fruits.


Not only do fresh fruits bring life and vibrancy into the home, they add Mother Nature’s favorite seasonal colors.


Showcase crisp apples and pears in an earthenware bowl or wicker basket, then, when you’re ready, incorporate them into a delicious apple pie.


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5 Beautiful Tech Products


Technology doesn’t just have to be functional. For a luxurious home, it needs to beautiful as well.


We’ve collected five tech products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful.


5 Beautiful Tech Products

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape System | Starting at $4,200


Speakers transform into large-scale artwork in Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape System. The hexagonal tiles are completely customizable — from overall configuration and color down to the number of speakers, dampers and amplifiers.


5 Beautiful Tech Products

Samsung The Frame 55-inch LED SmartTV | $1,597.99


Speaking of art, Samsung’s The Frame TV keeps your television looking like a thoughtful masterpiece even when it’s off. Owners have access to 100 professionally curated art pieces from 10 different genres. The Frame can be further customized with wood bezel frames or golden edges. Feature it alongside your gallery wall or even sitting atop an easel.


5 Beautiful Tech Products

Molekule Air Purifier | $799


Breathe a sigh of relief with this air purifier that breaks down toxic pollutants on a molecular level to eliminate them completely from your home. Developed over 20 years, the Molekule air purifier has been determined by research scientists to destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what is filtered by traditional air filters.


5 Beautiful Tech Products

Uma Sound Lantern | $479.00


Light and sound are fused into one elegant, portable lantern. A soft glow emits from the LED lantern, with its sleek, cone-shaped design and full-grain leather strap. Touch-sensitive volume controls offer 360-degree sound.


5 Beautiful Tech Products

Conway Electric For Home First Smart Chip Extension Cord | $149


Vintage aesthetic juxtaposes harmoniously with modern technology in Conway Electric’s extension cord. Conway claims that the extension cord is one of the fast-charging USB power cords available. The smart USB ports shut off once your device is fully charged, protecting it from overheating. And with a power cord so stylish, you’ll want to display it instead of hide it away.


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How to Style Your Bedside Table


How to Style Your Bedside Table


Clear your mind and get a good night’s rest with a clean and organized bedside table.


We’ve gathered experts’ advice on what you need on your bedside table for a restful sleep.


Must-Have Essentials


For a well-balanced nightstand, outfit your bedside with a lamp that has a yellow-based light. A good book to read will help your mind slow down and calm your eyes from staring at screens all day. Experts recommend reading books that aren’t too thrilling or engrossing, which will also keep you up later than you’d like.


Keep hydrated with a glass of water next to your bed. Keeping water close will prevent you from heading to the kitchen, where late-night snack temptations exist.


A pen and paper are essential for any last-minute ideas for tasks and thoughts you have.


An alarm clock separate from your phone will wake you up on time without having your phone screen be the first thing you look at in the morning.


Stay Organized


Keep a small jewelry dish or tray on your nightstand for any rings, bracelets or earrings.


A storage basket underneath the nightstand, or a nightstand with drawers, is key for keeping too much clutter from piling onto the tabletop.


A small tray or basket for hand cream or a calming lavender spray is a necessity for keeping skin hydrated throughout the evening. Keep your lip balm nearby, too.


Scents and Sounds


Just as the smell of coffee helps you wake up in the morning, so too do certain scents help you fall asleep at night.


Lavender, vanilla and jasmine are experts’ recommendations to calm the body and mind. Burn the scents through your favorite candles or essential oil diffusers.


If ambient noise is a distracting factor for you, drown them away with a sound machine evoking dreamy beach waves or a rainstorm.


Final Touches


Add small plants, such as succulents, or a floral bud vase, to bring a little life and color to your bedside table.


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Back-to-School Bedtime Routine Tips


Back-to-School Bedtime Routine Tips


A new school year is upon us, which means readjusting summer sleep schedules.


Experts recommend prepping for school-year routines two weeks in advance but, sometimes, the bittersweet end of summer vacation catches many of us unawares.


Here is some helpful advice to help little ones adjust quickly to new routines.


Make slow changes


Neither adults nor children adjust to changes that are made in one fell swoop.


When adjusting bedtimes, move them earlier only by 5 to 15 minutes at a time, every two or three days. This will help you and your children feel less groggy in the morning.


Children under 12 years old need between 10 to 11 hours of sleep, while older children need eight to nine hours.


Work together as a family


Children will feel better going to sleep early if they have an example to follow. That doesn’t mean your bedtime should be as early as 7:30 or 8 p.m., too.


Finish up any homework soon after dinner, and get ready for the next school day together. Having backpacks and lunches packed and any parental forms signed will help the next morning’s rush go much smoother.


Start having more calming family activities an hour before your children’s intended bedtimes. Avoid the TV and smartphones and together choose a book to read, or help them with a calming bath.


Turn off your devices


Blue light from electronics can stimulate the mind too much before bedtime.


Turn off the TV or smartphones and dim bedroom lights an hour before to start calming the mind down. Try having a charging station in the kitchen or another shared space where everyone can store their devices for the evening.


Are you using your phone as your alarm? Try going analog or looking into some of the alarm clocks we’ve recommended for Daylight Saving Time


Promote positivity


There may be some struggles having earlier bedtimes, but remain patient and positive for you and your child.


If children — especially very young ones — see bedtime as a positive activity rather than a punishment, they’ll be less likely to resist the new schedule.


Counter any last-minute requests by incorporating them into your children’s new routine. Experts say that if children’s routines keep getting interrupted, the harder it will be for them to adjust.


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Back-to-School Essentials


Back-to-school season isn’t just for little ones.


Get in on the excitement of a new school year with your own back-to-school accessories — with a luxe spin.


Here are five items you’ll want to add to your back-to-school arsenal.


Back-to-School Essentials

Edison Collier Fountain Pen | $169


Those with a fondness for the written word will love writing with a fountain pen. A changeable ink cartridge allows for mess-free writing, while an option of three nib sizes allows for different writing styles. Use the pen for artistic calligraphy or making note writing more luxurious.


Back-to-School Essentials

Sugar Paper Back to School Bundle | $75


One-stop shopping is simple with Sugar Paper’s Back to School Bundle. The set includes file folders, notebooks, a notepad and a pen — all coordinated in Sugar Paper’s signature gold accents. This set will make organization and planning a breeze.


Back-to-School Essentials

Box Appetit Stainless Steel Lunch Box | $34.95


Forego plastic sandwich bags for this stainless steel lunch box, which includes its own fork and a removable divider. The steel allows you to store a variety of food without it leaking or leaching into the container. With the removable divider, pack a multitude of snacks or your lunch with a special dessert.


Back-to-School Essentials

Moleskine 12-Month Daily Planner | $19.95


Plan your year in style with Moleskine’s daily planner. Each page is a day, which means plenty of room for notes and activities for the busiest person.


Back-to-School Essentials

Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash | $10


Back to school means it’s almost time for cold and flu season. Get a head start and stave off germs around you with Aesop’s elegant hand sanitizer. Made of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas, you’ll feel refreshed even without water.


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How to Use Bold Patterns


How to use bold patterns in a room


Neutral spaces provide the perfect palette for selling a home, but you’ll want to personalize once you move in.


For a bold impact that reflects your style, opt for patterns that will make every room in your house feel like a unique space.


Whether you choose to use one statement pattern or you’re ready to mix like a pro, patterns are a design scheme you’ll want to use. Here are our favorite tips we’ve gathered from the experts.


Mix master


When thinking of patterns, most visualize an abundance of various graphics clashing together. Patterns aren’t meant to be overwhelming, rather they can be a fun mixture of prints that liven up a room and prevent it from being stodgy.


To mix patterns well, experts recommend the cardinal rule of scale in order to coordinate correctly. For example, if using at least three patterns, use one large-scale pattern to combine with a medium- and small-scale pattern.


So for a large stripe, a medium floral pattern or even a delicate ditsy floral would work well if the patterns are in the same color family or in contrasting colors.


Experts also recommend the patterns have the same color intensity. Jewel tones don’t mix well with pastels as they don’t typically don’t evoke the same type of style.


How to use bold patterns in a room


Make a statement


To make a bolder impact in one concentrated area, use only one large-scale pattern.


Whether it’s in the rug, a statement wallpaper or a bold bedspread, make that the focal piece and star of the room. Choose solids that coordinate by drawing colors from the pattern and use throughout the space.


Remain neutral


For a twist on pattern mixing, play with tone-on-tone patterns in neutral tan, white, black or navy.


Combine fabric in various textures but in neutral colors for a similar effect.


When mixing similar tones, make sure to choose colors that are in the same shade family. For example, there are different shades of white — from cool, blue whites to warmer, more beige tones. To avoid confusion, look at all the patterns under the same lighting conditions.


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