10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer


Warmer weather is here, which means it’s time for backyard barbeques, evenings spent on the patio, gardening, and playing catch with the kids. Break out the home maintenance checklist. We’re here to help you get your home ready for summer with these tips. 



While there are some great DIY projects on this list, getting an A/C tune-up isn’t one of them. You should call in a professional for this task. Just as you need to get your furnace tuned up every fall, you need to get your A/C tuned up before temperatures spike in the summer.  An A/C tune-up includes inspecting and cleaning components and connections inside your A/C, and it’s important because the technician should be able to tell whether your A/C will need repairs soon. With regular tune-ups, you can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and A/C issues. If your home warranty doesn’t cover your A/C system, check out an American Home Shield® home service plan today. 



Now is the time to learn more about your home’s energy profile and what you can do to improve its energy efficiency. A home energy audit can tell you whether and where your home is drafty, for example, or if you need more insulation and where to install it. Whether you have it professionally done, or do it yourself, it’s worth it – and your local utility company may offer an incentive for homeowners to have this done.  



This is a great time to install a smart thermostat so you can keep your home cool while also being more energy efficient. A smart thermostat lets you program your HVAC to cool your home only when you’re in it, so you’ll save a bundle on cooling costs while still staying comfortable on even the hottest days. 



Many species of insects go dormant during winter and early spring due to the colder weather, but they come out again in full force as soon as temperatures rise. Before the bugs come out, get ready for their return. Take steps to keep the bugs away, such as cleaning up piles of leaves or other debris near your house, sealing cracks in doors and windows, and inspecting window screens for holes. If you want to put out pesticides or other repellants, now is the best time to do so.  



The summer months bring more than heat – they can also bring storms and flooding. Check your basement for signs of water leaks. Clear out grates or drains near your home so that water is directed away from the foundation. If dirt has settled around your home, or your home is at the bottom of a hill, water will run towards your foundation. Install grates to direct water away. 



If you only clean your gutters once a year, do it in the spring or early summer, so that they can most effectively direct the rain of summer storms away from your siding and foundation. Ideally, you should clean your gutters twice a year – once in the spring or summer, and again in the fall. 



Now is the time to inspect your doors and windows for missing, cracked, or peeling caulk and reseal them to prevent water leaks and draftiness. If you have wooden window frames, check to see if they need to be repainted. You can also take this opportunity to repaint your front door, if necessary, and wash your windows.  



Okay, so this is three things, but they all go together, and they’re all equally important to helping your lawn look its best in the summer months when you most want to use it. Your lawn may not need to be aerated, dethatched, and overseeded every year – if it looks healthy and lush, it’s probably fine, especially if it’s newly installed. But take the time to do it at least every two or three years, so your lawn stays healthy and oxygenated. It will make a big difference!



This is a great time to weed, mulch, and plant in your vegetable and garden beds, and if you’re looking for summer crafts for kids, there are plenty of gardening tasks they can do. Kids love playing in the dirt, growing things, and helping out. They can help pull weeds, spread mulch and compost, and even plant seeds or seedlings. 

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Soon you’ll want to entertain friends, relatives and neighbors outside, so it’s time to drag the lawn furniture out of the garage or remove the furniture covers, and knock the cobwebs off. Use a power washer or a hose to clean chairs, tables and other pieces of lawn furniture. Don’t forget to wash the cushions! You can also take steps to protect your patio furniture so that it lasts longer. 

Don’t let summer catch you unprepared. Get your home ready for warm weather so you can focus on enjoying yourself and your loved ones.  

DIY tips are for informational purposes only. Please be sure to take the appropriate safety precautions and ensure your project complies with any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

11 Cabanas Fit to Keep Cool

As summer begins to dwindle, it seems as if the Texas heat is here to stay a little longer. A cabana is the perfect place to sneak away from the sun during a relaxing day at the pool, and it is the best hangout spot when you have guests over.

We’ve gathered 11 beautiful cabanas worth catching some shade in.


5020 Park Lane | Preston Hollow | $6,975,000



10714 Lennox Lane | Preston Hollow | $4,995,000



4700 Dorset Road | Preston Hollow | $4,995,000



4001 W Lawther Drive | Lakewood | $4,995,000



3813 Maplewood Avenue | Highland Park | $4,800,000



12240 Pecan Forest Drive | North Dallas | $4,295,000



10115 Waller Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,290,000



6215 Rex Drive | North Dallas | $2,135,000



11723 Hill Haven Drive | North Dallas | $1,100,000



6572 Lafayette Way | North Dallas | $799,000



4303 Briargrove Lane | North Dallas | $640,000


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Undiscovered Travel Destinations

A sunny getaway can help lift spirts and reveal the history and wonder of a new space far away from home. Take a look at some of our favorite warm weather destinations and start planning your next trip.



This tiny island located about 120 miles southwest of Barbados is quickly becoming a popular travel destination among the world’s elite. Canouan is a secluded island, with no direct flights from the U.S., so many visitors must fly to an airport in St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Lucia or Barbados and then take a short flight by private jet or propeller plane to get to there. The Mandarin Oriental Canouan, which recently took over the old Pink Sands Club, is the premier hotel on the island and has five restaurants and bars, a freestanding spa and a golf course, among other amenities.


Lord Howe_GettyImages-146859475_small


Guests looking for both privacy and beauty can look no further than Lorde Howe Island. No need to worry about overcrowding here; only about 400 visitors are allowed on the island at one time to experience the natural features, which include the famous twin peaks, subtropical forests and clear waters. The island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property in 1982 due to its beauty and biodiversity. Visitors take advantage of many local attractions, including feeding wild fish by hand at Ned’s Beach and hiking Mount Gower.


Faroe Islands_GettyImages-516809577_small


With dramatic landscapes and stunning waterfront views, The Faroe Islands are a must-see for any traveler. Located between Iceland and Scotland, lies this breathtaking string of islands that were once considered Danish Viking territory and today occupy about 50,000 residents. Luxe features are being added to the islands every day, including Michelin-star restaurants and trendy shops for tourists. Koks Restaurant won its first Michelin star in 2017 and has a staff of 10 chefs (each from a different country). Reservations are recommended for this exclusive restaurant; it is open from April to September and only serves 24 customers a night.


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Playrooms to Beat the Summer Heat


For many families, summer vacation means the kids are home for a while, ready to relax and play without worry. While they’re having the time of their lives away from the classroom and homework, there’s no place like a playroom to keep the kids entertained, and keeping your home clutter-free.

We’ve gathered a few properties with playrooms perfectly fitted for the creative and fun young ones in your life.


3816 Miramar Avenue | Highland Park | $4,295,000


6323 Meadow Road_PLAYROOMBLOG

6323 Meadow Road | Preston Hollow | $2,380,000



4241 Woodfin Drive | Preston Hollow | $2,350,000


6823 Northwood_PLAYROOMBLOG

6823 Northwood Road | Preston Hollow | $1,695,000


1033 Cedar Hill_PLAYROOMBLOG

1033 Cedar Hill Avenue | Kessler Park | $1,245,000



6422 Malcolm Drive | Lakewood | $799,000


6010 prospect_PLAYROOMBLOG

6010 Prospect Avenue | Lakewood | $700,000



6230 Berwyn Lane | Lakewood | $599,000



3635 Royal Lane | Royal Hills | $379,000


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10 Luxury Pools Ready For The Summer

Summer is all about beating the heat, tropical getaways and relaxing by pool. We’ve gathered 10 luxurious pools perfect for those hot summer days.



10203 Hollow Way Road | Preston Hollow | $8,900,000



6901 Hunters Glen Road | University Park | $7,395,000



5540 N 40 Place | North Dallas | $6,999,000



5020 Park Lane | Preston Hollow | $6,975,000



3813 Maplewood Avenue | Highland Park | $4,800,000



4832 Irvin Simmons Drive | Strait Lane | $3,295,000



10115 Waller Drive | Preston Hollow | $3,290,000



6637 Northaven Road | North Dallas | $2,897,630



5507 Del Roy Drive | North Dallas | $2,495,000



2215 Kessler Woods Court | Kessler Park | $1,950,000

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10 Pools for the End of Summer


The calendar may be prompting you to start bundling up and sip on pumpkin spice lattes, but the weather may say otherwise.


Extend the end of summer into autumn with these 10 pools to cool you off during those unseasonably warm afternoons.


10 Pools for the End of Summer

4545 San Gabriel Drive | North Dallas | $2,695,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

3504 Marquette Street | University Park | $1,899,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

7003 Delrose Drive | Lakewood | $1,695,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

7702 Bryn Mawr Drive | Caruth Hills | $1,499,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

5722 Meadowcrest Drive | North Dallas | $1,295,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

10823 Pagewood Place | North Dallas | $1,170,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

434 Francie Way | Allen | $795,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

9702 Trail Hill Drive | Lake Highlands | $715,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

7332 Rustic Valley Drive | Prestonwood | $549,000


10 Pools for the End of Summer

5029 Calloway Drive | Addison | $499,500


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10 Porches for Summer Lounging


Summer may be ebbing away, but there are still plenty of days to kick up your feet and relax outside.


For an ideal evening, lounge with a glass of wine and watch the sunset from an expansive porch.


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

3816 Miramar Avenue | Highland Park | $4,999,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

6315 Chamberlyne Drive | Frisco | $2,695,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

3603 S. Versailles Avenue | Bluffview | $940,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

10915 Ridgemeadow Drive | Lochwood Meadows | $749,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

3716 Northaven Road | Northwest Dallas | $675,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

5447 Bonita Avenue | Vickery Place | $649,900


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

4807 Elsby Avenue | Briarwood | $639,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

5127 W. Amherst Avenue | Bluffview | $575,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

5538 Junius Street | Junius Heights | $510,000


10 Porches for Summer Lounging

7003 Wake Forrest Drive | Lakewood | $367,000


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10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat


Triple-digit temperatures have become a regular occurrence this summer.


Grab an ice-cold beverage and spend your days away from the heat in these dive-in ready pools.


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

3816 Miramar Avenue | Highland Park | $4,999,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

12240 Pecan Forest Drive | North Dallas | $4,295,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

1 Vanguard Way | Urban Reserve | $3,376,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

6215 Woodland Drive | Old Preston Hollow | $2,870,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

6315 Chamberlyne Drive | Frisco | $2,695,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

13978 Hughes Lane | Midtown | $1,775,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

4404 Greenbrier Drive | University Park | $1,695,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

6451 Stefani Drive | Preston Hollow | $1,600,000


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

8326 Garland Road | Forest Hills | $1,599,500


10 Pools to Stave Off the Summer Heat

12219 Pecan Forest Drive | North Dallas | $1,499,000


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