The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

1918 Olive Street #2101 | Downtown Dallas | $2,900,000

4630 S Lindhurst Avenue | Preston Hollow | $2,145,000

2555 N Pearl Street #1505 | Oak Lawn | $1,299,900

5918 Monticello Avenue | M Streets | $975,000

3709 Dorothy Avenue | Bluffview | $899,000

1843 Euclid Avenue | Lower Greenville | $789,000

3111 Welborn Street #1206 | Oak Lawn | $765,000

725 N Glasgow Drive | Junius Heights | $575,000

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Cozy Fireplaces for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, holiday movie marathons and bundling up by the fireplace.

Spark a light of joy this holiday season with these spectacular mantels.

5131 Shadywood Lane | Bluffview | $5,999,000

3721 Stratford Avenue | Highland Park | $4,475,000

3415 Lindenwood Avenue | Highland Park | $2,825,000

6207 Northwood Road | Preston Hollow | $2,350,000

6938 Wabash Circle | Lakewood | $1,700,000

7124 Hill Forest Drive | North Dallas | $1,995,000

5614 Del Roy Drive | North Dallas | $1,625,000

1 Grovenor Court | North Dallas | $990,000

5102 Homer Street | East Dallas | $745,000

7702 Twisted Oaks Circle | Lake Highlands | $665,000

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

4830 Brookview Drive | Preston Hollow | $5,495,000

1918 Olive Street #2101 | Downtown Dallas | $2,900,000

5963 Melshire Drive | North Dallas | $1,619,000

3606 N Fitzhugh Avenue | Oak Lawn | $1,500,000

1 Grantley Court | North Dallas | $1,049,000

5270 Town and Country Boulevard #331 | Frisco | $750,000

2200 Victory Avenue #802 | Oak Lawn | $749,000

11131 Hillcrest Road | North Dallas | $565,000

5526 Forest Lane | North Dallas | $524,900

2300 Leonard Street #405 | Uptown | $497,500

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‘Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

Christmas Decorations At Front Door of House.

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season – especially this holiday season – may actually be an ideal time to offer your North Texas home for sale! Why?

  • The average home sales price in North Texas is up almost 15 percent over this time last year.
  • Interest rates are at historic lows, which means buyers have more buying power than ever before.
  • Inventory of homes for sale remains at historic lows while showing activity is still tracking higher than this same time last year. 
  • Many people are still working from home, which means a lot of them may want more space, home offices, or just a change of scenery. Combined with lighter work schedules and less (anticipated) travel during the holidays, prospective buyers may use the extra time to search for a new home. 
  • Consumers who shop for a home during the holidays are serious, motivated buyers.
  • Typically there are even fewer homes on the market during the holiday season. Translation: less competition for you.
  • Homes “show” better when decorated for the holidays.
  • Many transferees are not able to wait until the spring market to buy. They are here now and need a home now.
  • By selling now, you’ll have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the spring, when many more houses will be for sale, which may mean lower prices. This could allow you to sell high and buy low.

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

4500 Belclaire Avenue | Highland Park | $3,200,000

5414 Belmont Avenue | Vickery Place | $1,249,000

115 Willowbrook | Athens | $1,200,000

5528 Tanbark Road | Preston Hollow | $1,185,000

4606 S. Versailles Avenue | Highland Park | $1,065,000

3529 N. Versailles Avenue | Dallas | $925,000

2900 McKinnon Street #1008 | Uptown | $875,000

7785 Verbena Court | North Dallas | $840,000

943 Turner Avenue | Kessler Park | $680,000

4928 Mill Run Road | North Dallas | $519,000

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

3520 Bryn Mawr Drive | University Park | $4,200,000

11715 Pine Forest Drive | North Dallas | $1,489,000

10218 Crestover Drive | Northwest Dallas | $1,195,000

4573 Warwick Lane | Frisco | $1,125,000

11703 Forest Court | North Dallas | $1,000,000

1234 Haines Avenue | Bishop Arts | $824,000

3923 Cole Avenue #301 | Oak Lawn | $695,000

515 S. Manus Drive | Wynnewood North | $550,000

6811 Santa Fe Avenue | Hollywood Heights | $420,000

4031 Holland Avenue F | Oak Lawn | $289,000

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The Weekly Wrap-Up

In the market for a new home? Take a look at some of this week’s fabulous featured properties.

30 Robledo Drive | North Dallas | $5,250,000
3524 Gillespie Street | Turtle Creek | $1,900,000
8221 Midway Road | Bluffview | $925,000
3746 Princess Lane | North Dallas | $899,000
919 Turner Avenue | Kidd Springs | $859,00
5230 Vickery Boulevard | Vickery Place | $849,000
1999 Mckinney Avenue #1405 | Uptown | $775,000
7312 Park Lake Drive | North Dallas | $759,000
400 S Brighton Avenue | North Oak Cliff | $389,000
4130 Newton Avenue G | Oak Lawn | $239,000

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How to Prep your Home Before Traveling

Airplane flies over a sea

Whether you’re planning an exotic escape or taking a quick weekend trip somewhere fun, summer is a time to relax and enjoy a change of scenery.

It’s important to take the necessary measures to close up your home before leaving. The tips below will ensure you can stay worry-free while away.


  • Leave your keys with a neighbor you trust
    If you have a trustworthy neighbor, leave them a copy of your key as well as your contact information. While you’re away, they can check your home, collect mail and be available in case of emergency.


  • Lock up
    Take extra precautions by hiding your valuables or placing them in a safe. Be sure to lock each window, door and fence in your home. If you have a garage, park your car inside.


  • Be mindful of energy consumption
    Electronics can still expend energy when not in use. Unplug any devices such as appliances, computers, gaming consoles and televisions to prevent hazards and save on your energy bill. Turn off your air conditioning or leave it at a level to keep any pets comfortable, and put your water heater in “vacation mode.”


  • Plan ahead for pets
    Make arrangements for someone to feed and watch your pet. If you will be away for an extended period of time, you should consider having someone housesit and stay overnight to care for your animals.


  • Avoid unnecessary smells
    Leaving food that will expire soon in your refrigerator while you’re away will only become more of a hassle when you get back. Avoid smells and messy cleanup upon return by discarding almost-expired food before you leave. Be sure to remove all trash before you leave, as well.


  • Time your lights
    Invest in a few timers for lamps in your home. Program them to turn on lamps near windows to mimic the appearance of activity. This can help prevent intruders who may target homes that have been dark for a few days.


For more housekeeping tips, visit the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Blog.

Father’s Day Gift Finds Dad Will Love

With Father’s Day right around the corner, don’t miss out on providing something a little extra this year. To really light up dad’s eyes, we’ve chosen five gifts he will enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.52.02 AM

Dunhill Hampstead Leather Travel Bag | $1,795

Whether on a business trip or a quick weekend getaway, this perfect duffel ensures the perfect experience. Let dad travel in style this year with an elegant leather bag from Alfred Dunhill.




BLOG_CHESS BOARDJonathan Adler Acrylic Chess Set | $795

Conquer a true classic with a bright and bold acrylic chess set. This set makes for a perfect permanent display in any man-cave, or ready to play on a cocktail table.



Uncommon Goods Personalized Whiskey Barrel | $85-$200

For many, the perfect remedy after a long day at the office is a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. With this miniature, personalized oak barrel that ages spirits to peak flavor, offer dad a personal spin to his favorite whiskey brand.



Black-Handled BBQ Set with Storage Case | $129.95

It might be time to retire old, worn-out grilling accessories. This tool set includes a two-prong fork, spatula, tongs, a basting brush and, not to mention, a durable steel case. After all, the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Let dad grill in style.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.20.29 AM

Art of Shaving Full Size Kit with Pure Shaving Brush | $120

Shaving can be tedious. Spice up the experience with a full-size kit of handcrafted accessories and quality ingredients that makes the entire shaving process an enjoyable and seamless one.

7 Etiquette Rules for Home Sellers

7 Etiquette Rules for Home Sellers


If you’re trying to sell your home, you’ve probably scrutinized it, staged it, and scrubbed it down as if the folks from Architectural Digest were stopping by for a cover shoot. OK, so it’s in immaculate shape — but your home isn’t the only thing under scrutiny here. You are, too. That’s right: No matter how nice your home is, your behavior can also affect how buyers feel about making an offer.


Below are seven etiquette rules sellers should follow to show their home — and themselves — in the best possible light.


Leave — Sure, you’re dying to know if prospective buyers will love what you’ve done with the kitchen, but agents agree sellers should not be there lurking in the shadows during an open house or showing.


Take your pets with you — You may think your dog is the cutest ever, but not everyone is bound to share that opinion. In addition to having allergies, some home shoppers may not be in the market for a run-in with an animal they don’t know.


Move your car — Make it easy for visitors to park and view your home. No one likes parking issues. Having them is a sure way to get a viewing off to a bad start.


Offer some refreshments — House hunters can get parched and peckish. You can help. Putting out a few small bottled waters in a bowl of ice is always appreciated, along with some light, easy grab-and-go sort of refreshments like mints or cookies.


Be patient waiting for feedback­ — Of course, you’re dying to know what buyers thought of your home, but that information may not flow back to you instantaneously. It’s reasonable to ask for feedback from your agent after the showing, but understand it may take a day or two for the buyer’s agent to respond.


Don’t be greedy — Who doesn’t want top dollar for their home? But an unwillingness to negotiate can kill a possible deal and keep your home on the market long after you were hoping to be unpacking at your new place.


Listen to the professionals ­­— If your Realtor has some suggestions for improvements that may help sell your home faster, take them to heart but don’t take them personally. Keep emotions out and listen to what a licensed, trained, professional has to say about your house.


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