Patty Brooks Details Ways Realtors Can Remain Safe While Showing Properties

Among Patty Brooks’ recommendations: Always keep your phone in your hand. (Photo via Flickr)

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Patty Brooks penned a post for the MetroTex Association of Realtors’ blog regarding on-the-job safety. After admitting to having a rather cavalier attitude about the potential dangers of showing properties to strangers, Patty wrote the following:

“It seems like a pretty good use of time to implement a safety plan that could one day be the difference between me pulling into my driveway after a successful day out with clients or pulling out of my driveway that morning for the very last time. It could happen. It has happened.”

While Patty didn’t specifically cite the 2014 murder of Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter, that case immediately came to mind when I read her post.

Patty details several action steps that Realtors can take immediately. Her recommendations are worth checking out and taking to heart.