Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Agents Conduct Business in Many Languages

Henda Salmeron is fluent in five languages.

Our most multilingual Realtor has to be Henda Salmeron, who speaks Afrikaans, French, German, and Spanish — plus English, of course. But she’s not the only Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent who’s comfortable conversing in a foreign tongue. If your transaction requires a translation, call on one of these agents.

Arabic: Lola Hashem-Ali and Mohammed Jaber

Farsi: Alex Roostaei

French: Anne Bingham, Jessica Carew, Betty Crawford, Christopher Miller, and Carol Nicoud

German: Markus Hirschbrich

Greek: Cathy Semos

Italian: Carmen DiPenti

Polish: Anne Bingham

Spanish: Jessica Carew, Charles Carneal, Curt Elliott, Marissa Fontanez, Phyllis Glover, John Gonzalez, Kathy Hewitt, Adriana Higgins, Judith Lifson, Brady Mooreand Alex Roostaei

Ukrainian: Anne Bingham

Courtyard Brings New Orleans Flavor to Dines and Kraft Tudor in Lakewood


The stunning Dines and Kraft Tudor at 6914 Westlake Avenue has plenty of curb appeal, but its crown jewel is at the rear of the property. In lieu of a backyard, this Lakewood home boasts a romantic courtyard that will transport you and your guests to New Orleans. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Henda Salmeron is offering the home for $999,000.

The courtyard features multiple seating areas on two levels, a centerpiece fountain, and a fireplace. The entire scene can also be taken in from above, thanks to the Big Easy-style balcony attached to the master suite. The courtyard provides a seamless transition between the house and the guest quarters, which are attached to a two-garage complemented by a car port.




This home, which dates to 1928 but has been expanded and remodeled, offers an additional outdoor entertaining area separate from the courtyard. At the front of the house is a screened-in porch with a ceiling fan. The porch has its own exterior door, but it can also be accessed from the formal living room and the den.




The formal living room is the first room your guests will see when they enter the front door. They’ll immediately get a sense of the home’s attractive details, including soaring ceilings and arched interior doorways. The living room features a wall of stained-glass windows and a fireplace framed by intricately designed tiles.




Beyond two of the aforementioned arched doorways are the den and the dining room. The latter room is connected to the kitchen by a breakfast room with a buffet counter and built-in shelves. The kitchen features stainless-steel appliances, glass-front white cabinets, and a backsplash of painted tiles.




There are two bedrooms downstairs, but the master suite is on the second level, along with a fourth bedroom and a third living area. The master suite boasts an exceptional walk-in closet and a claw-footed tub.




This home is in a premier location, with Lakewood Elementary School and the shores of White Rock Lake just blocks away. To schedule a showing, contact Henda Salmeron at 214-991-2237.

Photos by Shoot2Sell

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Honors Top Producers of an Outstanding Year

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents and staff gathered at Dallas Country Club on March 5 to honor the top producers of 2014, a record-breaking year for the firm that represents the leading brand for properties of distinction in Dallas’ established neighborhoods. The managers of five offices gave out awards to individuals, groups, and teams based on production, income, and homes sold.


Standing: Ralph Randall, Forrest Gregg, Chris Pyle, Susie Thompson, Shirley Cohn, Greg Iker, Stephen Pryor, John Weber, Chris Hickman, Sonia Villareal, Susan Schweidel, Dan Rhodes, and Thomas Rhodes; Seated: Madeline Jobst, Shannon Blount, Sharon Palmer, Kate Walters, Robb Puckett, Ashley Beane, Brady Moore, Burton Rhodes, and Christine McKenny

The Highland Park Office at 5500 Preston Road is managed by Robb Puckett. Its top producers were:

1. The Rhodes Group
2. The Haven Group
3. Hickman+Weber Group
4. Ralph Randall
5. Brady Moore
6. Christine McKenny
7. Gianna Cerullo
8. Madeline Jobst
9. Stephen Pryor
10. Shannon Blount

Ralph Randall was the top individual per income. Brady Moore was the top individual per homes sold. The Rhodes Group was the top group per income. The Haven Group was the top group per homes sold.


Standing: Jarrad Barnes, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullutto, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Brittani Frankowiak, Macy Riley, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Eloise Eriksson Martin, and Brandon Fleeman; Seated: Patty Brooks, Brian Bleeker, Stephene Tolocko, Melissa O’Brien, Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Jim Berrong, Jessica Hill, James Martin, and Andy Steingasser

The InTown Office at 2828 Routh Street is managed by Becky Connatser. Its top producers were:

1. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group
2. The Emily Ray-Porter Group
3. The Gullutto-Barnes Group
4. Brandon Fleeman
5. Patty Brooks
6. The Martin Group
7. Jim Berrong
8. The Meyer Group
9. Brian Davis
T10. Premier Associates
T10. Brittani Frankowiak

Brandon Fleeman was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group was the top group in both categories.


Meg Skinner, Nancy Johnson, Ashley Rasmussen, Lauren Moore, and Scott Jackson

The Lakewood Office at 2311 Abrams Road is managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Nancy Johnson
2. The Jackson Team
3. Meg Skinner
4. Heather Guild
5. Marissa Fontanez

Nancy Johnson was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Jackson Team was the top group in both categories. The Johnson Holmes Group was the top team in both categories.


Standing: Sissy Pardue, Stewart Lee, Brian Smith, Curt Elliott, and Sharon Quist; Seated: Carolyn Vandagriff, Phyllis Glover, Julie Boren, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott, and Henda Salmeron

The Park Cities Office at 6025 Luther Lane is also managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Sharon Quist
2. Julie Provenzano
3. Brian Smith
4. The Phyllis Glover Team
5. Paige and Curt Elliott
6. Stephen Collins
7. Julie Boren
8. Henda Salmeron
9. Debbie Sherrington
10. Stewart Lee

Sharon Quist was the top individual per income. Julie Provenzano was the top individual per homes sold. The Phyllis Glover Team was the top group in both categories. Paige and Curt Elliott were the top team in both categories.


Standing: Jill Rasansky, McKamy Tiner, Laura Michelle, Mark Cain, Karen Fry, Weston Pugh, and Jeff Updike; Seated: Ginger Levine, Gayl Braymer, Jennifer Miller, Diane Gruber, and Martha Tiner

The Preston Center Office at 5950 Berkshire Lane is managed by Gaynelle Henger. Its top producers were:

1. Jennifer Miller
2. Mark Cain
3. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky
4. Laura Michelle
5. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer
6. Karen Fry
7. Diane Gruber
8. Justin Easterling
9. Martha and McKamy Tiner
10. Updike│Pugh

Jennifer Miller was the top individual per income. Laura Michelle was the top individual per homes sold. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky were the top group in both categories. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer were the top team per income. Updike│Pugh was the top team per homes sold.

Support Woodrow’s Marching Band by Buying Discounted Mavericks Tickets

The Woodrow Wilson High School band prepares to march outside their East Dallas campus. (Photo via Flickr)

The Mavericks are playing some exciting basketball these days. A week after hitting buzzer-beaters to secure back-to-back road victories over the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks, Monta Ellis scored 13 points in the final four-and-a-half minutes last night to lead Dallas to a home win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Up next on the Mavericks’ schedule is a Saturday-afternoon game against the Golden State Warriors, the best team in the Western Conference. If you’d like to attend this game at a discounted price, you’re in luck. The Woodrow Wilson High School band — which includes tuba player Mateo Salmeron, son of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent Henda Salmeron — is selling a limited number of lower-level tickets for $40 apiece, which is half off the normal price. For each ticket sold, the Woodrow band will receive a contribution toward its general operating fund.

Interested? Contact Rick Salmeron at 214-923-7283 or ricksalmeron@sbcglobal.net.