Agents of Change :: Betty Sanford Crawford

For a lesson in how to be an exemplary citizen of Dallas, look no further than Betty Sanford Crawford. This Top Producer and D Best agent loves and knows Dallas, and not just because she was born and raised here, and traverses its roads and highways daily showing homes with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. She and her family have helped shape Dallas in many ways, big and small, and they are truly invested in seeing it succeed.


Betty was taught at a very early age the importance of giving back by her parents, Curtis and Betty, and she eventually married the ideal partner and supporter who would pursue this life philosophy with her. Her husband, John, was for many years at the helm of the city’s urban resurgence through his leadership role at Downtown Dallas, Inc.


We asked Betty how her upbringing carried over into her personal and professional lives.


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DPM: Tell us a little about your background.
BSC: I am a second-generation Dallas native raised in the Park Cities, as was my mother. We have three generations of Bradfield Elementary School graduates in my family: my mom, my daughter and me.


DPM: How did you become involved with the Cotton Bowl and the Arboretum?
BSC: My dad was the founder of the Cotton Bowl Classic, the New Year’s Day game. After watching SMU in the Rose Bowl January 1, 1936, he returned to Dallas to begin planning the Cotton Bowl post-season game for Dallas. You could say I was involved with the Cotton Bowl before I was born.


My involvement with the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden began as a visitor who simply loved to enjoy the view and the lovely gardens. Over the years, the Arboretum has grown to become one of the world’s most-visited gardens and tops in the U.S.


DPM: What are your roles now with each of these Dallas landmarks?
BSC: For the Cotton Bowl, I serve on the Board of Directors as does my husband John, a previous Chairman. I am also on the Board for the Arboretum.


Agents of Change: Betty Sanford Crawford


DPM: What are some other ways you serve/have served your city?
BSC: It has been my joy to be involved in these and several other worthy organizations including the Junior League of Dallas, Crystal Charity Ball, Sweetheart Ball, and the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament to name a few.


DPM: What makes you most proud to be from Dallas?
BSC: The spirit of volunteerism in Dallas is exceeded by no other city. For the last 40 years and during my time as a real estate agent, I’ve enjoyed being able to share this spirit and all Dallas has to offer with the many families transferring to our area.


Thank you, Betty, for sharing your gifts and time to help make Dallas the thriving, culturally rich, world-renowned metropolis that it is today.