Firm fills 11 leadership positions for MetroTex

In North Texas alone, there are 18,000 people involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. Since that’s a pretty sizeable bunch, odds are you know at least one of them, right? Especially with the crazy-strong housing market we’ve had the last few years. “For Sale” signs are everywhere, and hundreds of new agents have gotten their licenses.

Like any reputable industry, these local real estate professionals look to a unifying umbrella organization to help them maintain and further their careers and interests. MetroTex Association of REALTORS® is this organization. They offer programs to advance agent development, lobby for both consumers and REALTORS in Austin, promote diversity within the field and more. Established in 1917, MetroTex represents the entire North Texas region as the area’s largest REALTOR association. It is the second largest Association of REALTORS in Texas, and fourth in the country!

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate — both the brokerage and the individual agents who comprise it — not only benefits from the work MetroTex does, they contribute to it in many significant ways. This year, several agents across the five Dallas offices (Highland Park, InTown, Lakewood, Park Cities and Preston Center) are serving fellow real estate professionals — and ultimately the buyers and sellers who rely on them — in various leadership capacities.

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James Eriksson Martin (top left) – Incoming President
Patty Brooks (top center) – MLS Representative for Oak Cliff
Becky Connatser (top right) – Past President Appointee
Kimberlee Gromatzky (not pictured) – Global Affairs Committee
Eric Holmes
(middle left) – MLS Representative for East Dallas
Angela McCants (middle center) – Vice Chair of Public Education
Dave Millheiser (not pictured) – Global Business Council Advisory Board and Member, Professional Development Committee
Robb Puckett (middle right) – Vice Chair of Professional Development
Alicia Schroeder (bottom left) – Board of Directors and Chair of Public Education
Brian Smith (not pictured) – Global Business Council Advisory Board and Member
Kristin Smith
(bottom center) – Board of Directors and Chair of Young Professionals Network

As President, James Martin has this to say about 2017:

“MetroTex is poised for an exceptional year — incidentally our Centennial — where anything is possible. We’re committed to our cities, members and clients, and with that in mind, we have many events planned. We are launching a four-part New Professionals Entrepreneur Breakfast Series geared toward professional development. We will also be holding five tree-planting community service events throughout the year, with the first to take place next month in South Dallas. Our goal is also to give away 100 trees, free to the communities we serve. Those are just a few examples.

MetroTex has a long tradition of success, and we will use this solid foundation to build a greater tomorrow. Of course, building a greater tomorrow starts today!”

Congratulations to all for making a difference in North Texas real estate!




Agent Kristin Smith Receives Prestigious North Texas Realtor Award

Celebrating a year of accomplishments, the MetroTex Association of REALTORS recently announced the winners for each of its four prestigious annual industry awards at the MetroTex Annual Awards & Charity Event.

Kristin Smith, of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, was presented with the Lois Hair Bernays Award as the MetroTex Salesperson of Year. Kristin is incoming Vice-Chair for the MetroTex YPN Committee, and serves on the Budget & Finance Committee, and Co-Chair and Co-Founder of TAR YPN. She will be serving on the TAR Strategic Plan Committee in 2016. Kristin has served on the Social Media Advisory Committee, the Diversity Committee, and was a board member of NAR YPN. She is also Vice President of GALORE and was voted in the Top 50 for REALTOR Magazine’s 30 Under 30 issue. In the community, Kristin is the company coordinator for Ebby Halliday’s Special Olympics corporate challenge, and is a business partner of Promote Love.

We’re so very proud of Kristin! Congratulations!

The entire Smith family was on hand to celebrate Kristin. From left, fellow realtors: brother Austin Smith, mother Leslie Rouda Smith, Kristin and father Brian Smith.


Kristin Smith Named Finalist For Realtor Magazine’s ‘30 Under 30’


When she’s not selling real estate, Kristin Smith makes shaved ice in her 32 Below truck.

Our own Kristin Smith is one of three Texans among the 50 finalists for Realtor Magazine‘s 30 Under 30 award. A panel of judges will select 29 of the honorees, but one of them will be selected by the public.

A third-generation Realtor, Kristin is active in a number of industry organizations, such as the MetroTex Association of Realtors, the Collin County Association of Realtors, and the North Texas Young Professionals Network.

“It’s important to make money, but it is also important to give back to the industry and to others,” she says in her 30 Under 30 profile. “I would rather have $5 million in sales volume and still have time to help others than close $20 million and never touch the lives of those in need.”

You can vote for Kristin online once a day, but the voting ends at noon on Friday.

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Honors Top Producers of an Outstanding Year

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents and staff gathered at Dallas Country Club on March 5 to honor the top producers of 2014, a record-breaking year for the firm that represents the leading brand for properties of distinction in Dallas’ established neighborhoods. The managers of five offices gave out awards to individuals, groups, and teams based on production, income, and homes sold.


Standing: Ralph Randall, Forrest Gregg, Chris Pyle, Susie Thompson, Shirley Cohn, Greg Iker, Stephen Pryor, John Weber, Chris Hickman, Sonia Villareal, Susan Schweidel, Dan Rhodes, and Thomas Rhodes; Seated: Madeline Jobst, Shannon Blount, Sharon Palmer, Kate Walters, Robb Puckett, Ashley Beane, Brady Moore, Burton Rhodes, and Christine McKenny

The Highland Park Office at 5500 Preston Road is managed by Robb Puckett. Its top producers were:

1. The Rhodes Group
2. The Haven Group
3. Hickman+Weber Group
4. Ralph Randall
5. Brady Moore
6. Christine McKenny
7. Gianna Cerullo
8. Madeline Jobst
9. Stephen Pryor
10. Shannon Blount

Ralph Randall was the top individual per income. Brady Moore was the top individual per homes sold. The Rhodes Group was the top group per income. The Haven Group was the top group per homes sold.


Standing: Jarrad Barnes, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullutto, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Brittani Frankowiak, Macy Riley, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Eloise Eriksson Martin, and Brandon Fleeman; Seated: Patty Brooks, Brian Bleeker, Stephene Tolocko, Melissa O’Brien, Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Jim Berrong, Jessica Hill, James Martin, and Andy Steingasser

The InTown Office at 2828 Routh Street is managed by Becky Connatser. Its top producers were:

1. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group
2. The Emily Ray-Porter Group
3. The Gullutto-Barnes Group
4. Brandon Fleeman
5. Patty Brooks
6. The Martin Group
7. Jim Berrong
8. The Meyer Group
9. Brian Davis
T10. Premier Associates
T10. Brittani Frankowiak

Brandon Fleeman was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group was the top group in both categories.


Meg Skinner, Nancy Johnson, Ashley Rasmussen, Lauren Moore, and Scott Jackson

The Lakewood Office at 2311 Abrams Road is managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Nancy Johnson
2. The Jackson Team
3. Meg Skinner
4. Heather Guild
5. Marissa Fontanez

Nancy Johnson was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Jackson Team was the top group in both categories. The Johnson Holmes Group was the top team in both categories.


Standing: Sissy Pardue, Stewart Lee, Brian Smith, Curt Elliott, and Sharon Quist; Seated: Carolyn Vandagriff, Phyllis Glover, Julie Boren, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott, and Henda Salmeron

The Park Cities Office at 6025 Luther Lane is also managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Sharon Quist
2. Julie Provenzano
3. Brian Smith
4. The Phyllis Glover Team
5. Paige and Curt Elliott
6. Stephen Collins
7. Julie Boren
8. Henda Salmeron
9. Debbie Sherrington
10. Stewart Lee

Sharon Quist was the top individual per income. Julie Provenzano was the top individual per homes sold. The Phyllis Glover Team was the top group in both categories. Paige and Curt Elliott were the top team in both categories.


Standing: Jill Rasansky, McKamy Tiner, Laura Michelle, Mark Cain, Karen Fry, Weston Pugh, and Jeff Updike; Seated: Ginger Levine, Gayl Braymer, Jennifer Miller, Diane Gruber, and Martha Tiner

The Preston Center Office at 5950 Berkshire Lane is managed by Gaynelle Henger. Its top producers were:

1. Jennifer Miller
2. Mark Cain
3. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky
4. Laura Michelle
5. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer
6. Karen Fry
7. Diane Gruber
8. Justin Easterling
9. Martha and McKamy Tiner
10. Updike│Pugh

Jennifer Miller was the top individual per income. Laura Michelle was the top individual per homes sold. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky were the top group in both categories. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer were the top team per income. Updike│Pugh was the top team per homes sold.

Leslie Rouda Smith Helps Thousands Via Work With Realtors Associations

Texas Association of Realtors Chairman Dan Hatfield presents the Distinguished Service Award to 2015 Chairman-elect Leslie Rouda Smith at the Texas Realtors Conference in San Antonio. (Photo courtesy of the Texas Association of Realtors)
Texas Association of Realtors Chairman Dan Hatfield presents the Distinguished Service Award to 2015 Chairman-elect Leslie Rouda Smith at the Texas Realtors Conference in San Antonio. (Photo courtesy of the Texas Association of Realtors)

Real estate is a family affair for Leslie Rouda Smith, as she, her husband, and their two children are all Dave Perry-Miller associates. But Leslie’s interest in Realtors extends beyond her own household.

Through her leadership of Realtors associations at the local, state, and national levels, she has adopted an extended network of real estate professionals, looking out for their best interests as if they were members of her family.

On Tuesday, voters in Texas and across the nation will elect new legislators, governors, and members of Congress. And when those officials take office, they’ll be hearing from Leslie and her colleagues.

Lobbyists for the Texas Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors read thousands of bills to look for things affecting private-property rights and homeownership. The Texas association has also lobbied against taxes on services — such as Realtors’ commissions — among many other issues.

“We’ve saved the average Realtor tens of thousands of dollars in ways they never aware of,” Leslie says.

lesliesmithleadershipOnly 30 percent of Realtors donate to the Realtors Political Action Committee, the only federal PAC that lobbies solely for private-property rights in homeownership. But, Leslie says, 100 percent of them reap the benefits.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu,” she says of the lobbying efforts. “Unfortunately, we’re at the table at all levels, but we’re still on the menu. That’s just the world we live in.”

Leslie’s involvement in Realtors associations comes naturally. The Ohio native’s late father, Harley E. Rouda Sr., was the president of the National Association of Realtors in 1991. (He also served as president of the Ohio Association of Realtors and the Columbus Board of Realtors.)

After moving to Texas in the 1980s, Leslie got a job in the relocation division of Ebby Halliday Realtors. It was there — literally at the corporate headquarters on Sigma Road — that she met Brian Smith, during an “Ebby School” coffee break. Three years ago, the couple’s children – Kristin Smith and Austin Smith – graduated from the same course.

Leslie rarely lists a property in her own name, opting for a behind-the-scenes role in the family business. But, through her leadership positions, she also plays a behind-the-scenes role in thousands of Realtors’ businesses. Her contributions led the Texas Association of Realtors to honor her with a Distinguished Service Award in September. Only one or two of these are doled out each year; recipients must have made significant industry contributions throughout their career and are also judged on their participation in local activities and civic organizations.

“I love the people I meet,” Leslie says of her work with the Realtors associations. “I love what I learn, and I love helping people.”

This is one in a series of articles about interesting aspects of our associates’ lives. The previous installment was about J.L. Forke’s work with Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Ranch of the Week: This Country Oasis Sits Only 90 Miles Northeast of Dallas


This gorgeous 14-acre country estate in Emory is anchored by a 4,575-square-foot house that includes four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, one half-bath, three living areas, and a gourmet kitchen with an island and granite countertops. The sun room overlooks a private, 12-acre lake with a boathouse and a ramp. The property also features a saltwater pool, a basketball court, a party barn, an equipment barn, cattle pens, and a fantastic water well. The listing agent is Brian Smith, a.k.a. the Country Connection.





Brian Smith of the Country Connection Makes Connections in Another Country

Brian Smith and Leslie Rouda Smith
Brian Smith and Leslie Rouda Smith

The global community grew more united last month when the World Cup soccer tournament began in Brazil. But Brian Smith, a Realtor with Dave Perry-Miller & Associates, got a jump on the competition when he visited Argentina.

Smith, who was appointed a President’s Liaison to Argentina by the National Association of Realtors, spent June 3-7 in the capitol city of Buenos Aires, meeting with industry leaders from all 13 of the South American nation’s provinces.

“It went really well; very good rapport, very relaxed,” Smith said. “We invited them to our November NAR meeting in New Orleans to continue our relationship. And I got invited back to go fishing, so it was a success!”

Anyone who knows Smith will recognize the importance of that invitation. He bills himself as the Country Connection, because he specializes in selling ranches and other rural properties. Consequently, Smith was a little out of his element in Buenos Aires.

“It was all concrete and steel. It was killing me,” he said. “I just wanted to get over to Patagonia or Bariloche, but those are three-to-four-hour flights. It’d be like me wanting to go to California because I was going to meetings in Washington, D.C.”

Smith, a Certified International Property Specialist, said the real estate business is much different in Argentina. There’s nothing like the Multiple Listing Service there, so properties are primarily marketed via word of mouth. But the bigger culture shock is that there’s no financing; all purchases are made with cash.

“There are U.S. dollars in the mattresses down there,” Smith said with a laugh.

This was not Smith’s first international business trip of 2014. In May, he and his wife, Leslie Rouda Smith, were part of a 25-person delegation that visited Cuba. The idea, Brian said, was to build relationships in advance of the potential warming of relations between the United States and the Communist island.

“If they lift the embargo,” he said, “there’s a lot of real estate to be developed down there.”

Enjoy Wide, Open Spaces at These Beautiful Ranch Properties

The Dallas-Fort Worth area demonstrates a dichotomy between luxury homes and down-to-earth living. Perhaps no other home genre complements this complexity better than the luxury ranch. From Royse City to Saint Jo, Dave Perry-Miller & Associates presents some of the most beautifully pragmatic working ranches in the state.


Destination: Italy

Located on a whopping 550 acres approximately 50 minutes south of Dallas in a city called Italy, this working cattle ranch is situated atop rolling hills of prairie grass. This limestone ranch home was built along Chambers Creek and Houston Creek and has anything a cowpoke could want: exercise room, game room, oversized covered porch with living area, and dual infinity pools with a water slide.

Saint Jo

Adventure in Saint Jo

This custom stone home in Saint Jo is situated on 400 acres overlooking the Red River Valley. The home features a gourmet kitchen, game room, master bedroom with walkout arbor, and pool with outdoor kitchen. Additional amenities include five-stall barn, equipment barn, and apartment for guests. The home is surrounded by a lake, ponds, and miles of hiking trails.


A Little Bit Country in Kaufman

Majestic oak trees and a 10-acre lake surround this custom ranch home located in Kaufman. The house features a gourmet kitchen, open floor plan with 12-foot ceilings, covered porches, and energy-efficient variables. The property features a guest house, as well as two insulated barns and three pastures with loafing sheds.


Custom in Celina

This custom ranch is situated on a hilltop with 20-mile views of Celina. The property totals 22 acres, and the home features antique pine floors, gourmet kitchen, media room, game room, and a safe room. Also on site: a five-stall barn, animal pens, feed barn, and an upstairs two-bedroom apartment.

 Royse City horses

 Rural Beauty in Royse City

Forty minutes east of downtown is Royse City, and it’s where you’ll find this equestrian estate. Located on 55-acres, the home was constructed with Austin stone, rustic timbers, metal roof, and western finishes. Amenities include antique pine and travertine floors, gourmet kitchen, and pool with cabana and grill.