Seize the Opportunity to Talk about “Senior Rightsizing” with Your Family This Holiday Season

For many families, the holidays are the one time a year when members come from far and wide to be together. Time is precious and sacred because often multiple generations are present, and the focus is on catching up, enjoying each other’s company and reliving memories.  Two Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents think this is an optimal time to broach a particular topic.

“In addition to talking about the past, discuss what the future holds, too,” C C Allen, Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) says. “Especially if signs during the visit point to your aging parent needing to consider a move into other living arrangements.”

“Talking about this with your loved one doesn’t have to be unpleasant,” Angela McCants, CSA and Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) says. “When approached with compassion and thoughtfully researched options, it can actually be a relief for them.”


More and more senior adults and their caregiver families are facing the challenges of “rightsizing” – moving the parent(s) into a smaller home or assisted living community.

“A move can be overwhelming for all involved,” McCants says. “I’ve been through it with my own parents, and I learned what the wrong way is. We want to put this experience to work helping others do it more effectively.”

To help families navigate these waters, Allen and McCants plan to schedule free help sessions (group or individual) after the first of the year. They will get into specifics in the help session including: senior living options, questions for touring senior living communities, tips for the moving process, guidance on estate sales and more.

In the meantime, when family gathers over the holidays, observe and keep the following questions in the back of your mind. The answers will come in handy when the time for action comes:

  • What type of lifestyle does your parent need and want – now and in the future?
  • Where do they stand financially with regard to realizing any lifestyle changes?
  • What would they need to do to prepare for a move?


For more information or to schedule a help session, please contact or

In addition to selling residential real estate, Angela McCants (L) and C C Allen (R) enjoy helping seniors and their families transition well to new living arrangements.


Senior Lifestyle Specialists to Discuss How to Best Move Your Aging Parents

Angela McCants and C C Allen are agents in Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Preston Center Office.

As the population ages, thousands of Dallas families are faced with the challenges of assisting aging parents with relocating into more manageable or supportive housing.

To help North Dallas caregivers and families better deal with the complexities involved in late-life moves, Angela McCants and C C Allen of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate are partnering with sponsors of to provide a seminar called “Moving Mom and Dad: 5 Common Mistakes Adult Children of Aging Par­ents Make and How to Avoid Them.” The casual and interactive educational forum will take place from 8:15 to 10a.m. on April 21 at the Park City Club.

The seminar will include a presentation of the five most common mistakes adult children of aging parents make when moving Mom and Dad, including solutions and strategies for avoiding such pitfalls. Topics include effective conversation starters, locating local support­ive housing options, finding and hiring qualified service providers, and insuring adequate documentation for assisting transitioning aging parents.

“As North Dallas Realtors specializing in the 55 and older market, it is our goal to insure that older adults and their families are adequately equipped and aware of all the senior-living options and resources available to them,” McCants says. “Adult children often find themselves making hard decisions, while trying to navigate in uncharted territory. Through seminars like this one, we hope to provide helpful insights and useful information about the relo­cation and real estate processes, so families can focus on what is most important — their elder loved one.

“Late-life moves, especially involving frail elders, can be overwhelming, but fortunately there are people who can help. Families don’t have to carry all the burden.”

Tickets can be purchased at They cost $35, which includes a full breakfast.

For more information, contact Angela McCants at 214-369-6000 or and C C Allen at 214-912-8326 or