7 Stunning Luxury Kitchens

In the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack? Regardless of the time of day or what you’re craving to eat, every meal starts in the kitchen. There’s no better place to cook up a tasty meal than in a kitchen you love.

We’ve gathered 7 stunning kitchens with all the bells and whistles.

6839 Orchid Lane | Preston Hollow | $2,150,000
11836 Preston Brook Place | North Dallas | $1,540,000
1129 La Salle Lane Southlake | $1,399,000
4010 Buena Vista Street | Uptown | $1,100,000
7359 Blairview Drive | North Dallas | $925,000
5230 Vickery Boulevard | Vickery Place | $879,000

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Getting Your Kitchen Back to School Ready

With classes in full swing, it’s time to kick your kitchen back into gear. Follow these eight tips to make sure you start the school year on the right foot.


Snack Station

Long days at school mean hungry tummies. Clear out a low pantry shelf, kitchen cabinet or fridge drawer for quick-grab snack options. Organize with clear boxes or open bins for easy selection.

Leave It Out

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Leave out fresh fruits and veggies for your kids to grab when they get home from school (they’re more likely to choose what’s readily available).

Mother preparing lunch boxes with healthy food and snacks for sons before going to school

Lunch Load Up

Stock up on plastic baggies, Tupperware, lunch bags, napkins and anything else you’ll need to make lunches during the school year. For faster preparation, keep all of these items in nearby drawers and/or cabinets.

Pantry Restock

The weeknight-dinner routine is on its way, so get your pantry ready by making sure you have all the essentials. Think grains, condiments, baking staples and soup. Stocking up on frozen items is a good idea, too.

Refresh the Fridge

Take the time to clean out food items that have been pushed to the back over the summer. This way, you’ll know exactly what you need for school days and you’ll have the space to accommodate it.

Woman placing container with frozen mixed vegetables in refrigerator.

Color Code

If you’re known for calling your children by their sibling’s names, make things easier on everyone with color-coded lunchboxes, Tupperware, backpacks, etc. By doing so, you keep yourself and them organized.

Wish List

If you need inspiration for lunch or dinner, place a whiteboard or notepad in the kitchen and invite your family to add their ideas. You can use the same technique in between grocery trips.

Get in the Groove

Set aside a time to get the next day’s lunches and dinners ready the night before. A schedule is the best way to ease stress and keep things running smoothly. Plus, that leaves more time for organization.


Pictured Property: 10203 Hollow Way Road | Preston Hollow | $8,900,000

10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep


Thanksgiving is a week away, so it’s time to start thinking about holiday preparations.


These kitchens offer an abundance of counter space, wide stovetops and plenty of open area for your family to gather to prepare Thanksgiving dinner comfortably.


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

5326 Edlen Drive | Preston Hollow | $7,995,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

4130 Cochran Chapel Road | Bluffview | $5,695,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

10342 Woodford Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,999,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

4618 Cherokee Trail | Bluffview | $3,895,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

3224 Hanover Street | University Park | $2,950,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

16 Robledo Drive | Los Arboles | $2,795,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

6437 Bob O Link Drive | Lakewood | $1,399,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

1717 Arts Plaza #1912 | Arts District | $950,000



10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

6906 Southridge Drive | Lakewood | $850,000


10 Kitchens For Thanksgiving Prep

17214 Graystone Drive | North Dallas | $824,900


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5 Must-Have Island Kitchens


If you love to cook and entertain, you may want a home that has ample space to do so. These five properties offer the island kitchens of our dreams and are all currently on the market.

lakehurst island 25903 Lakehurst Avenue
| Dallas | $2,995,000
8423 Lakemont Drive | Dallas – Crest Haven Place | $1,069,000

07_8407LakemontDrDallasTX75209-108407 Lakemont Drive | Dallas – Crest Haven Place | $999,000

4064 Rochelle Drive | Dallas – Midway Hollow | $998,900
artsplaza11717 Arts Plaza #1910 | Dallas – Arts District | $899,000


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