Pac-Man is Chomping His Way Through Your Neighborhood, Thanks to Google

If you haven’t used Google Maps this week, then you’re missing out on a great April Fool’s Day/Easter present. In addition to the traditional Map and Earth views, Google Maps now has a Pac-Man option. Virtually any street grid can be turned into a Pac-Man board, complete with the titular chomper and those pesky ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

Media outlets such as Forbes and Wired have already detailed some of the best places to play this new version of the game. We decided to give it a try near a few of our properties of distinction.

It works at 3700 Euclid Avenue in Highland Park …


… at 6627 Lakewood Boulevard in Lakewood …


… and at 1136 Turner Avenue in Kessler Park.


We’re not sure how long Google will keep the game active, so type in your address today and see how it goes. Then let us know where Dallas’ best Pac-Man locations are.