Joyful Journey With Kristi Kennimer


When Kristi Kennimer became a gallery-represented artist (before her own gallery), she says it was bittersweet. She had the recognition, but felt uncomfortable in the pretense of the art scene. She wondered if there was a way to be a serious artist creating seemingly unserious work and selling to serious collectors who don’t take the art scene seriously.

With her own experience in mind, Kennimer has made Scarlet Reagan a place others like her feel comfortable.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.19.17 AM

Her original group are women who are incredible artists and who have a positive outlook and bright shining spirit.

They are also the kind of people who are game for trying new things. For example, Kennimer has asked them all to create a limited series of gift-able art for this holiday season. She’s passionate about offering her customers affordable original art to give to their loved ones instead of forgettable China-made trinkets. 


“Come see us this holiday,” Kennimer lights up. “My family and I have been working for months creating an interactive anamorphic art installation with gifts you can buy right off the installation for under $30. It’s going to be such a fun shopping experience, but I’m most excited about the meaning behind it!”

Read the full story on Kristi Kennimer’s journey in our fall/winter edition of Enclave Magazine.

Agents continue 38-year-old lemonade stand tradition


Every year, the Park Cities community floods the streets in their best red, white and blue for the neighborhood Fourth of July parade. 

To beat the Dallas heat, parade-goers are greeted by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents at the Goar Park finish line with ice-cold lemonade. It’s a tradition almost 40 years in the making.

This year, 20 volunteers from Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate spent the morning handing out 3,000 cups — roughly 220 gallons — of lemonade as thousands gathered for the fun-filled festivities.



For agent Ronda Needham, she still reminisces about the beginnings of the Park Cities lemonade stand, which dates back to 1981.

“I remember when the stand was just a small table with a few of us walking around juggling cups of lemonade on wooden trays, like old-fashioned carhops,” Needham said. “It was manageable with only 400 being served, but now the crowds are thousands.”



Jamie Adler, manager of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Preston Center office, says the lemonade stand is special for agents and families alike.

“Our associates have always been involved in this Park Cities’ summer highlight,” Adler said. “It’s one of our favorite ways to say thank you to our many loyal clients and the neighborhood in general, and to celebrate our common patriotic spirit.”







Agents Named Best Of Real Estate By D Magazine

Ninety-one Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents were featured on D Magazine’s list of Best Residential Real Estate Agents for 2019. More than half of DPMRE’s award-winning agents were also listed among Dallas’ top producers.

D Magazine reached out to more than 15,000 real estate, insurance and mortgage professionals and more than 10,000 magazine subscribers and recent homebuyers to nominate individuals that have gone above and beyond in Dallas real estate. 

Congratulations to our agents for being named the best of Dallas real estate.

To read more about Dave Perry Miller Real Estate’s top agents, pick up the July issue of D Magazine in stands now.

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Agents Celebrate Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate has had a banner year, and it celebrated its myriad accomplishments with a holiday party held Nov. 30 at D.E.C. on Dragon in the Dallas Design District.


The brand, a division of the Ebby Halliday Companies, will end 2017 with nearly $2 billion in volume closed and nearly 3,000 units closed, as of early December. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate in 2017 is poised to repeat its 2016 status as No. 1 in Sold Volume/Market Share throughout many of the key areas of Dallas.


Agents also celebrated the brand’s 10-year anniversary, marking the year with two open-house weekends featuring over 290 homes. Moreover, 59 agents have joined Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, adding to the brand’s expertise in Dallas’ most prestigious neighborhoods.


With such an exceptional year, associates and staff were ready to revel in their achievements.


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


The iconic Dallas skyline served as the backdrop for the evening.


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Light snacks and beverages were served to associates from the brand’s five offices: Park Cities, Preston Center, InTown, Highland Park and Lakewood.


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Agents Commence the Holiday Season at D.E.C. on Dragon


Visit to view more photos of the event.


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Provenzano treats every client like a ‘Star’


Dallas Stars official Realtor Julie Provenzano with the Stars' Centre Tyler Seguin.
Dallas Stars official Realtor Julie Provenzano with Stars Center Tyler Seguin.


Selling homes is as much about the relationships built from that process as it is about the home itself. For Julie Provenzano, that’s the model that drives her as a real estate agent with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and as the official Realtor for the Dallas Stars.


Whether you’re leasing, buying your first home or have just signed a multi-million-dollar deal in the NHL, Provenzano will provide the same commitment to your transaction so you have a home to call your own.


The East Coast native elaborated on her customer-centric approach and her relationship with the Dallas Stars below.


You’ve been a real estate agent for 15 years. What drove you to go into real estate and what keeps you in the business?


I got my license in Washington, D.C. in 2002. Initially, I wanted to focus on commercial real estate, but post 9/11, there was a tremendous amount of growth in the area and residential was the place to be. I was lucky enough to ride that wave as a newcomer to the business and quickly established myself in Virginia.


Provenzano treats every client like a “Star”

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Dallas for his job, and we started from scratch professionally and socially. We’d never been to Texas and didn’t know anyone except each other, so it was a big leap. I got my Texas license right away and started learning the area.


In addition to learning new contracts, I had to learn new market norms and how business was done here. It took about a year before things really started to take off and during that time, I started networking and building a book of business.


As an East Coast transplant, I can tell you that I have great admiration for the Texas way of doing business. People here are well-networked and value relationships. Dallas is a town where integrity and doing the right thing is rewarded, and I’ve been able to build a business that works 90 percent on referrals because of that.


How has real estate changed in the decade and a half you’ve been an agent?


In some respects, the changes have been drastic, and in other ways the same core principles remain intact.


The internet has obviously democratized information, so people now have a lot of data at their fingertips. What I’ve found, however, is that your average consumer can drown in information yet still thirst for knowledge. The internet has created an environment where many people feel they have the information to make sound decisions independently, but the extent of misinformation can be astounding.


A seasoned real estate agent is invaluable in helping a client navigate the market and truly identify a smart buy or a smart number to sell their home for. A good Realtor is a partner in this process to help people make smart decisions — plain and simple.


The penalty points for overconfidence are pretty high, and that’s why most people still rely on referrals to respected agents when it comes time to buy and sell.


Provenzano treats every client like a “Star”
Julie Provenzano, center, attends a client appreciation event during a Cool Thursdays Concert at the Dallas Arboretum.


You launched the Provenzano Group “with a commitment to building long-term client relationships.” What does that mean for you, as well as the service you provide to your clients?


My business has been successful beyond my wildest dreams on account of my commitment to relationships. Regardless of whether my clients are buying or selling in a given year, I want to be a resource for them with all things home-related.


Whether they need recommendations to contractors for home repairs or want to bounce ideas off me for home improvements, I love being a partner in that process. I have tremendous gratitude for those relationships and, in turn, clients have been extremely loyal to me and have given me the ultimate compliment by referring their friends and family my way.


The price points are irrelevant. Whether someone is leasing an apartment or buying a multi-million-dollar residence, I always want them to feel like my number one priority. Working with good people and forging friendships in the process has been the most rewarding aspect of this business for me.


Julie Provenzano, center, at a client happy hour.
Julie Provenzano, center, at a client happy hour.


As the Dallas Stars’ official Realtor, what do your duties to them entail?


I handle the majority of real estate transactions for the Dallas Stars players and management as the official Realtor for the team. When a player signs with the Stars, I’m typically one of the first introductory calls and try to be a part of the welcome committee for him and his family. While players and coaches are used to packing up and moving, it’s still a big undertaking. When kids are involved, it’s all the more important to try and make the move a seamless one and get everyone settled quickly.


The first order of business is usually addressing the living accommodations for the season. Guys with shorter term contracts typically opt to rent and longer term deals will entail setting down roots and buying in the area. I help them navigate the options, and just like I do with all my other clients, I try to be a resource professionally and socially for the family.


How do you think the team will fare the rest of the season?


The American Airlines Center can be one of the loudest buildings in the NHL. With the Stars having a good team this year, I think home ice is going to be a big advantage during the rest of the season.


Agents of Change :: Leslie Rouda Smith


The Smith family (L-R): Austin, Leslie, Brian, Kristin at the Texas REALTORS® Conference at the Hilton Anatole on Sept. 9.
The Smith family (L-R) Austin, Leslie, Brian and Kristin at the Texas Realtors Conference Sept. 9 at the Hilton Anatole.


When it comes to real estate, Leslie Rouda Smith knows her stuff. Smith was not only raised in real estate, she became the matriarch of a family of real estate agents, extending her family’s real estate legacy another generation.


She has been a leader of several Realtor associations and has advocated for legislation that has saved Texas homeowners millions in property taxes through homestead exemption.


We asked Smith about her real estate career and what fuels her passion for the business.


What industry organizations are you currently involved with?

I’m most actively involved in the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR), the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Collin County Association of Realtors (CCAR).


Other groups that I am actively involved in include Women’s Council of Realtors, Realtor Property Resource board of directors and Realtor University board of regents.  I also am the current chairman of the Future of the Realtor Party Presidential Advisory Group for NAR.


What has been the trajectory to get there?

Committee service and committee leadership at CCAR, MetroTex, TAR and NAR.   I served as a director for eight years at MetroTex, nine years at CCAR, 12 years at TAR and nine years as a director at NAR, with five years serving on the NAR Executive Committee.  I’ve chaired many committees at all three levels, including the National Leadership Academy.


In 2012, I was president of the CCAR, 2013 vice president of the NAR, 2016 chairman of the TAR and 2017 regional vice president of NAR.  I’ve also served as a liaison for Charles McMillan (2009 NAR president) and as national fundraising liaison for RPAC (Texas’ TREPAC) in 2011.


How did your upbringing factor into where you are today?

Agents of Change :: Leslie Rouda Smith

Although my father was the 1991 NAR president, and I grew up in the industry in Ohio, I never thought that real estate was going to be my career.


I’ve used my communications degree in different ways than I thought I would.  Observing my dad in his leadership roles inspired me to get involved and to give back to the industry that means so much to me.


These are not paid but rather volunteer positions, yet they are vital to industry members and consumers alike. What would you most like people to know about these roles that are essentially your full-time job?

How passionate I am about and committed to our industry, homeownership and private property rights.  I wish all Realtors knew and understood the importance of investing in their business through TREPAC (Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee).


As a frequent speaker, I enjoy updating Realtors and consumers on relevant issues affecting our business and homeownership.  What an opportunity to share your knowledge with the people you serve.


How do you balance being an agent with representing agents?

I’m fortunate to work with my husband, Brian, a Farm and Ranch real estate broker, and our two children, Kristin and Austin.  We also have Jody Hargus, who specializes in Farm and Ranch, and two assistants, Debbie and Jasmine. It is truly a team.


How has your work impacted the way your fellow agents do their jobs?

Everything we’ve passed or defeated legislatively, it has all benefited agents and, ultimately, homeowners.


For example, when we passed Proposition 1 in November 2015, it gave all homeowners a $10,000 increase in their homestead exemption, from $15,000 to $25,000. To pass this proposition, we secured the largest grant in the history of NAR — $3 million — that was matched by TAR. So ultimately $6 million was spent to get the word out. That took a lot of hard work!


I also want Realtors to know and take advantage of all the membership benefits that are available to them — so many benefits go unclaimed, because they’re not even aware of them. And I want to give them knowledge to use every day, the kind of knowledge that can help swing a listing presentation in their favor. Me and every other Realtor serving in this way are trying to leave this industry better than we found it.

TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


Living sustainably has come a long way from living off the grid or giving up the modern-day amenities to which you’ve become accustomed. These days, being green is a chic mainstay, offering sleek aesthetics and forward-thinking designs – and it’s this ethos that runs TreeHouse, an environmentally friendly home improvement store.


Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents were recently treated to a tour of TreeHouse, which offers luxury green products, such as Nest and Lutron, as well as services to remodel homes for maximum sustainability.


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


Based in Austin, TreeHouse opened its first Dallas location in June as the anchor tenant in the redevelopment of the Hill Shopping Center at Walnut Hill Lane and Central Expressway. The store practices what it preaches, using solar panels, metal roofing and Tesla-powered battery storage to run as an energy positive store – meaning more energy is generated than is being consumed by the building.


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


Associates were taught about green – yet lux – alternatives for every facet of home improvement, from low-emission paint and wood-flooring finishes to smart home automation systems.


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse also offers a Realtor® referral program: Any customer referred by a participating real estate agent receives a 5 percent discount on solar projects costing more than $10,000 pre-tax. The Realtor® is rewarded with a $500 TreeHouse gift card. For any other project – including flooring, kitchen and bath, landscape or paint – referred customers receive a 5 percent discount on projects more than $7,500 pre-tax, and agents receive a $500 gift card.


Realtors® can register at or in store.


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


TreeHouse teaches sustainability at new Dallas location


For more information on TreeHouse, visit


To see more photos from the event, visit

Agents Make Deposit at Dallas Furniture Bank’s Annual CHAIRity Friendraiser Luncheon

Getting people into a new home is, of course, what real estate agents do best. But sometimes taking things a step further is required. The Dallas Furniture Bank does exactly that by providing beds, tables, chairs and more, for the transitional homeless and others who either have nothing or have lost everything, and are making a new start.

The DFB’s mission is built on the premise that having a functional, legitimate place to lay your head and eat a meal can do wonders for one’s dignity and self-esteem. And we’re thrilled Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents Dave & Peggy Millheiser and Christine McKenny have given of their own time and resources to support them in this mission.

From L-R, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Agents Karen Urie, Christine McKenny, Peggy Millheiser, Kim Gromatzky, Taylor Gromatzky and Dave Millheiser
From L-R, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Agents Karen Urie, Christine McKenny, Amber Roberts (guest), Peggy Millheiser, Kim Gromatzky, Taylor Gromatzky and Dave Millheiser

Most recently, the trio served as sponsors for the Bank’s 11th Annual CHAIRity Friendraiser, which was held on Wednesday, February 17, at the Belo Mansion. Dave also serves on the DFB board and is chair of the marketing and development committee.

The event featured Stacey Bess, inspirational educator and author, as the speaker, and WFAA News Anchor Alexa Conomos was the emcee. The goal for the event was $125,000, and that amount was surpassed.

Belo Mansion

“Stacey Bess was absolutely amazing,” says Dave Millheiser. “Her message was so compelling and contagious — it served as a great reminder why we’re all behind the great work the Dallas Furniture Bank is doing.”

The Dallas Furniture Bank serves between 400 – 500 needy families a year (impacting approximately 2,000 individuals). Since beginning services in 2003, DFB has served over 8,800 individuals ranging from families transitioning from homelessness and domestic violence, seniors, veterans, refugees, and many others. In partnership with over 60 non-profit agencies throughout the community and specific outreach partners, DFB is the only non-profit organization in Dallas County whose sole mission is to provide basic furnishings to those transitioning to stability.

Kudos to the DFB and all participating agents for raising awareness about this one-of-a-kind organization!


Agents Show Support for Stewpot Alliance’s Annual “Soup’s On!” Luncheon and Art Sale

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents have a passion for helping people feel taken care of and secure with a roof over their heads. All people. This happens to be the passion of the Stewpot Alliance as well, so it makes perfect sense our agents would be present at their Soup’s On! Luncheon and Art Sale on Tuesday, January 19. The annual event, held at downtown Dallas’ historic Union Station, featured speaker Collins Tuohy, whose life was chronicled in the movie The Blind Side.

cropped Jane Shirley Tom
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents Tom Rhodes (top left), Shirley Cohn (top center), and Jane Gordon (bottom right) gave of their time and talents to help make the Stewpot’s annual fundraising luncheon a success. Speaker Collins Tuohy shown bottom row, second from right.


Says Broker Associate Jane Gordon, “Bravo to the luncheon chairs Christi Nicolas and Charlotte Legg for giving so much of their time to create a wonderful event and for raising a record-breaking amount for the Stewpot.  I was honored to be a part of the event and to serve on the host committee with fellow agent Shirley Cohn.”

Broker Associate Tom Rhodes and wife Suzy are also longtime supporters of the Stewpot.

Rhodes visited with Tuohy after her talk and says, “Collins Tuohy was a delight and had a wonderful message that is totally aligned with the mission of the Stewpot. We really enjoyed listening to her. This event just reinforced why we continue to back this worthy organization.”

Micki and Mayor Mike Rawlings were Honorary Chairs of the 2016 luncheon, co-chaired by Stewpot Alliance members Charlotte Legg and Christi Nicolas.

The Stewpot Alliance Soup’s On! Luncheon and Art Show featured a dozen of Dallas’ finest chefs serving up a signature soup as the first course of the meal.

Chefs included:

  • Chef Chairman Brian C. Luscher of The Grape and Luscher’s Red Hots
  • Chef Brent Anderson, Wolfgang Puck Catering
  • Chefs Melody Bishop & Dennis Kelley, LARK on the Park
  • Chef Omar Flores, Casa Rubia
  • Chef Danyele McPherson, Remedy
  • Chef Misti Norris, Small Brewpub
  • Chef Suki Otsuki, Mudhen
  • Chef Janice Provost, Parigi
  • Chef Abraham Salum, Salum and Komali
  • Chef Sarah Snow, The Grape
  • Chef Brian Zenner, On-Premise


The monies raised from the event will go toward several programs – including meal services, on-site medical/dental and much more —  for some of Dallas’s most vulnerable people.




Dallas Women’s Foundation Raises $1.2 million at Annual Luncheon

Dallas Women’s Foundation celebrated its 30th Annual Luncheon on October 30, 2015, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. The sold-out luncheon, which Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate was proud to help sponsor, drew 1,800 attendees, featured keynote speaker Eva Longoria and raised more than $1.2 million. The grant maker drives research, programming, collaboration and innovation in North Texas to support women and girls. The organization also made the announcement that they have granted $30 million dollars in 30 years.


Dallas Women’s Foundation is the largest regional women’s fund in the world. It is a trusted leader in advancing positive social and economic change for women and girls. The Foundation was built on the belief that when you invest in a woman, there is a ripple effect that benefits her family, her community and her world. Dallas Women’s Foundation has researched, funded and demonstrated the ripple effect since 1985 in North Texas, granting more than $30 million since inception and over $4 million annually to help create opportunities and solve issues for women and girls. With the support of its donors, the Foundation unlocks resources to improve education and quality of life, give voice to issues affecting women and girls, and cultivate women leaders for the future.