5 Global Delicacies Worth Traveling For

If you think you’ve sampled the best food the world has to offer, have you given these five a try? You may have to jet to the far corners of the world and track down obscure eateries, but these global delicacies are well worth the effort. And these treats are just the tip of the iceberg: wherever you find yourself in the world, there is something luxurious to sample.



To find the best delicacy in Italy, you’ll have to put in some work. As part of a truffle hunting experience, you will actually walk through forests with an expert truffle hunter, find some of the intensely-flavored fungus, and enjoy a meal of handmade pasta with your freshly harvested truffles. This is a unique culinary adventure that most diners will never experience. The intense, earthy flavor of black truffles is a fitting reward to a long walk in the woods.




Escamoles are ant eggs – or you might see them on menus as ant caviar. But the experience of eating them is not like other insect based cuisine. The eggs resemble small nuts, and have a nutty flavor and pleasantly crunchy texture. They are said to be a genuinely unique eating experience, a treat like no other. They are often sautéed until crispy and served on their own, or in omelets or tacos. You can find them at many Mexico City restaurants, and they are featured at Ramona in Cancun.




It may sound odd to describe the humble asparagus as a luxury delicacy, but the unique, white asparagus grown in Germany is only available a few months out of the year and is held in very high regard. Farmers produce white asparagus by mounding soil around the plants, keeping the delicate spears out of the sunlight. To sample this special ingredient, you must visit Germany during Spargelzeit, or asparagus season, which usually goes from mid-April to mid-June. As long as you’ve carefully planned your trip, you won’t have any trouble finding this delicacy, usually prepared simply with butter and salt.




To add to the luxury of tasting Jamon de Iberico Bellota from Spain, the Spanish food importer Brindisis offers a ham carving service for private parties. This ham is produced in Spain from pigs finished on acorns. The ham is then cured for over three years, and is said to be the finest in the world, with an unparalleled flavor and texture. And having a private carving service makes this delicacy a must-have when traveling in Great Britain. You won’t need much to complement this ham, just some good bread and Spanish olive oil.




Bourbon is a uniquely American delicacy, and Pappy Van Winkle is a standout producer. Its popularity and small-batch production have made it increasingly hard to find, so the enjoyment of this quality liquor is increased through its exclusivity. Your best bet for finding the elusive spirit is to check the company’s list of retailers and be prepared to call many, many shops before scoring a bottle. If you can’t find a bottle, you may still be able to find a bar serving Pappy, but be prepared to pay top dollar for a taste.

For the epicurean world traveler, finding these delicacies may be almost as enjoyable as consuming them. There’s something truly special about tucking into a local meal that few know about or have access to. If you have a refined palette, these delicacies will truly impress you.


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The Latest Home Decor Trends For 2019

Whether you are looking to overhaul your space or simply change a few accents to update your favorite room, we have researched some of the hottest trends to help you modernize your favorite room. Take a look at some of our favorite home décor trends and get inspired to update your abode.



These pieces are trending in the design space in a big way. Incorporate an antique into your living or dining room area for an interesting conversation piece.

pop of color


Update a space with a rich pop of color for fall. Pinks and greens are go-to colors for many but for a bold statement, incorporate rich reds in pillows, curtains or furnishings.



Fall’s staple color orange has been an accent color for years and now, it is coming into its own. For a daring change, try orange walls or flooring in your space.




Embrace the outdoors with a biophilic design in your home. Incorporate plants or highlight your garden area to bring the outdoors in.


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6 Ways to Help Your Guests Feel at Home

Interior of a classic Scandinavian bedroom.

Here are some quick tips that will make your guests feel at home during their stay.

Cheat sheet

Create a home cheat sheet that provides your guests with the Wi-Fi code, instructions to turn on the television, garage code, and any other amenities they may need. Be sure to include your address, landline number and emergency contact information.

Spare samples

Hotel toiletries and deluxe samples placed in a glass jar look elegant displayed in the guest bathroom. Your guests will like the availability of extra products, especially if they may have forgotten something.

Fresh flowers

Plants or well-crafted flower arrangements in the guest room add brightness and freshness that anyone will appreciate.

Cozy essentials

To create the ultimate retreat for your guests, place a basket in the corner with items that will make them comfortable. Think soft throw blankets, magazines, bottled water, snacks and a reading light.

Freshen up

Make sure to leave extra towels and washcloths in the bathroom so guests can always use dry ones. An extra toothbrush is a nice touch, too.

Sense of smell

Adding a candle or diffuser to the guest suite is always a good idea. Be careful, however, because not all guests love the smell of warm vanilla. Avoid polarizing scents and use neutral fragrances, such as fresh linen. A small bottle of room or linen spray is also a great addition to the room.

11 Cabanas Fit to Keep Cool

As summer begins to dwindle, it seems as if the Texas heat is here to stay a little longer. A cabana is the perfect place to sneak away from the sun during a relaxing day at the pool, and it is the best hangout spot when you have guests over.

We’ve gathered 11 beautiful cabanas worth catching some shade in.


5020 Park Lane | Preston Hollow | $6,975,000



10714 Lennox Lane | Preston Hollow | $4,995,000



4700 Dorset Road | Preston Hollow | $4,995,000



4001 W Lawther Drive | Lakewood | $4,995,000



3813 Maplewood Avenue | Highland Park | $4,800,000



12240 Pecan Forest Drive | North Dallas | $4,295,000



10115 Waller Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,290,000



6215 Rex Drive | North Dallas | $2,135,000



11723 Hill Haven Drive | North Dallas | $1,100,000



6572 Lafayette Way | North Dallas | $799,000



4303 Briargrove Lane | North Dallas | $640,000


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How to Prep your Home Before Traveling

Airplane flies over a sea

Whether you’re planning an exotic escape or taking a quick weekend trip somewhere fun, summer is a time to relax and enjoy a change of scenery.

It’s important to take the necessary measures to close up your home before leaving. The tips below will ensure you can stay worry-free while away.


  • Leave your keys with a neighbor you trust
    If you have a trustworthy neighbor, leave them a copy of your key as well as your contact information. While you’re away, they can check your home, collect mail and be available in case of emergency.


  • Lock up
    Take extra precautions by hiding your valuables or placing them in a safe. Be sure to lock each window, door and fence in your home. If you have a garage, park your car inside.


  • Be mindful of energy consumption
    Electronics can still expend energy when not in use. Unplug any devices such as appliances, computers, gaming consoles and televisions to prevent hazards and save on your energy bill. Turn off your air conditioning or leave it at a level to keep any pets comfortable, and put your water heater in “vacation mode.”


  • Plan ahead for pets
    Make arrangements for someone to feed and watch your pet. If you will be away for an extended period of time, you should consider having someone housesit and stay overnight to care for your animals.


  • Avoid unnecessary smells
    Leaving food that will expire soon in your refrigerator while you’re away will only become more of a hassle when you get back. Avoid smells and messy cleanup upon return by discarding almost-expired food before you leave. Be sure to remove all trash before you leave, as well.


  • Time your lights
    Invest in a few timers for lamps in your home. Program them to turn on lamps near windows to mimic the appearance of activity. This can help prevent intruders who may target homes that have been dark for a few days.


For more housekeeping tips, visit the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Blog.

Undiscovered Travel Destinations

A sunny getaway can help lift spirts and reveal the history and wonder of a new space far away from home. Take a look at some of our favorite warm weather destinations and start planning your next trip.



This tiny island located about 120 miles southwest of Barbados is quickly becoming a popular travel destination among the world’s elite. Canouan is a secluded island, with no direct flights from the U.S., so many visitors must fly to an airport in St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Lucia or Barbados and then take a short flight by private jet or propeller plane to get to there. The Mandarin Oriental Canouan, which recently took over the old Pink Sands Club, is the premier hotel on the island and has five restaurants and bars, a freestanding spa and a golf course, among other amenities.


Lord Howe_GettyImages-146859475_small


Guests looking for both privacy and beauty can look no further than Lorde Howe Island. No need to worry about overcrowding here; only about 400 visitors are allowed on the island at one time to experience the natural features, which include the famous twin peaks, subtropical forests and clear waters. The island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property in 1982 due to its beauty and biodiversity. Visitors take advantage of many local attractions, including feeding wild fish by hand at Ned’s Beach and hiking Mount Gower.


Faroe Islands_GettyImages-516809577_small


With dramatic landscapes and stunning waterfront views, The Faroe Islands are a must-see for any traveler. Located between Iceland and Scotland, lies this breathtaking string of islands that were once considered Danish Viking territory and today occupy about 50,000 residents. Luxe features are being added to the islands every day, including Michelin-star restaurants and trendy shops for tourists. Koks Restaurant won its first Michelin star in 2017 and has a staff of 10 chefs (each from a different country). Reservations are recommended for this exclusive restaurant; it is open from April to September and only serves 24 customers a night.


Looking for more luxury travel destinations? Check out our list of The World’s Most Romantic Travel Destinations.


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Cast Your Vote in HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt


HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt 2019 is underway. And if you’re like us, you can’t wait to see inside these extraordinary properties and click the ‘VOTE’ button for your favorites. After you vote, be sure to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000!

As always, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate listings are prominently featured in the Ultimate House Hunt.


Serene and Secluded Watering Hole

4001 W. Lawther Drive listed by Sharon Redd is a finalist in the sweepstakes.

This majestic traditional estate in Lakewood is an outdoor haven. If you want resort living in the city, this is it. The home features sweeping staircases overlooking the grounds, formal dining with French doors that lead to the front patio, and an outdoor terrace facing White Rock Lake.

The outside is polished with a stunning pool, koi pond and plenty of space for entertaining.





This is the sixth-consecutive year HGTV has partnered exclusively with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s global real estate network Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and its luxury marketing division Luxury Portfolio International to host the contest, which last year saw over 1 million votes cast, making it one of the most popular contests on HGTV.com.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.04.11 AM copy

10 Luxury Pools Ready For The Summer

Summer is all about beating the heat, tropical getaways and relaxing by pool. We’ve gathered 10 luxurious pools perfect for those hot summer days.



10203 Hollow Way Road | Preston Hollow | $8,900,000



6901 Hunters Glen Road | University Park | $7,395,000



5540 N 40 Place | North Dallas | $6,999,000



5020 Park Lane | Preston Hollow | $6,975,000



3813 Maplewood Avenue | Highland Park | $4,800,000



4832 Irvin Simmons Drive | Strait Lane | $3,295,000



10115 Waller Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,290,000



6637 Northaven Road | North Dallas | $2,897,630



5507 Del Roy Drive | North Dallas | $2,495,000



2215 Kessler Woods Court | Kessler Park | $1,950,000

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Explore the Links of Lake Athens


Explore the Links of Lake Athens


Revel in a relaxing getaway that’s all your own at the Links of Lake Athens.


The exclusive, gated lakefront resort spans more than 52 acres of gently rolling terrain, featuring a plethora of outdoor recreation and a prized golf course — all in just over an hour’s drive away from Dallas.


The property — featured in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s fall/winter 2018 Fine Home Collection — is available to purchase as a whole for $6,900,000 or separated into parcels listed between $1.5 million and $3.5 million. Links of Lake Athens is listed by the Ross Group of the Dave Perry-Miller Park Cities office.


Owners will have private access to over 2,500 feet of water frontage and acres of pastureland to roam on horseback. The Links of Lake Athens’ piece de resistance is its four-hole golf course, which plays as a championship 18-hol, Par 72.


Find details in the fall/winter 2018 Fine Home Collection, online at dpmmagazine.com.


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Sarah Todd Has the Midas Touch

Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World


Shake off your winter doldrums and see nature spring to life. Venture outside of North Texas and into other worlds with Luxury Portfolio International.


Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is an exclusive North Texas member of Luxury Portfolio International, an invitation-only network of more than 200 premier brokerages worldwide. More than 50,000 properties are available to purchase or lease at luxuryportfolio.com, an award-winning website marketing more $1 million-plus listings than any other luxury real estate network.


We’ve chosen 10 homes that best showcase the world’s most heavenly views of spring blossoms and greenery.


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Sion | Switzerland | Price Available Upon Request


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Los Angeles | California | $36,985,000


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Westminster | United Kingdom | $27,030,773


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Marbella | Spain | $21,562,345


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Auckland | New Zealand | $9,328,358


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Berlin | Germany | $6,099,063


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Brussels | Belgium | $5,544,603


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Vancouver | Canada | $4,284,153


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Washington | District of Columbia | $2,995,000


Best Places to See Spring Bloom Around the World

Portland | Oregon | $2,400,000


View more breathtaking properties on luxuryportfolio.com.