The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

3529 Caruth Boulevard | University Park | $3,995,000
7110 N Janmar Drive | North Dallas | $2,099,000
In the market for a new home?
49 Downs Lake Circle | North Dallas | $1,495,000
1209 Lausanne Avenue | Kessler Park | $1,310,000
12016 Excelsior Way | North Dallas | $1,250,000
9129 Raeford Drive | Lake Highlands | $949,000
6129 Tremont Street | Lakewood | $675,000
3326 Gatwick Place | Farmers Branch | $619,900
4140 Brunswick Drive | Midway Hollow | $574,900
8616 Turtle Creek Boulevard #414 | Preston Hollow | $549,000

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

7123 Hill Forest Drive | Lake Forest | $1,800,000
5737 W Hanover Avenue | Devonshire | $1,350,000
5849 Versailles Avenue | Frisco | $1,349,000
11256 Russwood Circle | Russwood Acres | $1,050,00
2025 Woodall Rodgers #21 | Uptown | $999,000
7223 Casa Loma Avenue | Lakewood Hills | $950,000
4157 Hockaday Drive | Hockaday | $674,900
3401 Lee Parkway #901 | Oak Lawn | $574,900
8327 Nunley Lane | North Dallas | $549,000
731 Mayrant Drive | North Oak Cliff | $445,000

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Ebby Halliday Companies Join CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

In 2019, the Ebby Halliday Companies, which include Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, joined a growing coalition of CEOs pledging to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. President & CEO Chris Kelly is among the more than 1,000 CEOs who have come together for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, committing himself and the Ebby Halliday Companies to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“By signing on to this commitment, the Ebby Halliday Companies pledged to take action to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion,” Kelly says. 

The Ebby Halliday Companies also appointed longtime leaders within the company Sylvia Sotelo Kidd and Pamela Young Diversity & Inclusion Officers. Since their appointments they have worked diligently to diversify recruitment and ensure that the Ebby Halliday Companies’ offerings reach the widest and most-inclusive group of homeowners and buyers.   

Organizations joining the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge have taken a step toward effecting positive change, exchanging tangible learning opportunities, creating collaborative conversations and fostering innovation.

“Diversity and inclusion are vital to the improvement of our work culture, the future of our business and industry, as well as the future of the region we are privileged to call home,” says Kelly. “As the market leader in North Texas, it is our responsibility to take action.”

Kelly says that the Ebby Halliday Companies have recognized that the Southern Sector of Dallas County is underserved by residential real estate brokerages and affiliated services, such as mortgage, insurance and title, and they are actively working to expand their presence in the Southern Sector, including the construction of a new office in Cedar Hill. 

“As we expand our Southern Sector presence, we will increase homeownership opportunities and provide expert representation for the area’s buyers and sellers,” says Kelly. “As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to expanding the diversity of our employees and sales force.”

In addition, the Ebby Halliday Companies – which includes three brokerage brands, as well as in-house mortgage, insurance and title brands – recognized the need to hire loan officers from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities in order to best serve North Texas’ increasingly diverse population. Recruiting, hiring and retaining loan officers to better serve the entire North Texas community is one of the company’s stated goals. 

“It is a priority for us to provide our clients loan officers that they enjoy working with and who serve their home-buying and selling needs by providing a variety of loan products appropriate to their needs,” says Kelly. “This is an important initiative for us in 2020 and moving forward into the future.”

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Real Estate Icon’s Legacy of Service Carried Out Daily Across North Texas

Throughout 2020, the Ebby Halliday Companies, the parent company of DPM, is celebrating 75 years of serving the real estate needs of North Texans and those relocating to the region. It all began in 1945, when one bold woman parlayed her wisdom, generosity, business acumen and endurance into what is today the No. 1 residential real estate brokerage in Texas.

“Long life is a privilege not everyone – or every company – gets to enjoy,” says Ebby Halliday Companies President & CEO Chris Kelly. “During this anniversary year, we acknowledge this fact with a spirit of gratitude.”

The legacy of Ebby Halliday, who founded Ebby Halliday Realtors in 1945, is carried out daily in North Texas through 2,000-plus agents and staff across three real estate brands and in-house mortgage, insurance and title companies. It is now amplified by the Ebby Halliday Companies’ affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway affiliate HomeServices of America, the country’s No. 1 residential real estate company. 

Acquired by HomeServices in 2018, the Ebby Halliday Companies are modernizing homeownership services and are focused on ensuring that homeownership is available to everyone who wants to own a home in North Texas. Among the company’s primary business objectives in 2020 is furthering access to homeownership opportunities for historically marginalized communities. 

The Ebby Halliday Companies include real estate brands Ebby Halliday RealtorsDave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Williams Trew and core-services companies Prosperity MortgageHome Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title

“Simply put, we offer one ‘door’ to everything you need to buy or sell a home in North Texas,” says Kelly.“ Purchasing or selling in any other way would be like going back in time. Our complete offering of brokerage, mortgage, title and insurance homeownership services ensures you have the easiest and most secure real estate experience. In good times and most importantly, in challenging times, we have stood by North Texas and North Texans for over 75 years. It would be our honor to put our experience and strength to work for you.”

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

202 Sunview Street | Sunnyvale | $1,899,000
6422 Sondra Drive | Lakewood | $1,649,000
4331 Travis Street | Knox/Henderson | $1,525,000
5238 Edmondson Avenue | Mockingbird Park | $999,000
7212 Glendora Avenue | North Dallas | $889,000
3630 Teal Avenue | Medical District | $679,900
7347 Hill Forest Drive | North Dallas | $649,000
2019 Old Orchard Drive | Stephens Park | $549,000
6907 Hickory Creek Lane | Far North Dallas | $500,000
1300 Jackson Street #6 | Downtown Dallas | $375,000

Beat the Texas Heat with these 10 Pools

Summer is all about beating the heat and relaxing by the pool. Especially when the Texas weather reaches the triple-digits. We’ve gathered 10 luxurious pools perfect for those hot summer days.

11345 W Ricks Circle | Hillcrest Estates | $7,495,000
5310 Meaders Lane | Preston Hollow | $6,900,000
10115 Waller Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,290,000
6517 Dykes Way | North Dallas | $2,950,000
11516 Royalshire Drive | Preston Hollow | $2,479,000
9780 Broken Bow Road | Lake Highlands | $999,000
7350 Blairview Drive | North Dallas | $925,000
621 Cordova Street | Hollywood Heights | $740,000
5408 Wescott Lane | Oak Tree | $649,000
5542 Belmont Avenue | Lower Greenville | $529,999

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In Good Times and Bad, We Stand with You

Together, the North Texas region has faced one of modern history’s most serious challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies, like individuals, responded to the pandemic, as well as those who rely on their services, in different – often strikingly different – ways.

“As the Ebby Halliday Companies mark 75 years of serving the residential real estate needs of North Texas during 2020, we are grateful for your continued support and we are honored to have served many of our neighbors during this challenging time,” says Chris Kelly, president & CEO of the Ebby Halliday Companies. Ebby Halliday’s real estate brands include Dave Perry-Miller Real EstateEbby Halliday Realtors, and Williams Trew. Its Core Services companies include Prosperity MortgageHome Team InsuranceTexas Premier Title and HSTX Title.

“Within days of COVID-19 arriving in North Texas, we witnessed every major iBuyer close their doors to our community,” Kelly says. iBuyers are major real estate investment firms that use automated-valuation models and other technology to make cash offers on homes. “At a time when people needed shelter more than ever, these iBuyers’ viewed you and your home as a financial risk they were unwilling to take.”

“We, and other longstanding brokerages who have served you through wars, recessions and other times of great stress, saw the real risk of this approach: abandoning you in the middle of a crisis,” Kelly says. “We may be competitors with these brokerages in real estate, but we are partners and we thank them for standing with us in our continued service to you, our neighbors across this great region.

“As the state of Texas continues its phased re-opening, and as iBuyers undoubtedly return to our market, we ask that when the need arises you consider selecting an Ebby Halliday Companies agent to represent your residential real estate needs,” Kelly says. “In good times and in bad times, we are here for you.”

When buying or selling a home, selecting the right broker – one who will stay by your side throughout the often-complicated process – is critical to your experience and success. In addition to 75 years of service to North Texas, the Ebby Halliday Companies are committed to the homeownership dreams of everyone who calls North Texas home.

“When you choose the Ebby Halliday Companies to represent your real estate needs, you’ll not only have access to the most respected and knowledgeable agents in North Texas – who are part of HomeServices of America and the Berkshire Hathaway family – but also our mortgage, insurance and title services,” says Kelly.

Too often in today’s world, consumers are asked to choose between a technology or a traditional company to fulfill their real estate needs. No more. From home showings to mortgages, insurance to closings, when you choose the Ebby Halliday Companies everything can be completed efficiently andif needed, virtually.

“Our complete offering of brokerage, mortgage, title and insurance homeownership services ensures you’ll have the easiest and most secure real estate experience,” Kelly says. “When combined with the personal touch of a local expert associated with North Texas’ leading residential real estate brokerage, it simply is an unmatched experience. It would be our honor to put our experience and strength to work for you.”

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.


10045 Surrey Oaks | Preston Hollow | $3,750,000



4163 Cochran Chapel | Bluffview | $2,950,000



1 Lakeside Park | North Dallas | $2,595,000



2555 N Pearl Street #1504 | Ritz Carlton | $1,075,000



1541 Cedar Hill Avenue | Kessler Park | $540,000



638 Turner Avenue | Kessler Park | $445,000



11367 Lanewood Circle | Lochwood | $285,000


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10 Must-See Open Houses

Enjoy your weekend with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and our amazing agents at these properties.

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4320 Valley Ridge Road | Preston Hollow | $2,995,000

Virtual Tour: Sunday, March 22 from 2 to 3 p.m.



4163 Cochran Chapel Road | Bluffview | $2,950,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 at 2:30 p.m.



4611 Melissa Lane | Preston Hollow | $1,690,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 at 3 p.m.



4223 Williamsburg Road | Preston Hollow | $1,475,000

Virtual tour: Saturday, March 21 from 2 to 2:30 p.m.



6174 Vickery Boulevard | Lakewood | $928,000

Virtual tour: Sunday, March 22 from 3 to 3:30 p.m.






7243 Tokalon Drive | Lakewood | $1,349,000



9562 Ash Creek Drive | East Dallas | $899,000



830 Thomasson Drive | Kessler Park | $549,900



7943 Glade Hill Court | East Dallas | $519,900



4408 Ringgold Lane | Plano | $349,000


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8 Indoor Activities For Rainy Days

Loft kitchen design

When the weather is gloomy, it presents the perfect day to stay inside. Here are nine ways to combat boredom and make the most of your rainy day at home.

1. Must-See Movies
Cross movies off your “must-see” list on a rainy day. Bonus points if you make some popcorn!

2. Make a Fort
Move some furniture and get creative draping sheets and blankets across to create a cozy fort in the comfort of your own home. Add some pillows and snuggly blankets on the inside and you have the perfect place to hide away from a rainy day.

3. Cook or Bake
Try out a new recipe like cookies or cupcakes, or make a yummy soup or stew. Your home will be filled with aromas of whatever you create!

4. Cool Crafts
If you know the upcoming weather forecast is less than ideal, prepare in advance by getting materials together for the craft you’ve been dying to try.

5. Play Some Games
Pull out some of your favorite board or card games to keep the whole family entertained. Or, play hide-and-seek or create a scavenger hunt for some old-fashioned fun.

6. Spa Day
Give yourself an ultimate spa day and feel refreshed even if it’s gloomy outside. Light some candles and take a bath, put on a facemask and paint your nails. Massage some lotion onto your feet and slip on fuzzy socks until all the moisture is absorbed.

7. Organize Your Life
Get ahead on a slow day by tackling some of those to-dos piling up. From organizing your closet or family recipes to finally putting those old photos in an album, there are plenty of tasks that are perfect when it’s raining outside.

8. Read a Book
With life’s daily commitments, it can be difficult to make progress on your latest book. Take advantage of a less-than-sunny day and finish that book you’ve had on your nightstand for ages!