Gruber Named New Preston Center Office Manager

Diane Gruber has been appointed sales manager of the Preston Center Office of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. Betty Misko, Executive Vice President & Director of Sales Offices of the Ebby Halliday Companies, made the announcement Friday, April 14.

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“Diane is what I would call an agent’s agent,” Misko says. “She began her career in real estate in 1978 and brings with her a thorough understanding of all aspects of the industry. She has perfected her marketing and lead generation techniques, and knows how to work effectively with clients. With her even temperament, positive outlook and exceptional people skills, she can pass this extensive knowledge along in a productive way to her up-and-coming agents. Conversely, Diane has much to offer even the seasoned agents who already respect her, having worked alongside her for years.”

Gruber majored in real estate and management at SMU. After graduation, she began her career in the relocation domain, ultimately becoming the relocation manager for one of the largest companies in Dallas. Having worked with numerous high-profile clients, she blended flawlessly into Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s unique culture because of the prioritization she already placed on discretion and confidentiality. Gruber has also been a consistent Top Ten Producer for the company, including earning this status again for 2016.

“Her teammate and daughter, Becky, will prove a powerful influence for helping Diane keep the Dave Perry-Miller brand top of mind,” Misko continued. “She understands the mindset of young buyers, who make up a large percentage of those in the market today. I believe this office will reach even greater heights with Diane at the helm.”

“I am looking forward to my new role as manager of our flagship office,” Gruber says. “It is a great office filled with great agents!”

Carneal Named Preston Center Office Manager

Today was a red-letter day in the life of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Preston Center office. After going for more than a month without a permanent office manager, senior management representatives from parent company Ebby Halliday stopped by to let agents know a replacement had been determined. The reins will go to longtime associate Charles Carneal.

Ebby Halliday CEO Mary Frances Burleson, CFO Ron Burgert, newly announced Preston Center Office Manager Charles Carneal, and Executive VP and Director of Sales Offices, Betty Misko.
Ebby Halliday CEO Mary Frances Burleson, CFO Ron Burgert, newly announced Preston Center Office Manager Charles Carneal, and Executive VP and Director of Sales Offices, Betty Misko.

Betty Misko, Executive Vice President & Director of Sales Offices, acknowledged that while finding someone to lead the team of 85 agents quickly was preferable, it was more important that the process be allowed to thoroughly play out so the right person would be hired. She reassured those gathered they felt it had done so.

“We know how much you all want someone you know and trust and respect,” Misko said. “To preserve the established culture, we knew this person most likely had already been involved with the DPM brand for a long time. Charles Carneal has been here almost 15 years, and he has contributed much to the healthy, productive environment you enjoy today.”

In his first official remarks to the group as office manager, Carneal started by saying, “I chose to wear this green tie to the meeting for a couple of reasons. First, I am a prisoner of Ralph Lauren. He gets the importance of branding, just like we all do as agents working for one of the most successful luxury brokerages in town.”

“I also wore the tie because it’s green like grass,” Carneal continued. “For anyone tempted to think the grass may be greener elsewhere, I would remind them: the only time the grass is actually greener on the other side, is when they maintain it better. My focus here will be on fertilizing and watering the grass. There won’t be a lot of change because what we have seems to be working well.”

As office manager, Carneal sees his job as “attracting, training and supporting the best, most-productive agents in Dallas.” (The office has the numbers to prove that last part.)

“What I liked most in his interview,” Misko said, “was that he never even asked how much the job pays. I could just tell he’s really looking forward to teaching and helping all of you.”

Ebby Halliday CEO Mary Frances Burleson jokingly added, “Please help him fertilize and mow.”

CFO Ron Burgert concluded the meeting by re-affirming the parent company’s support for and commitment to Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,” said Burgert emphatically. “This brand has had a tremendous past several years, and we will do everything we can to see that it has many more.”

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is a division of Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc.