10 Lots for Your Dream Home


Sometimes, your dream home is only in your mind.


When the time comes to build your ideal home, there are a plethora of factors to consider  — from choosing the best tile to deciding what the best course of action is when building in a floodplain. While there are some decisions you can tackle on your own, expert advice — such as renowned local design studio M Gooden Design — is always welcome.


Begin your dream home search with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and choose from these exceptional lots across North Texas to help transform those dreams into reality.


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

8511 Inwood Road | Devonshire | $1,995,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

6607 Belmead Drive | North Dallas | $1,699,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

4512 Lorraine Avenue | Highland Park | $1,495,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

7298 Williamson Road | Lakewood | $1,290,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

000 Copper Canyon Road | Copper Canyon | $1,000,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

2916 Dyer Street | University Park | $895,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

7003 Irongate Lane | Lakewood | $550,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

88 Vanguard Way | Urban Reserve | $549,930



7538 Malabar Lane | Janmar | $435,000


10 Lots for Your Dream Home

Lot 48 Nautical Drive | Quinlan | $129,000


To view more noteworthy lots, visit www.daveperrymiller.com/lots-acreage/ .

10 Must-See Open Houses


Enjoy your weekend with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and our amazing agents at these properties.


10 Must-See Open Houses

3030 McKinney Avenue #2101-3 | Uptown | $1,400,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

2302 Kessler Parkway | Kessler Park | $1,150,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

6569 Lafayette Way | North Dallas | $999,999


10 Must-See Open Houses

6030 Goodwin Avenue | Lower Greenville | $850,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

9920 Spirehaven Lane | Lake Highlands | $789,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

7116 Cornelia Lane | Lakewood | $680,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

5720 Misted Breeze Drive | West Plano | $675,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

10144 Cromwell Drive | Northwest Dallas | $565,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

7332 Rustic Valley Drive | Prestonwood | $549,000


10 Must-See Open Houses

6017 Ellsworth Avenue | Wilshire Heights | $459,000


To view all our open houses and discover dates and times, visit openhouse.daveperrymiller.com.

How to Style Your Bedside Table


How to Style Your Bedside Table


Clear your mind and get a good night’s rest with a clean and organized bedside table.


We’ve gathered experts’ advice on what you need on your bedside table for a restful sleep.


Must-Have Essentials


For a well-balanced nightstand, outfit your bedside with a lamp that has a yellow-based light. A good book to read will help your mind slow down and calm your eyes from staring at screens all day. Experts recommend reading books that aren’t too thrilling or engrossing, which will also keep you up later than you’d like.


Keep hydrated with a glass of water next to your bed. Keeping water close will prevent you from heading to the kitchen, where late-night snack temptations exist.


A pen and paper are essential for any last-minute ideas for tasks and thoughts you have.


An alarm clock separate from your phone will wake you up on time without having your phone screen be the first thing you look at in the morning.


Stay Organized


Keep a small jewelry dish or tray on your nightstand for any rings, bracelets or earrings.


A storage basket underneath the nightstand, or a nightstand with drawers, is key for keeping too much clutter from piling onto the tabletop.


A small tray or basket for hand cream or a calming lavender spray is a necessity for keeping skin hydrated throughout the evening. Keep your lip balm nearby, too.


Scents and Sounds


Just as the smell of coffee helps you wake up in the morning, so too do certain scents help you fall asleep at night.


Lavender, vanilla and jasmine are experts’ recommendations to calm the body and mind. Burn the scents through your favorite candles or essential oil diffusers.


If ambient noise is a distracting factor for you, drown them away with a sound machine evoking dreamy beach waves or a rainstorm.


Final Touches


Add small plants, such as succulents, or a floral bud vase, to bring a little life and color to your bedside table.


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Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Celebrates 10 Years with 140+ Open Houses

Sunday, May 21st, marks the 10th anniversary of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. The brand, which was absorbed into the Ebby Halliday Family of Companies a decade ago, has steadily risen in the ranks of area brokerages over a relatively short period of time. It had ascended to the number one spot for total sales volume in Dallas proper by the end of 2016 and has maintained this placement through Q1 of 2017 (according to MLS data for Areas 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 25).

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate has purchased five billboards around Dallas to promote this Sunday's Open House extravaganza.
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate has purchased five billboards around Dallas to promote this Sunday’s Open House extravaganza.

To celebrate the milestone — an impressive achievement given the company’s formidable competition and the prolific nature of the industry – agents will be holding open 140+ homes citywide, as well as handing out token gifts to attendees as a “thank you” for supporting the brand.

“In its infancy, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate survived the 2008-2010 market downturn,” said Ebby Halliday CFO Ron Burgert, “and continued not only to grow, but to thrive. This is a testament to the caliber and resolve of the many agents who have remained loyal through the years. They’ve worked hard to make sure clients understand the brand’s core values of service, excellence and unparalleled market knowledge. Once you get someone to experience this difference for themselves, they typically make the shift to seeing a DPM agent as their ‘agent for life.’”

To promote the open home tour — extending from Southlake to Rockwall, and Prosper to South Dallas — the firm has taken out five digital billboards and two full page ads in the Dallas Morning News and ramped up its email efforts and social media presence. For a complete list of homes that will be held open today, visit openhouse.daveperrymiller.com.

Firm fills 11 leadership positions for MetroTex

In North Texas alone, there are 18,000 people involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. Since that’s a pretty sizeable bunch, odds are you know at least one of them, right? Especially with the crazy-strong housing market we’ve had the last few years. “For Sale” signs are everywhere, and hundreds of new agents have gotten their licenses.

Like any reputable industry, these local real estate professionals look to a unifying umbrella organization to help them maintain and further their careers and interests. MetroTex Association of REALTORS® is this organization. They offer programs to advance agent development, lobby for both consumers and REALTORS in Austin, promote diversity within the field and more. Established in 1917, MetroTex represents the entire North Texas region as the area’s largest REALTOR association. It is the second largest Association of REALTORS in Texas, and fourth in the country!

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate — both the brokerage and the individual agents who comprise it — not only benefits from the work MetroTex does, they contribute to it in many significant ways. This year, several agents across the five Dallas offices (Highland Park, InTown, Lakewood, Park Cities and Preston Center) are serving fellow real estate professionals — and ultimately the buyers and sellers who rely on them — in various leadership capacities.

Untitled design (8)


James Eriksson Martin (top left) – Incoming President
Patty Brooks (top center) – MLS Representative for Oak Cliff
Becky Connatser (top right) – Past President Appointee
Kimberlee Gromatzky (not pictured) – Global Affairs Committee
Eric Holmes
(middle left) – MLS Representative for East Dallas
Angela McCants (middle center) – Vice Chair of Public Education
Dave Millheiser (not pictured) – Global Business Council Advisory Board and Member, Professional Development Committee
Robb Puckett (middle right) – Vice Chair of Professional Development
Alicia Schroeder (bottom left) – Board of Directors and Chair of Public Education
Brian Smith (not pictured) – Global Business Council Advisory Board and Member
Kristin Smith
(bottom center) – Board of Directors and Chair of Young Professionals Network

As President, James Martin has this to say about 2017:

“MetroTex is poised for an exceptional year — incidentally our Centennial — where anything is possible. We’re committed to our cities, members and clients, and with that in mind, we have many events planned. We are launching a four-part New Professionals Entrepreneur Breakfast Series geared toward professional development. We will also be holding five tree-planting community service events throughout the year, with the first to take place next month in South Dallas. Our goal is also to give away 100 trees, free to the communities we serve. Those are just a few examples.

MetroTex has a long tradition of success, and we will use this solid foundation to build a greater tomorrow. Of course, building a greater tomorrow starts today!”

Congratulations to all for making a difference in North Texas real estate!




Hammond Joins Highland Park Office

We’re thrilled to announce Kay Hammond has joined the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate family in our Highland Park office. If you know Kay from previous real estate encounters, then you know she has a reputation as a matchmaker. Just give her your wish list, and she’ll find the right one for you — home, that is.

Kay Hammond Joins Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate
Kay Hammond Joins Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

Making love connections between buyers and sellers is a rewarding experience for both Kay and her clients. Throughout her impressive real estate career, which includes 28 years as owner of her own leasing company (Apartment Home Search), all have learned to rely on her instincts. Kay knows the market top to bottom, and side to side. She enjoys telling people about what a wonderful city Dallas is and all it has to offer – including its unique, close proximity to mountains and beaches from DFW and Love Field.

When Kay was in her leasing phase, she worked closely with Ameri-Corp, the forerunner to Altair Global. They awarded her the Star of Excellence, the only time in its history it’s been given to an individual!

Kay hails from Duncan, OK, where her family moved when her father was drafted. In addition to being a REALTOR®, she’s raised two realtors. She also loves being with friends and family (she and her husband have 16 grandchildren between them), reading and attempting to play golf.

Welcome, Kay Hammond!

Firm Celebrates Top Producers, Record-Breaking Year at Annual Awards Evening

Award show season is not just a celebration of Hollywood’s elite. Every February, right here in Dallas, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate celebrates the biggest and brightest stars of our industry as well.

Last Thursday evening, February 18, as agents gathered at the Dallas Country Club, firm founder Dave Perry-Miller addressed the room, acknowledging the tremendous achievements of everyone there, including the top producers. The excitement was palpable as results were a closely guarded secret heading into the event.

Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner
Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner

“The annual awards banquet motivates me to be at the office some mornings at 5:00am and to take client calls until 10:30pm, or later,” says InTown Top Producer Brian Bleeker. “We all work hard to be the best at what we do.”

Perry-Miller also welcomed the Ebby Halliday corporate representatives in attendance, including President/CEO Mary Frances Burleson, CFO Ron Burgert, and Vice President and Director of Sales Betty Misko.

“We celebrate our success this past year as a company with $2.26 billion in sales,” Perry-Miller began. “This evening is our time to gather as a family and celebrate the accomplishments of everyone in this room. You deserve to be recognized for the exceptional level of sales that you created this past year.”

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Leadership Team
Ron Burgert (Ebby Halliday CFO), Dave Perry-Miller (Firm Founder), Gaynelle Henger (Preston Center Office Manager), Becky Connatser (InTown Office Manager), Lee Thomas (Park Cities and Lakewood Office Manager), Robb Puckett (Highland Park Office Manager)

The firm’s five office managers then came forward and began handing out the hard-won awards to their respective teams.


  • The Bradley/Levine Team with Lindsey Bradley and Lesli Marcus Levine
  • Stephen Collins
  • Paige and Curt Elliott
  • Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
  • Stewart Lee
  • Christine McKenny
  • Julie Provenzano
  • Sharon Quist
  • Debbie Sherrington
  • Brian Smith



  • Top Individual Units: Tie – Claudine King, Julie Provenzano
  • Top Individual GCI: Stephen Collins
  • Top Team Units: Lindsey Bradley, Lesli Marcus Levine
  • Top Team GCI: Christine McKenny, Megan Stern
  • Top Group Units: Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
  • Top Group GCI: Phyllis Glover Group with Sissy Pardue
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Park Cities Office
Park Cities Top Producers (L-R), front row: Claudine King, Sissy Pardue, Phyllis Glover, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott. Back row: Stewart Lee, Sharon Quist, Curt Elliott, Christine McKenny. Not pictured: Lindsey Bradley, Lesli Marcus Levine, Julie Provenzano, Debbie Sherrington, Brian Smith, Megan Stern.


  • Marissa Fontanez
  • Heather Guild Group with Skylar Champion
  • Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
  • Nancy Johnson with Alex Simpson
  • Mary Rinne
  • Meg Skinner



  • Top Individual Units: Nancy Johnson
  • Top Individual GCI: Nancy Johnson
  • Top Team Units: Martin Mayer Team with Erica Martin and Brandi Mayer
  • Top Team GCI: Martin Mayer Team with Erica Martin and Brandi Mayer
  • Top Group Units: Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
  • Top Group GCI: Scott Jackson Team with Ashley Rasmussen and Lauren Moore
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Lakewood Office
Lakewood Top Producers (L-R), front row: Nancy Johnson, Marissa Fontanez, Meg Skinner, Scott Jackson, Brandi Mayer, Erica Martin, Mary Rinne. Back row: Skylar Champion, Heather Guild, Lauren Moore. Not pictured: Ashley Rasmussen, Alex Simpson.


  • Hewitt & Habgood Group – Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Brian Bleeker, Melissa O’Brien
  • Emily Ray-Porter Group – Emily Ray-Porter, Henry Barber, Jessica Hill, Macy Riley
  • Gullotto-Barnes Group – Joseph Gullotto, Jarrad Barnes, Stephene Tolocko, Frances Jacobs
  • Meyer Group – Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Michone Reese
  • Brandon Fleeman with Koda Reed
  • J.L. Forke
  • The Wayne Garcia Group – Wayne Garcia, Jerry Gutierrez, Michael Hubach, Amie Myers
  • Christopher Miller
  • Layne-Rothwell Group – Trina Rothwell, Paul Layne
  • The Martin Group – Eloise Martin, James Martin
  • Karen Estes



  • Top Individual Units: Brandon Fleeman
  • Top Individual GCI: Brandon Fleeman
  • Top Group Units: Hewitt & Habgood Group
  • Top Group GCI: Hewitt & Habgood Group
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 InTown Office
InTown Top Producers (L-R), front row: Christopher Miller, Macy Riley, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullotto, Jarrad Barnes, Stephene Tolocko, Eloise Martin, Melissa O’Brien. Back row: Paul Layne, Trina Rothwell, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Brandon Fleeman, Koda Reed, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, J.L. Forke, Wayne Garcia, James Martin, Steve Habgood, Brian Bleeker. Not pictured: Karen Estes, Jerry Gutierrez, Kathy Hewitt, Jessica Hill, Michael Hubach, Amie Myers, Michone Reese.


  • The Haven Group – Erin Ballard, Ashley Beane, Thomas Bellinger, Shirley Cohn, John Eller, Forrest Gregg, Sara Johnson, Chari Oglesby, Sharon Palmer, Alexis Pearl, Chris Pyle, Sylvia Scott, Susie Thompson, Kate Looney Walters, Catherine Wilson
  • The Rhodes Group – Tom Rhodes, Jr., Burton Rhodes, Dan Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes, Neil Broussard, Janet Malone, Nina Sachse
  • Ralph Randall
  • Gianna Cerullo
  • Brady Moore
  • Marlene Jaffe
  • Michelle Hopson
  • Stephen Pryor
  • Scott Kaserman



  • Top Individual Units: Brady Moore
  • Top Individual CGI: Ralph Randall
  • Top Group Units: The Haven Group
  • Top Group CGI: The Haven Group
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Highland Park Office
Highland Park Top Producers (L-R), front row: Shirley Cohn, Ashley Beane, Susie Thompson, Kate Looney Walters, Catherine Wilson, Sharon Palmer, Nina Sachse. Back row: Mysti Newberry Stewart, Sara Johnson, Thomas Bellinger, Chris Pyle, Forrest Gregg, Stephen Pryor, Ralph Randall, Dan Rhodes, Burton Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes, Brady Moore. Not pictured: Erin Ballard, Neil Broussard, Gianna Cerullo, John Eller, Michelle Hopson, Marlene Jaffe, Scott Kaserman, Janet Malone, Chari Oglesby, Alexis Pearl, Tom Rhodes, Jr., Sylvia Scott.



  • Updike│Pugh – Jeff Updike, Weston Pugh, Jan Folmar, David Lee
  • Thayer-Braymer Group – Jonathan Thayer, Gayl Braymer
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Mark Cain
  • Martha and McKamy Tiner
  • Chad Shulin
  • Ginger Levine & Jill Rasansky
  • Molly Malone
  • Kim and Taylor Gromatzky
  • Karen Fry



  • Top Producer GCI: Jennifer Miller
  • Top Producer Units: Jennifer Miller
  • Top Team GCI: Thayer-Braymer
  • Top Team GCI: Thayer-Braymer
  • Top Group GCI: Updike│Pugh
  • Top Group Units: Updike│Pugh
Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Top Producers 2016 Preston Center Office
Top producers (L-R), front row: Jill Rasansky, Molly Malone, Mark Cain, Karey Fry, Jennifer Miller, Gayl Braymer. Back row: Ginger Levine, Chad Schulin, Weston Pugh, David Lee, Jeff Updike, Kim Gromatzky, Taylor Gromatzky. Not pictured: Jan Folmar, Jonathan Thayer, Martha Tiner, McKamy Tiner.

As the evening wrapped up, Perry-Miller reiterated the firm’s secret for success.

“So many firms have mission statements. But how many times do you read a mission statement and then become disappointed, angry even, because it says one thing, but the experience you get is so completely different. What makes all of you in this room exceptional is that you live our core principle — treat other people as you would like to be treated — every day, every month, every year. And look at the results!”

Firm Expands Global Reach with the Addition of Hanne Sagalowsky to Team

The real estate world continues to grow ever smaller thanks to advances in technology and transportation that connect buyers and sellers thousands of miles apart. Therefore, strategic agents with a global mindset — like Hanne Sagalowsky –grow ever more essential to the future success of residential real estate firms. For this reason, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is thrilled to announce the addition of the native Dane to the luxury brand’s roster.

hanne sagalowsky pic for blog

In 1989, when Hanne was transitioning from a teaching career to residential real estate, she told her fellow rookie agents during training she was going to focus on having an international reach. She was laughed at.

However, her background as a foreign student (attending Indiana University for her B.A and M.A, and completing an International Baccalaureate program in Denmark), along with her genuinely adventurous personality, her interest in foreign languages (she is fluent in three), and her desire to learn, all told her to press on — this was the way to go! Fast forward to today, 25+ years into an incredibly successful global career, and it’s obvious her instincts were spot on.

“In getting to know Hanne,” firm founder Dave Perry-Miller says, “I was really intrigued to learn of her perseverance on this particular career path. She could see the bigger picture and was quite ahead of her time in doing the legwork to position her so well for today’s competitive market.”

Besides being a long-term top producer, Hanne continues to hone her expertise in this area. She is one of 2,300 real estate professionals worldwide with a CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) designation. This means she completed rigorous course work that enables her to understand and guide the global buyer.  She recently attended the Luxury Portfolio International® Symposium in Berlin with an exclusive list of 150 professionals from 19 countries. Hanne also currently serves on the National Association of Realtors® Leadership Team as the liaison to all global committees — and is the only “Texan” on the team.

About her transition to the firm, Hanne says, “Servicing a luxury clientele discreetly and professionally is what Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate does best. Because of my knowledge of immigration laws, tax laws and currency fluctuations, and my regular exposure to international buyers and sellers, I can help bridge the gap with the high-end client looking to move to or from this fabulous cosmopolitan area.”

Hanne and her husband Arthur Sagalowsky, M.D., Professor of Urology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, are themselves residents of Preston Hollow, and have two adult children and two grandchildren, with two more on the way. They enjoy bi-coastal travel to visit their family, and love that their home in Dallas is right in the middle.

Hanne has garnered the following awards and credentials:

  • NAR® Leadership Team 2016
  • NAR President’s Liaison to Denmark & Sweden 2016
  • Chair, Strategic Planning Committee for Texas Association of Realtors 2016
  • RPAC Hall of Fame
  • Omega Tau Rho Medal for exceptional service to the Real Estate Profession
  • Past Recipient of the Lois Hair Bernays “Realtor of the Year” award
  • Past President Metro-Tex Association of Realtors
  • Board Member NAR
  • Past President & Director NTREIS (Regional MLS)
  • Graduate Realtor Institute
  • Certified Residential Specialist
  • Accredited Buyers’ Representative
  • Dallas Historic House Specialist

Wagstaff Brings Lake Highlands Expertise to Heather Guild Group

Haley Wagstaff is coming home. Effective January 1, 2016, Wagstaff joins Heather Guild and Skylar Champion in the Heather Guild Group at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Lakewood office. It’s a reunion of sorts for Guild and Wagstaff who first met at the firm’s InTown office early in their careers.

heather guild group first set-4

“We couldn’t be more pleased about how well Haley complements our East Dallas focus with her strong background in both Lake Highlands and Lakewood real estate,” Guild says. “She fits right in with what we’re doing.”

During their time at InTown, the women bonded over the challenges of running a real estate business and a family at the same time. Now they look forward to creating a powerful synergy that will guide buyers and sellers to a positive, memorable real estate experience. Guild recently cast new vision for the group, explaining the role Wagstaff will play.

“We’ve found that many of our first time buyers like to explore all of East Dallas,” Guild says. “That means they inevitably want to see homes in the M-Streets, Lakewood, Lake Highlands and elsewhere. Because Haley is a resident of Lake Highlands and familiar with the schools, subdivisions, new developments, etc., and because she has worked extensively in this part of town, she will be a terrific resource for our clients, giving them a strategic advantage when it comes time to buy/sell.”

Adds Wagstaff, “I was already “living, loving, listing” Lake Highlands – this move just makes it official!”

In 2014, Wagstaff was named one of the Top 25 Realtors in Lake Highlands by the Lake Highlands Advocate. She also already ascribes to the Group’s philosophy that clients have a choice when it comes to selecting a real estate agent.

“Extensive market knowledge, impeccable customer service and skilled negotiating is why Heather Guild Group clients choose us,” Wagstaff says. “And why they come back again and again. I’m excited to give them one more reason to.”

Preston Hollow Home Featured on Recent Webisode of ModernDallas.tv

6337 Orchid then.


6337 Orchid now.


Wow, right? In case you’re wondering, yes, this 1951 ranch-style was taken down to the foundation. So while the footprint and the view are the basically the same, little else is.

Karen Fry, the Dave Perry-Miller agent representing this 5,210 square-foot Preston Hollow beauty, says this about the renovation: “Chris Cole engaged me throughout the entire design process of 6337 Orchid Lane.  It was a fascinating process, watching his artistic vision transform a 1950’s ranch into a modern soft contemporary home. Because of my 25 years in the Preston Hollow area, I was able to help him give potential buyers what they were looking for.” The property is being listed at $1,925,000.

Just look at it today! An open and flexible floor plan, clean lines, neutral palette, expansive wall spaces perfect for art and an abundance of natural light blend to create a home perfect for entertaining as well as comfortable family living.


The custom glass and iron entry door open to the light-filled foyer, which is flanked by a formal dining room with handsome fireplace and a formal living area.



The great or family room is anchored by an inviting fireplace and offers additional views and access to the backyard and entertaining courtyard through the wall of floor to ceiling windows and doors.



The conveniently located wet bar is equipped with a stainless wine refrigerator while the nearby butler’s pantry that doubles as a catering kitchen with an additional oversized walk-in pantry round out the kitchen.


A gourmet kitchen appointed with custom rift-cut white oak cabinetry, waterfall island with sink, Thermador Professional Series appliances, quartzite surfaces, and Ann Sacks tile backsplash opens onto the sun-filled breakfast/morning room with walls of windows and doors leading to the entertaining patio.




The master suite is a true escape with an adjacent sitting room/office, doors with access and views of the patio.


A luxurious spa-inspired master bath features free standing tub, walk-in shower and stone surfaces.




The master also offers dual master closets, one complimented by a center packing island with built-in storage and Danby countertop.


The second closet offers access to an additional and separate cedar closet.


The southeast wing of the house offers three bedrooms; one with an ensuite bath and walk-in shower and two additional bedrooms with separate vanities and shared shower and bath.




The second story media room with full bath could easily be purposed into a fifth bedroom or guest quarters.


6337 Orchid is in close proximity to the best private and public schools in Dallas, shopping, dining and all that Dallas has to offer. It’s a home of the highest quality, sophistication and comfort, and sets the stage for today’s modern living.

For more information or to schedule a private showing, contact Karen Fry at kfry@daveperrymiller.com or call 214-288-1391.