Building Healthy Agent Camaraderie One Festive Gathering at a Time

When you work in an industry of smart, confident, self-motivated independent contractors, it would be easy – understandable even — for genuine camaraderie to be… well, lacking. At Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, however, that’s just not the case. And we have photographic evidence to support this claim.


Take, for example, the recent week-night chili party that was attended by just about every agent in the Preston Center office. The evening was hosted by the office’s Advisory Board – Gayl Braymer, Karen Fry, Dawn Rejebian, Chad Schulin, and Gene Taylor — and held at Karen’s Preston Hollow home.

From L-R, Bill Ajello (The Lending Partners), Dawn Rejebian, Chad Schulin, Gaynelle Henger, Karen Fry, Gayl Braymer, Gene Taylor

The Advisory Board comprises five Associates elected by their fellow office-mates (2-year term) to attend monthly meetings with Dave and company management, and help shape the path and success of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate brand. These ambassadors for the company offer support to fellow Associates, and serve as a voice of opinion in all aspects of the company’s operations. All five of the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate offices have their own Advisory Boards, and each one by design helps foster a culture of collaboration and encouragement among associates.


“It’s a pleasure to work with this leadership group,” says Gaynelle Henger, Office Manager of the Preston Center location. “They bring fun, professional perspectives and vision to our office community.”

From L-R, Martha Tiner, Hanne Sagalowsky
From L-R, Michael Benson, Loryn LaMonte, Betty Godwin
From L-R, Judy Christopher, Betsy Weber Hurst, Charles Carneal, Weston Pugh


From L-R, Kenneth Walters, Taylor Cousins
From L-R, Molly Malone, Gaynelle Henger, Kathy Finn


20 (1)
From L-R, Jan Furr, Jeff Updike










Golden Opportunity for a Platinum Location – Double-Lot Stunner on Euclid


Rarely does a property come onto the market that so successfully combines exceptional design and exquisite environment with a platinum location. Quite simply, 3908 Euclid Avenue is the very best that Highland Park and the city of Dallas have to offer the discerning buyer.



The main residence was designed by noted architect Joe McCall of Oglesby Greene, and meticulously built by Clowdus Construction. Every attention to detail has been paid, from the Luters limestone façade, steel beam construction, steel construction Hope’s Windows and Doors, to the emphasis on energy efficiency, resulting in an extraordinary house.






It has four bedrooms and 4.5 baths, with quarters that are attached by a glass walkway.  The quarters have their own private entrance plus one bedroom, one bath, and a large living area.




The award-winning pool house was designed in 2005 by acclaimed Modernist architect, Gary Cunningham. Its proportions and details are so expertly crafted that this building has been featured on the front cover of “DALLAS MODERN.” It also has a large guest room suite, full Bulthaup kitchen, and fabulous art studio, and comes complete with elevator.






These two handsome Modernist structures provide a study in contrast with their surroundings. While they create a sense of architectural excitement, they’re nestled away on a quiet, private, heavily treed lot with beautiful garden that unfolds layer by layer – the work of esteemed David Hocker Landscape Design.

The two structures are on two 70 x 225 lots and are still platted separately. They have a combined total of nine living areas, varying from intimate settings to large open spaces great for entertaining, including the pool house which was voted one of the Top 10 party houses in the world by architects. Most of them take full advantage of the views and really bring the outside in.

There are 11 covered parking spaces with six spaces at the main residence and five at the pool house. Nine spaces are air conditioned, and there is an oil pit and a painting bay. Two adjacent grassy areas and motor court have been used for sports in the past.



This home, listed at $14,900,000, offers a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle with a setting that is totally private. At night it takes on a whole new ambiance with the addition of magical, well-placed exterior lighting.



For more details or to schedule a private showing, contact Martha Tiner at 214-533-5058/ or McKamy Tiner at 214-354-6903/






Expansion Made Preston Hollow Home Perfect for Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle


The one-story home at 6622 Desco Drive is located on a luscious treed lot in the heart of Preston Hollow. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Martha & McKamy Tiner are offering the property, which will be open from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, for $1,095,000.


Built in 1952, the home underwent a complete remodel and expansion about 10 years ago that makes it perfect for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and entertaining. The main part of the addition is a third living room with a tile floor, a wet bar, and a vaulted ceiling with multiple skylights. Augmented by a study and a full bath, the room opens to the poolside deck and expansive backyard via a set of French doors.




This living room has another exterior door to the motor court that sits between the property’s pair of two-car garages. One is attached to the main house, while the other is under the guest quarters. The latter garage is spacious and temperature-controlled, so certain buyers may use it as a workshop or art studio.




With 3,700 square feet, the main house provides plenty of room to spread out. The first room you enter from the front door is the formal living room, which is open to the dining room via a large arched doorway. The living room shares a wall with the den, and there are fireplaces on either side of it.




The den is open to the aforementioned addition and the kitchen, which features stainless-steel appliances including double ovens, granite countertops, and a stone-tile backsplash. The kitchen is complemented by a large utility room with a walk-in pantry.




The main house has no carpet. There’s tile in the addition and the bathrooms, but the rest of the rooms have hardwood floors. The bathroom in the master suite has a jetted corner tub, a separate shower, a double vanity, and a skylight. The two children’s bedrooms share a hall bath.




Located just around the corner from Preston Hollow Park, the home is also convenient to a number of private schools, NorthPark Center, and Preston Center. To schedule a showing, contact McKamy Tiner at 214-354-6903 or

Photos by Shoot2Sell

Several of Our Firm’s ‘Agents For Life’ Have Been Mentored by Their Mothers

Clockwise from top left: Becky Gruber and Diane Gruber, McKamy Tiner and Martha Tiner, Margaret Ponder and Evelyn Ponder, Jennifer Haddock and Patricia Massey, Kristin Smith and Leslie Rouda Smith, Lacy Schultz and Kathy Myers, Taylor Gromatzky and Kimberlee Gromatzky

At Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being “agents for life,” meaning our clients will rely on the same professionals to represent them in multiple transactions through the decades.

But for a few members of the Dave Perry-Miller family, that phrase has another meaning. They have been “agents for life” because they literally grew up in the real estate business. Their mothers were Realtors before them, and they work alongside their mothers today.

With this being Mother’s Day weekend, we asked some of these legacy agents to share lessons they learned from their moms/mentors.

Taylor Gromatzky, daughter of Kimberlee Gromatzky: “She always told me when going through a tough time ‘this too shall pass,’ and it’s a phrase I always repeat if I need that little reminder during a hard time.”

Becky Gruber, daughter of Diane Gruber: “My mom has taught me many valuable lessons and given me so much great advice over the years, but the greatest thing she’s done is lead by example. She didn’t tell me and my brothers how to be good people; she showed us in her everyday actions and interactions with the people around her. She has shown us how good it feels to help others, how to pick our battles, how to be respectful and appreciative — the list is endless. The thing I am most appreciative of is her supportive, nonjudgmental attitude toward us. She allowed us the freedom to be ourselves, to make mistakes, to embrace our quirks. Thank you, Mom, for always being my biggest cheerleader, no matter what crazy paths I decide to take in life. I am a better person because of you.”

Jennifer Haddock, daughter of Patricia Massey: “My mom has taught me so much that is used in my everyday life. To name a few: respect, honesty, forgiving others, forgiving myself for my own mistakes, living life to its fullest, making each day count as it were the last. After working by her side for 16 years in real estate, she is not only my mom, she is my mentor. She has taught me about working and taught me that success is not because of money; success is helping clients’ dreams come true.”

Alex Simpson Johnson, daughter of Nancy Johnson: “Her hard work and drive to be the best has been inspiring. Her amount of knowledge is just incredible, and she has allowed me to see and learn more in five years than most agents see and learn in a lifetime. She puts every client’s needs before herself and is so passionate about helping them find the homes of their dreams.”


Nancy Johnson and Alex Simpson Johnson

James Martin, son of Eloise Eriksson Martin: “What can I say about her energy and the example she has set? She taught me the importance of giving 100 percent to every client, and that selling a home is more than just paperwork and details; it’s about realizing your goals and dreams.  I continue to see how giving, always give more in return from your lessons. Mom, thank you for all you have done for Ellen and I, and happy Mother’s Day to all the moms this weekend.”

Margaret Ponder, daughter of Evelyn Ponder: “One of the most important lessons my mom taught me was to count your blessings and to always be thankful for what God has given you. I have found through the years that this seemingly simple lesson can produce big results in a person’s life. When practicing the art of thankfulness, you are able to see every potential struggle in a more positive light, no matter how bleak the circumstances may seem at the time. Thankfulness breeds compassion, and compassion leads to giving and caring for others. When you embody these traits, as she has done, a person is able to give and keep on giving without expecting anything in return. Mom has lead me to believe that being thankful is one of the key ingredients to successfully achieving true peace and happiness in life.”

Lacy Schultz, daughter of Kathy Myers: “I have learned so much from my mom — haven’t we all? However, the work ethic she instilled in me is a most valuable skill that carries over into everything I do. Since we work together now, I get to see her persistence, diligence, and determination on a daily basis! I’m sure when I was growing up I bemoaned the tasks and expectations of such a work ethic. Now, it is something I am proud of in myself and thankful to her for building in me.”

Kristin Smith, daughter of Leslie Rouda Smith: “I couldn’t dream of a better mother. I never had an issue respecting my mother, because she was not a ‘do as I say’ person; she was a ‘do as I do’ person. She set an incredible example. I tell her all the time that if/when I am ever a parent, I have huge shoes to fill. My passion for the homeless started with my mother taking me to Paint The Town in the ’90s. I’ll never forget how grateful this woman was after we had repainted her entire home. I was raised in a home where we were taught to count our blessings, not our problems, and to always give back. If I do anything in life, I owe it all to her. My mom is the most positive, driven, independent woman I’ve ever known: ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it!’ It’s been incredibly inspiring to watch my mom chase her dreams. What she doesn’t realize is how much it inspires me to chase mine. She’s my rock, my best friend, and the person I look up to most! I wouldn’t be half of the person that I am if I wasn’t blessed with having her as my mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the incredible moms out there! You have the toughest job on the planet.”

McKamy Tiner, daughter of Martha Tiner: “Over the past 31 years, my mom gave me invaluable advice and taught me to be a confident woman. She always wanted to work, so watching her be a successful businesswoman as I was growing up really shaped my views on what I could achieve. On top of working, she always made my events — from soccer games to volleyball tournaments — around the country; she somehow balanced working and being my mom with grace. Another important lesson she taught me was how to care for and treat other people. She is a dependable friend, wife, and mom, and I hope that rubbed off on me. When I was growing up, she always reminded me that she was my mom and not my best friend; 31 years later, that has changed. Today, she is my best friend, and I value our time together more than anything. I could not be more thankful to work with my mom every day.”

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Honors Top Producers of an Outstanding Year

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents and staff gathered at Dallas Country Club on March 5 to honor the top producers of 2014, a record-breaking year for the firm that represents the leading brand for properties of distinction in Dallas’ established neighborhoods. The managers of five offices gave out awards to individuals, groups, and teams based on production, income, and homes sold.


Standing: Ralph Randall, Forrest Gregg, Chris Pyle, Susie Thompson, Shirley Cohn, Greg Iker, Stephen Pryor, John Weber, Chris Hickman, Sonia Villareal, Susan Schweidel, Dan Rhodes, and Thomas Rhodes; Seated: Madeline Jobst, Shannon Blount, Sharon Palmer, Kate Walters, Robb Puckett, Ashley Beane, Brady Moore, Burton Rhodes, and Christine McKenny

The Highland Park Office at 5500 Preston Road is managed by Robb Puckett. Its top producers were:

1. The Rhodes Group
2. The Haven Group
3. Hickman+Weber Group
4. Ralph Randall
5. Brady Moore
6. Christine McKenny
7. Gianna Cerullo
8. Madeline Jobst
9. Stephen Pryor
10. Shannon Blount

Ralph Randall was the top individual per income. Brady Moore was the top individual per homes sold. The Rhodes Group was the top group per income. The Haven Group was the top group per homes sold.


Standing: Jarrad Barnes, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullutto, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Brittani Frankowiak, Macy Riley, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Eloise Eriksson Martin, and Brandon Fleeman; Seated: Patty Brooks, Brian Bleeker, Stephene Tolocko, Melissa O’Brien, Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Jim Berrong, Jessica Hill, James Martin, and Andy Steingasser

The InTown Office at 2828 Routh Street is managed by Becky Connatser. Its top producers were:

1. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group
2. The Emily Ray-Porter Group
3. The Gullutto-Barnes Group
4. Brandon Fleeman
5. Patty Brooks
6. The Martin Group
7. Jim Berrong
8. The Meyer Group
9. Brian Davis
T10. Premier Associates
T10. Brittani Frankowiak

Brandon Fleeman was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group was the top group in both categories.


Meg Skinner, Nancy Johnson, Ashley Rasmussen, Lauren Moore, and Scott Jackson

The Lakewood Office at 2311 Abrams Road is managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Nancy Johnson
2. The Jackson Team
3. Meg Skinner
4. Heather Guild
5. Marissa Fontanez

Nancy Johnson was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Jackson Team was the top group in both categories. The Johnson Holmes Group was the top team in both categories.


Standing: Sissy Pardue, Stewart Lee, Brian Smith, Curt Elliott, and Sharon Quist; Seated: Carolyn Vandagriff, Phyllis Glover, Julie Boren, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott, and Henda Salmeron

The Park Cities Office at 6025 Luther Lane is also managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Sharon Quist
2. Julie Provenzano
3. Brian Smith
4. The Phyllis Glover Team
5. Paige and Curt Elliott
6. Stephen Collins
7. Julie Boren
8. Henda Salmeron
9. Debbie Sherrington
10. Stewart Lee

Sharon Quist was the top individual per income. Julie Provenzano was the top individual per homes sold. The Phyllis Glover Team was the top group in both categories. Paige and Curt Elliott were the top team in both categories.


Standing: Jill Rasansky, McKamy Tiner, Laura Michelle, Mark Cain, Karen Fry, Weston Pugh, and Jeff Updike; Seated: Ginger Levine, Gayl Braymer, Jennifer Miller, Diane Gruber, and Martha Tiner

The Preston Center Office at 5950 Berkshire Lane is managed by Gaynelle Henger. Its top producers were:

1. Jennifer Miller
2. Mark Cain
3. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky
4. Laura Michelle
5. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer
6. Karen Fry
7. Diane Gruber
8. Justin Easterling
9. Martha and McKamy Tiner
10. Updike│Pugh

Jennifer Miller was the top individual per income. Laura Michelle was the top individual per homes sold. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky were the top group in both categories. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer were the top team per income. Updike│Pugh was the top team per homes sold.

You’ll Love All The Amenities of This French Traditional in Preston Hollow


The French traditional home at 6537 Northwood Road is perfect for modern living and entertaining. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Martha and McKamy Tiner, who are marketing the five-bedroom house for $1,400,000, will hold it open from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The open floor plan of the home, which was built in 2007, simply draws you in. From the moment you enter the high-ceilinged foyer, you have a view of the main living area as well as the well-equipped patio and backyard. The first room to your right is a handsome study with a built-in desk and bookshelves. It has enough space for a piano, but the entire first floor is wired for audio, so you will be able to enjoy music in every room.


6537-northwood-rd-double pics


To the left of the grand staircase is the dining room, which leads to a second office (also with a built-in desk and shelves) and a butler’s pantry that both feature the same granite counters as the chef’s kitchen. The range, double oven, microwave, and dishwasher are all from Viking, complemented by a Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer.




The kitchen and breakfast area flow seamlessly to the well-equipped bar and spacious living room, which features vaulted ceilings outlined in dark wood beams. The cast-stone gas fireplace is flanked by a set of built-in shelves. Beyond the wall of windows is a wonderful outdoor living area with a fireplace and built-in grill.




The rest of the first floor is devoted to the enormous master suite. The master bathroom has two walk-in closets, a tub finished in the same wood as the two vanities, and a separate shower. The second bedroom suite downstairs makes the perfect nursery.




There are three more bedroom suites on the second floor. The rear staircase leads to a game room, which has a built-in desk that continues the design aesthetic of the kitchen, as well as a tiered media room with a wet bar.




With its central site in Preston Hollow, equidistant from Central Expressway and the Dallas North Tollway, the home’s location could not be more convenient. In fact, there are plenty of places you could go on foot. Preston Hollow Park is just two blocks to the north. Stroll just two blocks to the south, and you’ll find a bevy of restaurants and shops.

To schedule a private showing, contact McKamy Tiner at 214-354-6903 or

Dave Perry-Miller Associate Discovers Inner Strength After Donating Kidney

McKamy Tiner walks the runway during the 2013 edition of the KidneyTexas Luncheon and Style Show. This year’s edition is scheduled for Sept. 23 at Brook Hollow Golf Club. (Photo by Dana Driensky)
McKamy Tiner walks the runway during the 2013 edition of the KidneyTexas Luncheon and Style Show. This year’s edition is scheduled for Sept. 23 at Brook Hollow Golf Club. (Photo by Dana Driensky)

McKamy Tiner got her first exposure to the real estate business before she got her driver’s license. At a young age, she played assistant to her mother, Martha Tiner, during open houses. So when McKamy got out of college in 2006, joining Martha at Dave Perry-Miller & Associates was a natural fit.

But McKamy had to take a step back from showing houses for a time, because of the extraordinary generosity she showed toward a family friend.

Three years ago this month, McKamy donated a kidney to Ian Arena. She was 27, and he was 21. They’d known each other all of their lives through their parents’ friendship.

McKamy’s father, Michael, casually mentioned over a family dinner that Ian, who had polycystic kidney disease, may have found a donor — but there was some doubt. Surprising both of her parents, McKamy suggested that she would get tested if things didn’t work out.

“I actually knew that second that I was the donor,” she said. “I know that’s kind of weird, and my parents thought I was crazy, but I just knew.”

Martha, on the other hand, was not so sure. She had many concerns about McKamy’s long-term health. But only three weeks after having blood samples drawn, McKamy was checking into an Austin hospital for the operation. Martha remembers asking the doctor who performed the transplant, “Would you let your daughter do this?” His response: “I don’t know.”

McKamy has always been athletic, so she thought recovery would easy. But the experience was more debilitating than expected. She often left work before noon because she was too tired to stay awake; she had severe headaches and back pain that had to be treated via physical therapy.

It took about a year and a half for McKamy to feel like her old self. Nonetheless, she has no regrets about the experience and couldn’t be more proud of Ian.

“I learned a lot about myself, how strong I can be and what’s really important in life,” McKamy said.

She and Martha are once again a full-time team, and Ian, who was a student at the University of Texas when the donation happened, is working at a small investment firm in Austin. McKamy’s donation has worked out so well that both of Ian’s native kidneys have been removed.

“Basically, I’m alive entirely because of McKamy,” Ian said. “Otherwise, I’d be on dialysis, hoping for another. And, especially when you’re 21, it’s hard to last forever doing that.”

This is one of a series of articles spotlighting the interesting aspects of Dave Perry-Miller associates’ lives. The previous installment was about Lance Hancock’s son Mark appearing in the Dallas Theater Center production of “Les Misérables.”