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The life of a real estate agent can be fun and exciting, for sure. But as with any profession, sometimes a “reality check” helps to reframe perspective and cultivate appreciation for just how good many of us really have it. Some may wait until this check comes to them; others like Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent Weston Pugh make it a point to go looking for their own.

For four years now, the Top Producer has been actively serving at Camp Sanguinity through Camp John Marc (CJM) in the very northern reaches of the Texas Hill Country. Camp John Marc was named for the son of Jan and Marc Myers, who died of osteogenic sarcoma in 1987, and the land in Meridian donated by them. Each CJM camp offered serves children and teens who share a common medical or physical challenge. Camp Sanguinity is just one of 11 week-long camps offered every summer, and specifically serves campers who have blood disorders and cancer.

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Weston and counselor

Weston just returned from his annual week at camp, and we asked him to tell us a little bit about his takeaways and how they impact his everyday life.

DPM: How many years have you been involved with Camp Sanguinity?
WP: I just finished my 4th year as a counselor.

DPM: What is your current role with them?
WP: I am also a first-year board member. We meet the first Monday of the month to go over everything from budgets, to theme night, to how to deal with homesick campers and medical emergencies.

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DPM: Did you have a personal connection to the organization?
WP: Fortunately, I don’t have the typical connection to camp. I was recruited by a very good friend that said I “had to go.” It was five years later when I decided it really was time. One of the best decisions I’ve made as an adult!

DPM: You spend a week of your year in the hot Texas summer sun. What makes it all worth it to you?
WP: This is that time of year that re-centers, realigns — whatever you want to call it — my life. You see these kids that are frail and bald, and they could not be more excited to be at camp getting to act like a normal kid for five days. So it really helps put my life back into perspective. And it’s evident that camp is truly powerful for these kids because we have many counselors that were once campers or siblings of campers. It holds a special place in their memories.

Weston Jenga

DPM: What are some highlights from your time at camp?
WP: Every year the staff puts on a theme night, and this year was video game characters coming to life. Those little kids like to have lost their minds! To see them get that excited about a staffer dressed up in a Mario outfit is the best. They also get to do a ropes course with a zipline at the end, and it’s so cool to see them cheer each other on. It’s like they know how important each little victory is, and the victory isn’t winning or completing a task — it’s challenging yourself to go outside of your comfort zone.

DPM: Do you have a particular story that stands out?
WP: One year toward the end of camp, we were at the pool. One of the campers was too tired to get in, so I sat next to him and asked if he wanted to play Uno with me. Over the next 45 minutes, he opened up and shared his story about his treatment and what he and his family had been through. It was amazing to listen to this 14-year-old boy talk in such a mature manner about serious life issues. He was wise beyond his years and touched everyone’s life he came into contact with.

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DPM: What would you most like people to take away from your experience?
WP: Find a charity that speaks to you and then put yourself into it completely. Get involved… stop putting it off! No, really — you’re not that busy.

DPM: How has your work with these campers impacted the way you conduct your real estate business?
WP: It’s so much bigger than that. We all need to remember any person we are dealing with is a culmination of events in their life and not just the tired, frustrated person that is stressed about the move or sale of their home. It’s our job to reassure them — “We’ve got you!”

Weston walking

Thank you, Weston Pugh, for sharing your summer with these campers and with us!

Agents Represent Firm as Dallas Arboretum Hosts Corporate Sponsor Dinner in the Gardens

It’s no longer a secret: Dallas has become one of the hottest places in the country to live. And raise a family, do business, get cultured, enjoy good food… The list goes on. It also has primo latitude/longitude and average temperature going for it. This makes it an ideal locale for a year-round outdoor gathering place for folks from all walks of life. One like, say… the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

We are fortunate, as a city, to have this horticultural heaven along the southeastern shoreline of White Rock Lake, overlooking downtown Dallas. And we are honored, as a company, to financially support the Dallas Arboretum as they provide us with incredible beauty throughout the seasons.

Last night, the Arboretum feted its corporate sponsors at a special evening on the grounds, amidst the breathtaking display that is Dallas Blooms. And we dispatched 10 agents there to receive the appreciation on our behalf.

Dave Perry-Miller agents attending the dinner included (clockwise from top left): Weston Pugh, Meridith Hayes, Karen Fry, Curt and Paige Elliott, Lynn Beaurline, Christopher Miller, Katherene Hough, Amanda Davidson, and, not pictured, Betsy Weber Hurst.


As corporate sponsors, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to help produce and promote the following special events throughout the year:

DALLAS BLOOMS BRONZE EXHIBIT: Bringing the intricate, lifelike bronze-works of Gary Lee Price to the gardens, is one of our favorite sponsored events this spring. A fellow of the National Sculpture Society, Price has been recognized worldwide for his work uplifting the human spirit. This year during Dallas Blooms — the largest floral festival in the Southwest — his exhibit called “The Great Contributors” complements the overall annual theme, ”The Artistry in Nature.” Nine bronze statues, including such notable thinkers as Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet and The Wright Brothers, are on display throughout the garden. All around them the grounds explode with 100 kinds of spring bulbs, totaling 500,000 blooms. The exhibit is on display now through November 27, 2016.


MEMBER EASTER EGG HUNTS: Families appreciate the four opportunities on two consecutive weekends in March (March 18-19 & 25-26) to fill baskets and make memories. It makes us very proud to provide the consummate spring backdrop for photos of the little ones in their Easter best!

AUTUMN AT THE ARBORETUM: September 17 heralds that long-awaited time of year when we transition from longer, hotter summer days to shorter, cooler fall ones, complete with a pumpkin patch and the inimitable Pumpkin Village.

For more information on these Arboretum events and others, please visit the Arboretum’s website.


Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Honors Top Producers of an Outstanding Year

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agents and staff gathered at Dallas Country Club on March 5 to honor the top producers of 2014, a record-breaking year for the firm that represents the leading brand for properties of distinction in Dallas’ established neighborhoods. The managers of five offices gave out awards to individuals, groups, and teams based on production, income, and homes sold.


Standing: Ralph Randall, Forrest Gregg, Chris Pyle, Susie Thompson, Shirley Cohn, Greg Iker, Stephen Pryor, John Weber, Chris Hickman, Sonia Villareal, Susan Schweidel, Dan Rhodes, and Thomas Rhodes; Seated: Madeline Jobst, Shannon Blount, Sharon Palmer, Kate Walters, Robb Puckett, Ashley Beane, Brady Moore, Burton Rhodes, and Christine McKenny

The Highland Park Office at 5500 Preston Road is managed by Robb Puckett. Its top producers were:

1. The Rhodes Group
2. The Haven Group
3. Hickman+Weber Group
4. Ralph Randall
5. Brady Moore
6. Christine McKenny
7. Gianna Cerullo
8. Madeline Jobst
9. Stephen Pryor
10. Shannon Blount

Ralph Randall was the top individual per income. Brady Moore was the top individual per homes sold. The Rhodes Group was the top group per income. The Haven Group was the top group per homes sold.


Standing: Jarrad Barnes, Frances Jacobs, Joseph Gullutto, Nadine Meyer, Melanie Till, Brittani Frankowiak, Macy Riley, Henry Barber, Emily Ray-Porter, Eloise Eriksson Martin, and Brandon Fleeman; Seated: Patty Brooks, Brian Bleeker, Stephene Tolocko, Melissa O’Brien, Kathy Hewitt, Steve Habgood, Jim Berrong, Jessica Hill, James Martin, and Andy Steingasser

The InTown Office at 2828 Routh Street is managed by Becky Connatser. Its top producers were:

1. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group
2. The Emily Ray-Porter Group
3. The Gullutto-Barnes Group
4. Brandon Fleeman
5. Patty Brooks
6. The Martin Group
7. Jim Berrong
8. The Meyer Group
9. Brian Davis
T10. Premier Associates
T10. Brittani Frankowiak

Brandon Fleeman was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group was the top group in both categories.


Meg Skinner, Nancy Johnson, Ashley Rasmussen, Lauren Moore, and Scott Jackson

The Lakewood Office at 2311 Abrams Road is managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Nancy Johnson
2. The Jackson Team
3. Meg Skinner
4. Heather Guild
5. Marissa Fontanez

Nancy Johnson was the top individual per income and homes sold. The Jackson Team was the top group in both categories. The Johnson Holmes Group was the top team in both categories.


Standing: Sissy Pardue, Stewart Lee, Brian Smith, Curt Elliott, and Sharon Quist; Seated: Carolyn Vandagriff, Phyllis Glover, Julie Boren, Stephen Collins, Paige Elliott, and Henda Salmeron

The Park Cities Office at 6025 Luther Lane is also managed by Lee Thomas. Its top producers were:

1. Sharon Quist
2. Julie Provenzano
3. Brian Smith
4. The Phyllis Glover Team
5. Paige and Curt Elliott
6. Stephen Collins
7. Julie Boren
8. Henda Salmeron
9. Debbie Sherrington
10. Stewart Lee

Sharon Quist was the top individual per income. Julie Provenzano was the top individual per homes sold. The Phyllis Glover Team was the top group in both categories. Paige and Curt Elliott were the top team in both categories.


Standing: Jill Rasansky, McKamy Tiner, Laura Michelle, Mark Cain, Karen Fry, Weston Pugh, and Jeff Updike; Seated: Ginger Levine, Gayl Braymer, Jennifer Miller, Diane Gruber, and Martha Tiner

The Preston Center Office at 5950 Berkshire Lane is managed by Gaynelle Henger. Its top producers were:

1. Jennifer Miller
2. Mark Cain
3. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky
4. Laura Michelle
5. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer
6. Karen Fry
7. Diane Gruber
8. Justin Easterling
9. Martha and McKamy Tiner
10. Updike│Pugh

Jennifer Miller was the top individual per income. Laura Michelle was the top individual per homes sold. Ginger Levine and Jill Rasansky were the top group in both categories. Gayl Braymer and Jonathan Thayer were the top team per income. Updike│Pugh was the top team per homes sold.

First-Time Homebuyer Could Not Resist The Sorrento’s Amenities and Location

Cameron Nash
Cameron Nash purchased a condominium at The Sorrento last month. (Photo by Chris McGathey)

Cameron Nash had a lot of options when deciding where to buy his first home, but The Sorrento was clearly the best choice.

The five-story condominium complex marketed by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Updike│Pugh team offered the location, the amenities, and the equity that the 26-year-old was pining for after leasing an apartment near Lower Greenville Avenue. He closed on a one-bedroom, one-bath unit in November.

“I had been looking at making my first purchase for over a year, and the stability of the location, in terms of the Dallas real estate market over the last 20 years, was a big factor,” said Nash, who sells and leases commercial properties.

The Sorrento’s address is 8616 Turtle Creek Boulevard, which is basically at the corner of Northwest Highway and Hillcrest Road, about halfway between Central Expressway and the Dallas North Tollway. Nash and his neighbors get to enjoy the urban lifestyle, as they are literally steps away from a pharmacy, a dry cleaner, a dentist, an urgent-care clinic, a convenience store, a doughnut shop, and a variety of restaurants.

“It’s a nice transition from apartment living, as opposed to jumping directly into a house,” Nash said. “A major motivator for me was to build equity but also still have that apartment feel.”

Recreational amenities include a large plaza with an infinity-edge lap pool and spa, an outdoor fireplace with multiple seating areas, an outdoor barbeque area with gas grills, a 24-hour fitness center with state-of-the-art cardio equipment, an Italian cappuccino café with a flat-screen television, a conference room for private dining and meetings, and a formal party room with a caterer’s kitchen.

“They have everything an apartment complex has and more,” Nash said.

The Sorrento offers one-level plans, lofts and townhomes comprised of one, two and three bedrooms. Square footage ranges from 750 to more than 1,900, with pricing from $205,000 to $699,000. Consequently, the residents range from first-time homebuyers such as Nash to retirees.

“Honestly, living in an apartment complex full of younger people can lead to some inconsiderate neighbors,” he said with a laugh. “I like having a quiet place to live.”

For more information on The Sorrento or to schedule a private showing, contact Jeff Updike or Weston Pugh at 214-377-2223 or