Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Agents Contribute to Kessler Krawl’s Success

Kessler Krawl
There were plenty of smiling faces at last year’s Kessler Krawl. (Photo courtesy of Kessler Neighbors United)

The finest homes for sale in Kessler Park are marketed by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents, so it’s only natural that our firm would have a hand — several hands, actually — in the neighborhood’s signature fundraiser, the Kessler Krawl.

During the annual cocktail party, four or five neighbors open their homes and serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres from Oak Cliff restaurants. The ticket-purchasing “guests” are divided into groups of 30 to 50 who then move from home to home. At the end of the evening, dessert and coffee are served at a final location, giving everyone a chance to be together.

The Kessler Krawl benefits the ongoing efforts of Kessler Neighbors United to create community and to maintain the beauty and safety of our neighborhood.

This year’s Kessler Krawl is scheduled for March 28, and our own Patty Brooks, Anne Foster, and Robb Puckett (Kessler Neighbors United’s president) are on the planning committee. Meanwhile, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is a presenting sponsor of the event, and Brooks is sponsoring one of the featured homes, as are the Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group and the Hickman+Weber Group.

Tickets cost $50 and can be purchased by clicking here.