Fry, Hayes Treat Actors to an Afternoon at the Arboretum

Both Karen Fry and Meridith Hayes grew up going to musicals. So when the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate team found out “Beautiful: The Carol King Musical” was coming to Dallas in June,  they sensed a natural opportunity to reach out to the cast and staff, and show them around the vibrant city they love and serve. After all, Karen knows both the lead, Abby Mueller, and the understudy, Sarah Bockel, through her position on the Board of Trustees at Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre in Grand Lake, Colorado, where both are alumnae. This theatre is considered a huge stepping stone for the actors to Broadway, with many currently on Broadway and national tours.

Meridith Hayes and Karen Fry of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate with "Carole King" understudy Sarah Bockel.
Meridith Hayes and Karen Fry of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate with “Carole King” understudy Sarah Bockel.

In keeping with the theme of “beautiful,” the busy real estate agents decided to take a trip to Dallas’ own shining star, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Why not show one of the most gorgeous gardens in the world to the talented ensemble of “Beautiful?”

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate — a longtime sponsor of Arboretum events — and the Arboretum extended the invitation to the traveling cast and staff. It was well received. The group spent the morning touring the gardens, and afterward Meridith and Karen hosted a luncheon for them.

Surprise Ending to the Day

Perhaps as a cosmic token of gratitude, that evening as Karen arrived to the theatre, she received a text from Sarah about a surprise.

Karen recalled, “It was a “Beautiful” moment when I realized that my surprise was seeing my friend walk out on stage as the lead instead of the understudy! I have watched her talent blossom, so it was a teary-eyed moment to see her get to go on as Carole King, whom I grew up listening to.”

As it turned out, Karen had dropped off Sarah at her hotel at 2:00, and Sarah found out she was going on as lead at 6:00. (Abby had taken ill earlier in the day, and was actually unable to attend the Arboretum excursion.)

After the Beautiful day, Meridith was able to draw some parallels between what she and Karen do every day and what their Arboretum guests do.

Karen Fry (far left) and Meridith Hayes (far right) with the cast and crew of "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical."
Karen Fry (far left) and Meridith Hayes (far right) with the cast and crew of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.”

“Having an appreciation for the arts really does go hand in hand with selling real estate when you consider that it engrains in us an understanding for the finer talents of others,” Meridith said. “We see that every day from the architects, builders, designers, etc. who create the homes we sell.”

Karen added, “And if you are anywhere near Grand Lake, Colorado, this summer, go see the productions at Rocky Mountain Rep. The actor you see this summer could easily be on the stage in New York or Dallas next.”

Karen Fry, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent, and Sarah Bockel, "Carole King" understudy, enjoy the scenery with Mark Twain.
Karen Fry, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent, and Sarah Bockel, “Carole King” understudy, enjoy the scenery with Mark Twain.

Agents Represent Firm as Dallas Arboretum Hosts Corporate Sponsor Dinner in the Gardens

It’s no longer a secret: Dallas has become one of the hottest places in the country to live. And raise a family, do business, get cultured, enjoy good food… The list goes on. It also has primo latitude/longitude and average temperature going for it. This makes it an ideal locale for a year-round outdoor gathering place for folks from all walks of life. One like, say… the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

We are fortunate, as a city, to have this horticultural heaven along the southeastern shoreline of White Rock Lake, overlooking downtown Dallas. And we are honored, as a company, to financially support the Dallas Arboretum as they provide us with incredible beauty throughout the seasons.

Last night, the Arboretum feted its corporate sponsors at a special evening on the grounds, amidst the breathtaking display that is Dallas Blooms. And we dispatched 10 agents there to receive the appreciation on our behalf.

Dave Perry-Miller agents attending the dinner included (clockwise from top left): Weston Pugh, Meridith Hayes, Karen Fry, Curt and Paige Elliott, Lynn Beaurline, Christopher Miller, Katherene Hough, Amanda Davidson, and, not pictured, Betsy Weber Hurst.


As corporate sponsors, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to help produce and promote the following special events throughout the year:

DALLAS BLOOMS BRONZE EXHIBIT: Bringing the intricate, lifelike bronze-works of Gary Lee Price to the gardens, is one of our favorite sponsored events this spring. A fellow of the National Sculpture Society, Price has been recognized worldwide for his work uplifting the human spirit. This year during Dallas Blooms — the largest floral festival in the Southwest — his exhibit called “The Great Contributors” complements the overall annual theme, ”The Artistry in Nature.” Nine bronze statues, including such notable thinkers as Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet and The Wright Brothers, are on display throughout the garden. All around them the grounds explode with 100 kinds of spring bulbs, totaling 500,000 blooms. The exhibit is on display now through November 27, 2016.


MEMBER EASTER EGG HUNTS: Families appreciate the four opportunities on two consecutive weekends in March (March 18-19 & 25-26) to fill baskets and make memories. It makes us very proud to provide the consummate spring backdrop for photos of the little ones in their Easter best!

AUTUMN AT THE ARBORETUM: September 17 heralds that long-awaited time of year when we transition from longer, hotter summer days to shorter, cooler fall ones, complete with a pumpkin patch and the inimitable Pumpkin Village.

For more information on these Arboretum events and others, please visit the Arboretum’s website.